Articles of the Day 2/27/14: The Blind Left

Sheetrit: US Should Force PA, Israel to ‘Swallow their Medicine’

“In an interview with Arutz Sheva, Sheetrit said that he did not see the call for American pressure as “unpatriotic,” because “I trust that the Americans will act in Israel’s interests.” Israel, he added, did not need to worry that the Obama administration would take any “short cuts” on Israel’s security just to put a deal together. “In any agreement we will be able to defend ourselves,” he said.”

This is the main problem in Israel today, these politicians are making terrible decisions for their country. Blind faith in the US, indifference to God, their own arrogance. When these people are ousted from positions of power in Israel, maybe then, Israel will be secure.

Does Israeli negotiator Tzipi Livni truly want a Jewish State?

“The recognition of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people has been demanded by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and rejected by Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas because of both leaders’ understanding that such recognition would bury the co-called “right of return” and put a final end to Palestinian claims. When Abbas says that it is for Israel to decide how it wants to define itself, he fails to explain why he cannot accept Israel’s self-definition. Inadvertently, however, Abbas brings to our doorstep the intriguing fact that Israel’s chief negotiator, Tzipi Livni, is the one preventing the official and legal definition of Israel as a Jewish state.

This is why former MK Avi Dichter (from the centrist Kadima party) submitted a bill in 2011 to legally define Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people. The bill was bipartisan, having been co-signed by Kadima, Labor and Likud MKs. While most Kadima MKs co-signed the proposed bill, then Kadima Chairperson Tzipi Livni ordered them to withdraw their signatures when the bill was brought to her attention.

In an academic event organized this week by the Kohelet Policy Forum (an Israeli think-tank dedicated to national sovereignty and to personal freedom) on the stalled “Jewish state” bill, Tzipi Livni reiterated her opposition to the bill. She explained that it does not define Israel as a democratic state and claimed it could turn halakhah (Jewish rabbinical law) into a source of legislation (both claims are factually wrong: Article 3 of the proposed bill does define Israel as a democratic state, and nowhere does the bill refer to halakhah as a source of legislation).”

And here is another one. Israeli politicians have hindered Israel perhaps more then any Muslim has. A Muslim’s best friend is a Leftist politician.

Who Will Take Care of Adelle?

“Ten months ago, Adelle Biton, then two years old, was riding in her family’s car along with her mother and two of her three older sisters. Suddenly, the family was ambushed by a group of Palestinian Arab men, who hurled heavy rocks at the car – hitting baby Adelle, and causing a crash that injured the other girls as well. Adelle was left critically wounded, and spent months in a coma. However, half a year after the attack doctors were optimistic, saying Adelle had made a remarkable recovery and was expected to make further progress.

Sadly, the expected improvement in her condition did not come to pass. Now, staff at Loewenstein Hospital Rehabilitation Center in Ra’anana say there is nothing more they can do for the badly handicapped young girl – and have told her parents to take her home, Yediot Aharonot reports. Adelle’s parents say they do not have the equipment to take care of their young daughter. Relatives who spoke to Yediot said the Health Ministry had failed to follow through on promises of help.”

This is a terrible story. All because Palestinians feel they are justified to throw a huge rock at a 2 year old. Where are the ‘Human Rights’ NGOs for baby Adelle? Please pray this child gets the equipment and care she needs. Frankly, this should come out of the millions of aide the Palestinians receive every year from US and EU. Israel should start a Victims of Palestinian Terror fund for these people and make the PA pay generously for this. When God comes to judge, he will be thinking of baby Adelle.

Amnesty accuses Israel of war crimes in new report

“The Israeli military said Amnesty failed to take into account “the substantial increase in Palestinian violence initiated over the past year,” which “saw a sharp increase in rock hurling incidents, gravely jeopardizing the lives of civilians and military personnel.”

“During that year alone, 132 Israelis were injured, almost double the previous year,” it added. “Over 5,000 incidents of rock hurling took place.”

“In 2013 there were 66 further terror attacks which included shootings, the planting of IEDs (improvised explosive devices)… and the abduction and murder of a soldier.”

Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said Amnesty authored its report “without even bothering to ask for response and comment,” until the eve of publication.

“Their trick is to disable our capacity to respond,” he said in an email to AFP. “And that’s what this move is about: not to get responses, but to deprive Israel of its capacity to even take part in the conversation.”

Amnesty is just another Leftist organization that is pretty much always completely biased against Israel and never holds the Palestinians accountable for any of their actions. In the end, they have no creditably anymore except with those already riddled with worldly anti-Semitic propaganda. Often, these groups are heavily funded by anti-Semites who hide behind the scenes but seek to demonize Israel.

NGO Monitor had this to say about Amnesty International:

“AI disproportionately singles out Israel for condemnation, focusing solely on the conflict with the Palestinians, misrepresenting the complexity of the conflict, and ignoring more severe human rights violations in the region.”

They had plenty more to say about Amnesty and it is not pretty. The sad fact is there are lots or organizations like Amnesty that use ‘Human Rights’ as a cover to bash Israel. Be careful not to donate funds to these types of organizations. NGO Monitor is a pretty good source to research any group you may be thinking of donating too.

Turkey signs USD3.5 billion helicopter deal with Sikorsky

“On 21 February Turkey signed a long awaited USD3.5 billion deal with Sikorsky for the production of 109 T-70 Blackhawk multipurpose helicopters under licence in Turkey. Turkey first selected the T-70, a Turkish variant of the S-70i Blackhawk in 2007, with the contract taking seven years to negotiate and sign due to protracted talks over price and local workshare/licensed production.”

Israel successfully tests anti-missile system for commercial planes

“Israel has successfully completed final testing on a system that protects commercial planes from missile attacks, the defense ministry announced on Wednesday.Testing of the Sky Shield system was “100 percent successful,” according to Brig. Gen. Eitan Eshel, head of research and development at the ministry. The system integrates laser technology with a thermal camera to protect aircraft against missiles fired from the ground. It deflects missiles fired at aircraft by changing their direction.”

Despite political rift, Germany boosts military aid to Israel

“Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu pledged to advance peace efforts with the Palestinians after talks with Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, whose government says it will pay one-third of the cost of Israel’s sixth German-built submarine.

Israel’s navy is already the most powerful in the Middle East. The submarines provide Israel with a strategic reach beyond all of its adversaries, particularly Iran, and a nuclear triad of ground-based, airborne and seaborne delivery systems.”

A lot of Western prophecy scholars seem to think Germany will have some grand role in end time events as an enemy to Israel. Frankly, I don’t think so.  The fact of the matter is Germany continues to build and help pay for these submarines for Israel. Not something an enemy would do.

Nasrallah preps Hezbollah for possible war with Israel’

“Israel put its troops on the northern border with Lebanon on high alert Wednesday, shortly after Hezbollah threatened retaliation for the alleged Israeli airstrike. Lebanese media reported Monday that Israeli Air Force jets struck targets near the border with Syria in the Bekaa Valley.”

I will be pretty surprised if anything significant happens along the border. If any retaliation is taking place it will be against a soft Jewish target abroad. The fact Hezbollah is not doing anything concerns me because that means they are fine with the occasional attack because most of the weaponry is getting through. If they were to retaliate Israel might respond in force and get lucky.

Bennett: With ‘Smart’ Defenses, Who Needs An Army?

“In a Facebook posting Thursday, Economics Minister Naftali Bennett questioned the wisdom of relying on technology to ensure Israel’s defense, as supporters of an Israeli withdrawal from the Jordan Valley are suggesting. With cameras, electronic alarms, and other gadgets “protecting” Israelis, asked Bennett cynically, “who needs the IDF”?”

He is right. He is speaking to the whole pro-US crowd in Israel. Rule of thumb for Israel should be DON’T TRUST THE US.

Hotovely: What the Left Really Fears on Temple Mount

“The Knesset debate this week over Jewish prayer rights on the Temple Mount raised awareness of the current dismal reality, Deputy Minister Tzipi Hotovely (Likud) told Arutz Sheva. “It was an intense and important debate, due to the fact that it keeps bringing attention to the importance of visiting the Temple Mount,” she explained. The meeting focused on issues preventing Jewish access to the Temple Mount, which Jewish tradition teaches is the holiest place on earth. Jews are allowed to visit the holy site only during restricted hours, and are banned from praying there, ostensibly in order to avoid angering Muslim worshipers and sparking riots. The real reason lies elsewhere, Hotovely suggested. The Israeli left “is afraid of the religious symbol,” she said. “That’s the Left’s real fear. The Temple Mount is the place of the Holy Ark, and here you touch holiness itself,” she said.”

She is right, it comes down to fear of God and fear of people worshiping God. It is no coincidence Israel’s own un-believing population prevents Israel from achieving what it should.

PMO: Israel will not change status quo on the Temple Mount

“Netanyahu’s office clarifies government has “no intention of changing policy” as Knesset debate riles Arab world. Israel will not change its policies on the Temple Mount, the Prime Minister’s Office made clear on Wednesday, a day after a Knesset debate on the issue triggered angry political reactions in the Arab world.”

This is a shame. I think Bibi left his spine in Washington.

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