Articles of the Day 3/14/14: Under Fire


Watch as Islamic Jihad terrorists launch rockets at Israel from densely populated area in the strip. This is a double war crime committed against the Jewish people and the Palestinian people by terrorists directly supported by Iran who has called for the total destruction of the Jewish state. Has the UN condemned the actions of the terrorists or Iran? Has the world?

Gaza front: Civilians reliving the horror in Sderot and Ashkelon

“You got used to living this certain type of life. I’d take the kids and go everywhere over the past year, after years where I worried every time I left the house with the kids, always wondering where to run if there’s a rocket alarm,” said Shlomi, the manager of a kiosk in central Sderot and a father of two toddlers.”

Pray for the people who live withing range of terrorists rockets.

Senior Palestinian official: “Allah will gather [the Israelis] so we can kill them”


This is the mindset of the Palestinian government. How can peace be achieved with this mindset? Failure of peace in the conflict lays with the Palestinians.

With Gaza flaring up, the trail leads to Iran

“Islamic Jihad has been drawing closer to Tehran, and it will continue to challenge Hamas’s authority in the Strip.”

Hamas in worst financial crisis since seizing Gaza

“GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — Gaza’s Hamas rulers have been hit by the worst economic crisis since seizing the territory seven years ago and face growing discontent, even among core supporters, because there’s no sign of relief from a blockade enforced not only by Israel but also by a suddenly hostile Egypt.”

Egypt Ignores Hamas, Talks with Islamic Jihad

“Hamas was fuming on Thursday upon discovering that Egypt had communicated with the Islamic Jihad directly to broker a ceasefire with Israel, while intentionally ignoring Hamas.”

Hamas is weak and getting weaker. This latest round of fighting is as much about the power struggle between Islamic Jihad and Hamas as it is about Israel.

Ministers Tell Kerry ‘Condemn Terror, Not Jewish State’

Kerry: Netanyahu wrong to insist Palestinians recognize Israel as Jewish state

“WASHINGTON — Secretary of State John Kerry told members of Congress on Thursday that international law already declares Israel a Jewish state, and called Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu’s insistence on a public declaration of Israel’s Jewish character from the Palestinians “a mistake” in the diplomatic process.

“I think its a mistake for some people to be raising it again and again as the critical decider of their attitude toward the possibility of a state, and peace, and we’ve obviously made that clear,” Kerry told the House Foreign Relations Committee, in a hearing on budget matters.”

Wow. While rockets fly over Israel, while Israeli children huddle scared in shelters Secretary of State John Kerry kicks them while they are down. Insinuating his failure was because of a simple condition by Netanyahu. The Palestinians want to recognized as a state why can’t the Israelis? It really is a small request that costs the Palestinians nothing yet they can’t bring themselves to make this small ever so tiny compromise. Have the Palestinians compromised on anything? No never.

Another Rocket From Gaza Further Breaks ‘Truce’

“An army spokesperson told AFP it was the first attack in the last 12 hours. Since Wednesday, roughly 100 rockets have been fired from the Hamas-held terror enclave at Israel. Reports indicate the rocket fell in the Sha’ar Hanegev area, and did not cause injuries or damage. The reports add the “code red” siren was not sounded. While Islamic Jihad, which has claimed responsibility for the attacks, said Thursday that an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire was going into effect that day at 2 pm, six more rockets have been fired since.”

Just kind of strange tactic by the terrorists to claim truce then keep firing rockets. I don’t think they are fooling anybody.

Gaza Missiles: Palestinian State in Practice

“Though foreign observers strain to avoid drawing the obvious conclusion, a two- or three-state solution (if the PA achieves sovereignty in the West Bank while Hamas or Islamic Jihad holds onto Gaza) under the current circumstances would actually worsen the conflict rather than solving it. As long as Gaza provides an example of what Palestinian statehood means in practice, it is not reasonable to expect Israelis to replicate it in the West Bank or in portions of Jerusalem. If Palestinians and their foreign supporters wish to convince them otherwise, they can start by transforming their state in Gaza into one that is less dangerous for themselves and the Israelis. Until they do, no one should take their appeals for two states seriously.”

Some rational, clear minded thinking by Johnathan Tobin.

Sheikh Insists ‘Israel is the Land of the Jewish People’

“Sheikh Ahmad Adwan, a Muslim scholar living in Jordan, has published articles in the past dispelling the myth that the Koran designates the Land of Israel as a Muslim holy site.

“There are classes in Islam which claim that the Koran seeks to abolish the Torah and Bible,” the Sheikh wrote this week. “There is no truth to that. The direction of prayer of the Muslim people is to Mecca, and the direction of Jewish prayer is to Jerusalem – and this is meaningful, because this is expressly stated in the Koran.”

“Allah chose to call this land ‘Israel’ and not ‘Palestine.’ The term ‘Palestine’ does not appear in the Koran either,” he continued. “According to our faith, Allah promised Israel to the Jewish people, and they are the sole official inheritors of that land. Therefore, the war of Muslims and Arabs against the Jews must stop, and they must let the Jews live in peace on their land.”

Adwan has maintained on numerous occasions that the Muslim world “distorts the Koran” and that the Jews are a peaceful people who have the right to defend themselves. He has also slammed the Palestinian Arab community before, calling them “the killers of children, the elderly and women” in using them as human shields in order to falsely accuse the Jews of targeting them.”This is their habit and custom, their viciousness, their having hearts of stones towards their children, and their lying to public opinion, in order to get its support,” he added.”

I am shocked this guy is still alive. I suppose even among the blind there are those that see. If only this were the dominate view in Islam.

EU Blames Israel for ‘Humanitarian Situation’ in Gaza

“The European Union has blamed Israel for Gaza’s “humanitarian situation” threatens the Middle East’s security on Tuesday, and could have “serious consequences” for regional stability, according to AFP. EU consuls-general in Ramallah and Jerusalem urged Israel to ease access restrictions to Gaza, especially in light of Egypt’s ongoing blockade.

“Today, Gaza is facing a dangerous and pressing humanitarian and economic situation… (including) the cessation of imports of construction materials; rising unemployment, rising prices and increased food insecurity,” the report said.”

It really is astounding to see what filth comes out of the EU. As rockets are fired from Gaza at Israel the EU still sees it fit to blame Israel. Why not blame the terrorist government in Gaza? Nothing is ever said about Hamas the elected government in Gaza. Don’t they have a responsibility to act peacefully with their neighbors?

So easy it is for others to blame Israel while they live in peace and safety.

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