Articles of the Day 3/21/14:

Exclusive poll: 80% of Americans fear a “Second Holocaust.”

“During the interview, I also shared more of the results of the exclusive new polling we conducted through McLaughlin & Associates, a nationally-respected polling firm. We asked 1,000 likely U.S. voters the following question: “Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: ‘If the world does not take decisive action, and the Iranian regime is permitted to build nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them, the Iranian regime will one day attempt to annihilate the State of Israel and bring about a Second Holocaust’?”

80.2% of Americans agreed and said they fear a “Second Holocaust.”
16.1% disagreed.
3.7% said they did not know.”

French minister: anti-Zionism is new anti-Semitism

“The old anti-Semitism of the French extreme right, Valls said, “is renewed: It feeds off hate for Israel. It feeds off anti-Zionism. Because anti-Zionism is an invitation to anti-Semitism.”

Rare clarity from the French, but I still wonder if they really understand where the source of the hatred comes from.

Report: Hezbollah sources claim responsibility for Golan attack

“Sources close to Hezbollah’s leadership took responsibility for the bombing that injured four Israeli soldiers on the Golan border on Tuesday, telling an Arab newspaper that Hezbollah is “ready for war.”

The Failure of the Mideast ‘Peace Process’

“The U.S. and Britain present themselves as Israel’s friends. Israel doesn’t quite see it like that.”

With ‘friends’ like these….

‘There Are 1,700 Hamas Millionaires in Gaza’

“The Fatah spokesman claimed that while Gaza is one of the poorest places in the world, there are 1,700 millionaires among Hamas members, hinting that the terror group imposes steep taxes on its citizens for goods entering from Egypt and Israel, and that this money finds its way into Hamas officials’ pockets.”

Since this is a Fatah spokesman the number is probably inflated but it is true the Palestinians in Gaza are not as bad off as many on the Left would have you believe. They could be a lot better off if they ceased attacking Israel and became a responsible, peaceful neighbor. There economy could boom like the Israels if they traded with Israel. There could be jobs for thousands of Palestinians in Gaza if they were just at peace with Israel. If there was a friendly government in Gaza the lives of those people could be transformed in five years. Those who curse Israel though. So sad. God has a gift for the Arabs. The gift is Israel. The problem is they hate the gift.

Israel-Syria faceoff in Golan unlikely to escalate

“Jerusalem (AFP) – Israel’s air strikes on Syria after a bomb targeted Israeli troops on the occupied Golan Heights was unlikely to spiral into full-scale confrontation, with each side preoccupied elsewhere, commentators said Thursday.”

Perhaps but that seems a bit optimistic to me. Israel could take advantage for the same reason and attack Hezbollah when they are weakest. And one can never underestimate how foolish Nasrallah can be.

IDF: We Found a Terror Tunnel; Hamas: It’s an Old One

“The IDF said on Thursday evening that it had uncovered and blown up a terror tunnel which led from Gaza into Israel, but Hamas claimed the tunnel was an old one.”

Old or new does not matter. What does matter is that it would have been used to attack civilians purposely. That is a crime against humanity.

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