Articles of the Day 3/19/14: Deception at the Checkpoint

Israel warns Assad after Golan Heights blast

“Defence minister Yaalon says Syria government accountable for bombing of Israeli patrol in occupied northern territory.”

Israel’s bankrupt military policy for Gaza won’t work for Golan either

“Predictably, the only effect of Israel’s Tammuz rocket was to relieve the pressure the Syrian Army’s 90th Brigade encampment had exerted on the rebels under Gen. Abdul-Illah’s command and embolden them to go on the offensive against the 90th brigade.”

Pretty harsh criticism of the IDF in this article. I think it is likely Hizballah has been staging these latest attacks and retaliating against Syria is a wise option in my opinion. The Syrian Army is the weak link in the Hizballah-Syria-Iran axis. Hitting at Syria will cause both Syria and Iran to make Hizballah stop. Yes some attacks might come from Sunni Jihadist elements (like al Qaeda) but they only serve to provide an excuse to hit either Syria or Hizballah. The Shiites remain the real threat. The Israelis would be happy to face divided, disorganized, under armed jihadis over the well armed, well funded, and organized Shiites. Also, Syria has proven they will not retaliate against Israel as the multiple Israeli strikes have shown. 

Israeli air force strikes Syrian army targets

Israel fires artillery into Syria after blast

IDF reinforces Golan Heights outposts

IAF Planes Hit Syria After Golan Blast Injures Three Soldiers

Report: Blast on Israel-Syrian border was designed to kidnap soldier

Explosive device detonated near IDF patrol on Syria border; 4 soldiers wounded

IDF Shoots Arab Terrorist Breaching Security Fence

Military-Grade Weapons Cache Found Near Hevron

Is Mahmoud Abbas’ Life In Danger?

“Mahmoud Abbas, the “illegal” chairman of the Palestinian Authority (PA), faces very imminent threats to his life, according to Middle East expert Prof. Rafi Yisraeli.”

Elkin: Learn From Mistake of the Disengagement

“Speaking Tuesday, Deputy Foreign Minister Zeev Elkin said that Israel had given up Israel’s security “in exchange for nothing.” Speaking at the Negev Conference held in southern Israel, Elkin said that “Israel had made mistakes in the past, and we need to ensure that citizens feel safe again.”

Danon: PA ‘Has Livni Wrapped Around Their Little Finger’

“Justice Minister Tzippy Livni, who is in charge of Israel’s negotiation team in talks with the Palestinian Authority, is not an effective negotiator – and in fact has conceded point after point to the PA, said MK Danny Danon.”

Evangelicals speak of generational shift toward Palestinians

“In many Christian Zionist circles they promote the idea that Jews must return to the land only to be slaughtered in Armageddon,” he said. “They see the place of Judaism only as it relates to their speculations about the future. I don’t think that’s a healthy way of engaging in Christian-Jewish dialogue.”

I have lots of problems with the above article and this comment in particular. But in the interest is raising awareness about Replacement Theology I went ahead an posted it. I disagree with pretty much everything Christ at the Checkpoint is doing. They don’t represent Christ to me. This article talks about Palestinian suffering but neglects to mention that the suffering is largely their own fault. This is exactly what people who believe in Replacement Theology do.  Pro-Palestinian folks harp on the Palestinian suffering with pictures of starving Palestinian kids but lay the blame at Israel by misrepresenting the facts. They hook younger people with emotional pictures and stories then point the finger at Israel. Younger people often fall for this and that is why they are targeted.  They weave some truth about Palestinian suffering then they lie about the source of the suffering. I am troubled by the anti-Israel anti-Semitic tone these Palestinian ‘Christians’ bring to Christianity and this article really does nothing to help. They are using and twisting Christianity for their own political purposes. 

Read the truth about Christ at the Checkpoint:

Behind the ‘Christat the Checkpoint’ Conference

Christ at an Israeli Checkpoint

Antisemitism and Christ at the Checkpoint 2012 (PDF)

NGO Monitor: U.S., U.K., Netherlands fund anti-Israel ‘Christ at the Checkpoint’ conference


Iran Says Arak’s Pumps Were Tampered With

“Iran on Monday provided more information regarding the failed attempt to sabotage the nuclear reactor in Arak, saying that the attackers tampered with the pumps at the facility.”

While it may be possible Israel was involved, it seems pretty amateurish. It is more likely this made up story to serve a propaganda purpose for Iran. An effort to make the people think Iranian intelligence is on top of it.

 Jordan’s PM Rejects Cutting Ties with Israel

Al Qaida builds network inside Lebanon

“Beirut: Al Qaida appears to be steadily building its support networks and capacity in Lebanon, where fears are growing that a new influx of militants from the Syrian border region could bolster the terror group’s ranks and stoke instability. Lebanese authorities say that despite a rash of arrests of suspects linked to Al Qaida-affiliated groups in recent months, they are fighting back a relentless tide of fighters whose attacks are exacerbating sectarian tensions.”

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