Articles of the Day 2/28/14: Uncharted Waters

Shabak Reveals Hamas ‘Inflaming’ Temple Mount

“A senior security official delivered his opinion in court on Thursday, in which he warned of attempts by the terror organization Hamas to “inflame” the Temple Mount, and in doing so cause chaos throughout Judea and Samaria. According to the senior official’s analysis, published in Channel 10, Shabak (Internal Security) are identifying attempts by Hamas to bring Muslim activists to the Temple Mount and have them stir up confrontations with Israeli security forces. “A serious threat is presented by Hamas activity to inflame the Temple Mount (in protests, attacks on the Mount and violent clashes by a mob enlisted by the organization),” warns the document. “These activities are meant to escalate the security situation in the West Bank.”

Using mobs and creating  ‘spontaneous’ rioting is a known Islamic tactic. And this would be a way for Hamas to look as if they are doing something too Israel. They may just be paying  people to stir up trouble. One Jew prays and they ‘riot’. This is why Israel needs full sovereignty over the Temple Mount. Every time, every single time, the Israelis give the Arabs something it comes back to bit them. After Israel took the Temple Mount in ’67 they just gave it back thinking this would when some hearts and minds. Then again with Lebanon, and again with Gaza. What is next…Jordan Valley? The Israelis don’t realize they are giving away what was given to them. Land for peace is a myth, a lie, a bait and switch that will never lead to peace.

Watchdog Group Highlights Anti-Israel Credentials of Amnesty International’s Researchers

“Herzberg said that what NGO Monitor has been able to confirm is that “the Israel researcher based in London, Deborah Hyams, was a human shield in Beit Jala; the Amnesty US Israel researcher, Edith Garwood, used to be a member of the International Solidarity Movement. Also, another one of the researchers, Rasha Abdul-Rahim, describes herself as ‘a ranty Palestinian activist‘ on Twitter.”

Who’s afraid of Christian Zionism?

“I conclude this short essay with a strong warning to my Christian brethren. We all know the biblical command to spread the gospel to every tongue and tribe. But if we want to tell the Jews, or any other people or group, about the message of Jesus, we must abide by ethical guidelines that will ensure the good name of our Lord and the dignity of those we aim to reach. The failure to observe such guidelines is in part to blame for the reprehensible behavior of Christians toward Jews throughout history. It’s certainly to blame for why so many Jews are suspicious of Christian intentions today.”

I certainly don’t blame any Jew for not trusting Christians. I would just hope they understand that their is a group of Christians who love them and stand by them. We have a common enemy and  a common God.

Turkey likely to order Lockheed F-35 fighters in 2015

“ANKARA (Reuters) – Turkey is likely to start ordering F-35 fighter jets built by Lockheed Martin Corp from 2015 onwards and it will start with two orders initially, Turkey’s undersecretary for state-run defense industries Murad Bayar said on Thursday.”

This is interesting since Israel is also procuring the F-35. We could see a situation in the next 5 years where there are Israeli-Turkish F-35 battles over the skies of the Med.

Hezbollah faces swelling battle in Syrian mountains

“It has flatly refused to disengage, despite mounting casualties. The Israeli military estimated Hezbollah’s combat losses in Syria at 300 killed and more than 1,000 wounded, most of them since May 2013. Last week Lebanese media reported that 27 Hezbollah fighters were killed in a rebel ambush near the Lebanese border. Hezbollah refuses to disclose its casualties. But Lebanese security sources say they exceed the estimated 500 men killed the movement suffered in its 34-day war with Israel in the summer of 2006.”

They are being depleted. However, the IDF is rightfully concerned that Hezbollah is gaining valuable battlefield experience which will help them in a future conflict with Israel. It depends on their rate of loss. There are reports that Hezbollah is now recruiting heavily to fill in the ranks.  If the rate of loss is high then in all likely hood the IDF could be facing  a more green, less experienced force.  It also depends which version of Hezbollah has been shouldering the load in Syria. Hezbollah is not all made up of hard core full time soldiers. Many in Hezbollah are part timers, what you might call a reserve force.

This conflict is uncharted waters for Hezbollah. They were not built for intervening in other countries. In fact, large scale battles on a mountain in Syria was not foremost in their minds when they created this force. They will have to learn how to do deal with things they never planned on doing. Like re-training for attack instead of defense, dealing with PTSD, long distance logistics, reconnaissance in unfamiliar territory, etc. Hezbollah is comfortable defending the rugged terrain of southern Lebanon against a professional army that upholds a code of conduct and will treat prisoners well. They are not used to seeing pictures of the heads of their dead comrades posted on Twitter or YouTube. Morale in Hezbollah has to be at an all time low right now.

Arab MK: Jailed Terrorists Are ‘Political Prisoners’

“Arab MK Ibrahim Sarsour, Chairman of the Raam-Taal faction, published an announcement to the media on Tuesday, in which he reported on his meetings with jailed terrorists. Sarsour termed the terrorists “political prisoners.” The “political prisoners” Sarsour met included Dr. Mahmoud al-Rumhi and Malek Behirat, as well as Ibrahim Biadasa and Zaher Jabarin. Sarsour said the visit was meant to advance the terrorists’ release, especially those who were members of the Palestinian Authority (PA) parliament who were “kidnapped” by Israel.”

Wrong. They are enemy combatants and should be treated as such.

Israel’s home front unprepared for enemy attack

“In a marathon Knesset session Thursday, three ministries, all involved in the defense of the home front during a time of war, presented sharply divergent opinions of how best to care for Israeli civilians during the next armed conflict, leading the MK heading the session to complain of chaos and a top official on the National Security to conclude that Israel’s home front is “unprepared, period.”

They better get it together or a lot of Israelis are going to lose their lives. All that social justice experimentation won’t mean much when it is destroyed.

Egypt, Jordan to extend the life of HAWK missiles

“Egypt and Jordan have both signalled their continued commitment to the ageing Raytheon MIM-23 HAWK air-defence system by ordering new rocket motors for their missiles. The US Department of Defense (DoD) announced on 25 February that a USD12.6 million contract had been awarded to Aerojet Rocketdyne to supply 186 HAWK motors to Egypt and another 114 to Jordan. The HAWK is the only static surface-to-air (SAM) system in service with the Jordanian Armed Forces and plays a supporting role in Egypt’s air-defence network, which is dominated by Russian SAMs.”

Hamas: Teaching Human Rights is Against Palestinian, Islamic Culture

“Palestinian schoolchildren in the Gaza Strip have been denied the opportunity to learn about human rights after the Hamas government determined that such a subject “dangerously contravenes Palestinian and Islamic culture.”

Well when it is a culture of hate and murder then is anyone surprised? They don’t want to feel bad for what they do.

Egypt’s president reshuffles top military council

“CAIRO – Egypt’s interim president has issued a decree reshuffling the country’s top military council and installing for the first time the military chief as its leader. Adly Mansour’s decree Thursday is part of series of declarations related to rearranging the country’s sprawling security establishment nearly two months before presidential elections. It puts the military chief – now Field Marshal Abdel-Fatteh al-Sissi – in charge of the council. (AP)”

Consolidating power.

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