Articles of the Day 3/17/14: Beginning To See

Sorry but I had to go light on the commentary today, lots of personal stuff intruding…..


Turkish doctors question PM Erdogan’s mental state

God did say he would bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel. This perhaps an attempt to elicit sympathy from the Turkish population for Erdogan.

Israeli Doctors Save 7-Year-Old Jordanian Boy

Of course most Arab and Western media won’t talk about this story, instead focusing on the Jordanian Judge who was shot by the IDF.

Temple Mount Cops Detain Jewish Victim of Islamist Harassment

Qatar faces total isolation — Gulf diplomat

What did the Qataris say about Saudi Arabia?

Analysts Declare Bennett the ‘Victor’ of Legislative Marathon

I try to stay our of the domestic politics of Israel but sometimes it has an impact on prophecy. The passage of the National Referendum Bill means the Israeli people would have to approve a peace treaty with the Palestinians. Just about every poll shows the Israeli people don’t trust the Palestinians which means no giving up land any time soon. Carving up Israel is now out of the hands of the world and into the hands of the Israeli people. It could still happen but the trend seems to be going in the opposite direction. Praise the Lord! Are the Israeli people beginning to shed their blindness?

Report: Syrian rebels offer to sell Golan to Israel in return for military aid

Interesting if true, but this is likely Iranian propaganda so it is probably not true.

Matt. 24 And The Pre-Trib Rapture

Sabotage of Arak reactor “neutralized” – Iranian sources 

Jordan’s Prime Minister recognizes the obvious: ‘We need Israel’

Iran intel: ‘No $^#ing clue what’s up with Israel today’

IDF patrol attacked near border with Lebanon

Iraqi al Qaeda claims attack on Mt. Dov Israeli patrol 

The Seizure of the Klos C: Significance and Implications

Surface Forces: Yakhont Threatens Israeli Gas

Judge’s shooting exposes internal tensions in Jordan

Turkish Cypriot FM sees bright future for Israel relations

More On The Rapture And The Feast Of Trumpets

Wolff Bachner: The Time Has Come To Learn The Truth About Islam

Israel upgrades Apache helicopters after U.S. blocked their modernization

The Israeli hospital home of a Palestinian toddler

Arabs riot minutes before housing minister ascends Temple Mount





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