Articles of the Day 3/10/14: Seeing The Pattern


Iran’s Weapons Shipment Safely in Israel’s Hands

“Each one of these rockets poses a threat to the safety of the citizens of Israel. Each bullet and each rocket that was discovered had an Israeli address.”

Abbas: 5 Million ‘Refugees’ Must be Allowed into Israel

“Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas clarified his positions regarding the issues of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria and the so-called “right of return” of Palestinian “refugees” in an appearance broadcast by PA TV, translated by MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute).

It is worth watching, for anyone who harbors any doubts regarding what the “moderate” PA leader seeks, in the negotiations with Israel. Abbas states clearly: no Jewish communities will remain in the PA, and 5 million “refugees” worldwide, “from Canada to Japan” – including all of the descendants of Arabs who fled Israel in 1948 – will have the right to “return” to Israel.”

In an effort to make sure talks are dead Abbas makes impossible demands.

50 Israeli teens tell PM they refuse to serve in IDF

“A group of Israeli teenagers informed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu they will refuse to serve in the military because of its role in the occupation of Palestinian land.”

The influence of Leftist thinking is very powerful in Israel. Particularly among the youth. People often think foolishly in their youth.  I would wager a bet that most of these kids are secular. Very interesting in Israeli society where you have both Haredim and Secular people who do not serve in the IDF. They both basically live off the blood of those who do their duty and do serve in the IDF. Sad that these kids believe the propaganda of the Left and the Palestinians.

Time to end the fantasy of a Palestinian people

“The 7 city-states concept is based on local clans that already exist as real entities & not the fantasies of some Palestinian intellectuals or tired Israeli souls regarding the existence of a single unified Palestinian people in Gaza, Judea and Samaria.”

The Iranian missile ship’s capture was Israel’s second swipe at aSoleimanil Qods chief Gen. 

“The Israeli naval commandos’ seizure of the Iranian missile ship KLOS C Wednesday, March 6, was the second time in ten days that the IDF had poked a finger in the eye of Gen. Qassem Soleimani, head of the al Qods Brigades, the intelligence-cum-terrorist arm of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC). The first instance was the Israeli air strike on Feb. 24 against Hizballah’s arms convoys and missiles on the Lebanese-Syrian border. In reference to the ship carrying dozens of Syrian-made 302mm rockets from Iran to the Gaza Strip, Israeli military intelligence chief Maj. Gen. Aviv Kochavi said Thursday, March 6, “We know who was behind this operation and who ran it from start to finish, the Revolutionary Guards and al Qods.” Al Qods supreme commander is Gen. Soleimani. His agents and operatives are planted deeply across the Syrian war front and in Hizballah’s organization in Lebanon.”

The false urgency of the Israeli-Palestinian ‘peace process’

“What’s the rush? If you look at the “peace process” track record, it’s hard to find. In 2000 at Camp David, Bill Clinton wanted to rush things along. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak offered essentially the same deal that Obama wants now – a return to Israel’s 1967 borders with land swaps.

That fell apart when Palestinian chieftain Yasser Arafat abruptly left the negotiations and never asked to resume them. In 2005, Ariel Sharon decided to pull back from Gaza and the West Bank – without land swaps – and the Palestinians launched rocket and missile attacks on Israel. In 2008, Ehud Olmert presented Arafat with a map proposing a Palestinian state on nearly 100 percent of the West Bank and Gaza. Again, Arafat left to consult with his advisers and never came back.

Now Obama is again pushing the same deal, cloaking it in an urgency that isn’t there, because there is no flexibility whatsoever in the Palestinians’ position, no compromise they will accept. Nothing has changed since Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas told Egyptian television in 2011, “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I will never recognize the Jewishness of the state, or a ‘Jewish state’.”

Do you see the pattern here? Even when the Israelis give the Palestinians sweetheart deals the Palestinians just can’t give in to peace. The Israelis and the Americans are doing everything they can to give up the land but the Palestinian hearts are hard, so filled with hate they can’t do it. The US and the Israeli Left think if they just keep giving up more then the Palestinians will finally want peace. That is a bad assumption. The Palestinian society and culture is built upon hate now. If they make peace with the Israelis they will lose their identity. They will have to govern effectively. They will have to provide jobs, think about their economy, think about their people. It is much easier to govern when all you have too do is beg for money (and get it) then blame every problem on Israel. These people claim they want a state but they really just want to destroy Israel.

Iran’s attempt to evade Iron Dome failed

“First of all, because according to foreign reports the Iron Dome system is incapable – or finds it difficult – to intercept heavy and long-range rockets like the Syrian-made M-302 that were captured. These medium-range rockets of up to 250 kilometers (155 miles) with a warhead weighing over 140 kilograms (310 pounds) are supposed to be intercepted by another system, Magic Wand (also called David’s Sling), which is still being developed in the United States and Israel.
This critical system, which will be the “second layer” in the multi-layer interception system the defense establishment is planning, will not become operational before 2016. So had the rockets reached Gaza, they would have allowed the Iranian’s allies bordering on Israel to go around the Iron Dome system from the top, go around the Arrow system from the bottom, and explode unhindered in population concentrations in Israel – mainly in the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area and Haifa Bay.”

Israeli Air Force equips Apache helicopters with new sensors

“The Israeli Air Force (IAF) is integrating two new systems in AH-64D Apache Longbow attack helicopters in an effort to help enhance the aircraft’s ability to defend against threats. Israeli Air Force headquarters’ weapons systems unit official major Yonatan was quoted by FlightGlobal as saying that the systems are designed to detect the threat posed by missiles equipped with infrared (IR) or radar seekers. The systems are “based on the huge operational experience of the force in using the Apache Longbow in a variety of combat scenarios”, Yonatan added, without providing additional details.”

Saudi Arabia and Qatar in ‘war on Iraq’: Maliki

“Baghdad — Saudi Arabia and Qatar are supporting militant groups in Iraq and have effectively declared war on the country, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said as nationwide violence left 15 dead Saturday. The rare direct attack on the Sunni Gulf powers, with Maliki also accusing Riyadh of supporting global terrorism, comes with Iraq embroiled in its worst prolonged period of bloodshed since 2008, with more than 1,800 people killed already this year, ahead of parliamentary elections due next month.”

Bennett: The Whole Land of Israel is a Single ‘Bloc’

“Bennett was speaking at a memorial service for the members of the Fogel family of Itamar who were murdered in 2011. He said that “the whole Land of Israel is a single bloc. There are those who say we can build inside the settlement blocs, and others who say we may not be able to hold onto the towns outside the blocs. I have come to tell you what the Arabs already know – that the Land of Israel is one bloc.”

Bennett said that “even during a period where things are sometimes unclear – but this is very clear – I want to promise that there is no confusion here. The Land of Israel goes with the Torah of Israel under the sovereignty of the State of Israel. This is the time to act. We must continue building in all corners of the Land of Israel, with determination and without being confused. We are building and we will not stop.” Bennett added that “each day I am hearing that the issue is not the physical building of homes in this country, but the existence of Israel altogether. I go around the world and keep hearing the word ‘occupation.’ We refuse to accept this, and we say that one cannot ‘occupy’ their own land.”


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