BREAKING: IDF Tanks in Gaza After 60 Rockets Hit Israel

The tanks have eliminated two terror targets so far, latest reports claim.

Iran tool Islamic Jihad bring hell down on Gaza.  Very bad timing on their part to take on Israel now just after the ship seizure.

“The IDF has sent tanks into Gaza over the past several minutes, and have already eliminated two terror targets, in response to the barrage of rocket fire on Israel. At least 60 rockets slammed into southern Israel on Wednesday, hitting several Jewish communities. Several were stopped by the Iron Dome; no injuries have been reported. Thousands of Negev residents remain in shelters Wednesday evening, however, until the attacks have subsided. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu reacted to the attack by pledging a “forceful” response against those responsible.”This seems to be in response to our counterterrorism efforts yesterday,” Netanyahu declared, according to Channel 2. “We will continue to strike those who want to harm us, we’ll act against them very forcefully.”

I will certainly follow this.

UPDATE 7:24pm: Sirens going off in in Sderot and surrounding areas about 20 min ago. Reports of Israeli artillery also engaging. Some  Apache over flights. At least 60 rockets fired at Israel so far. Kerem Shalom border crossing is now closed.

UPDATE 8:13pm: Israeli Air Force carrying out strikes against Islamic Jihad. Several large explosions heard in Gaza.

UPDATE 8:15pm: Terrorists open fire on Israeli bus leaving Ariel. Might be unrelated terror.

UPDATE 8:31pm: Hamas sites also targeted in IAF strikes. Up to 12 sites have been hit in all so far. IAF also hitting al Quads sites as well. Areas are in north and south Gaza.

UPDATE 3/13/14 1:49pm: Israel ordering limited call up of reserves. Reports that Islamic Jihad has stated their is a ceasefire in place mediated by Egypt. No confirmation from Israel. In fact, they just hit targets in Gaza as recently as an hour ago.

UPDATE 3/13/14 2:08pm: Israel is denying there is a ceasefire. At least 70 rockets fired at Israel since yesterday, Israel struck back by hitting at least 29 Islamic Jihad positions.

UPDATE 3/13/14 3:43pm: Rockets continue to fall on Israel. So much for that ceasefire. Code red sounding again in Southern Israel.

UPDATE 3/13/14 5:51pm: Major explosion in Gaza moments ago. Rockets continue to hit Israel. Where is this going? Pray for Israel to over come evil.

Here is a video of the Islamic Jihad mortar team that started it all:

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