Articles of the Day 3/24/14: When The Truth Hurts

Noah, Lot and Us

“All of this leads to the fact that we are very close to the time of the end. The Rapture will happen soon and after that God will pour out His wrath. Have you been putting off accepting Christ as your Savior because, you, like Lot, are lured by the wickedness of Sodom? Are you happy eating, drinking, and ignoring the evil around you? The time for delay is over. We cannot choose the time we live in, but we can choose where we spend eternity.

Noah lived in days filled with evil yet he kept himself genetically pure and obeyed God in spite of the evil around him. Lot chose to live in Sodom amongst wicked men, but he chose not to join in their evil doings. If you have already accepted Christ as your Savior be sure that you do not join in the evil happening all around you.

Do You Want to Know Why the Church Is Weak?

“How many ministers in the average American church are teaching the truth about the Second Coming of Jesus? Will they mention Israel and the God-given signs that have been fulfilled about God’s chosen people? Are they talking about the Rapture? Do they describe the Great Tribulation and go into detail? Do they focus on the wrath of God and the rise of the Antichrist, the Millennial Kingdom and the New Heaven and the New Earth? What about all those millions of demons that are going to be unleashed in that horrible seven year period between the Rapture and the Battle of Armageddon?

How many pastors are willing to go out there on a limb and talk about Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Thessalonians, and (should we say it?) Revelation? Oh, I don’t know about Revelation. Pretty scary stuff there. Might offend someone. Besides, it is written in secret code and not meant for us to understand.”

Tired of the Rapture Mongers?

“If you are a born-again Christian and you take the Bible seriously and the Rapture is not on your radar, you need to assess your theology and doctrinal stance. You could be in grave danger of being deceived by the god of this world. Chances are that you probably have been influenced by liberal teachers from churches who discard prophecy and the doctrine of the Rapture as a “pathetic” pipe dream.”

Jordan’s King: Jordan is Palestine? That’s an Illusion

“Jordan’s King Abdullah II on Saturday hit out at those on the Israeli right who say that a Palestinian state already exists and that it is located in Jordan, Army Radio reported, citing an interview the King gave to the Al-Hayat newspaper.”

When the truth hurts.

Turkey shoots down Syrian fighter jet

Opposition: Erdogan may invade Syria as electoral challenge looms

“The opposition has charged that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has already banned Twitter, could order military operations in Syria on the eve of municipal elections on March 30.”

I would not write the this off as just political posturing. Erdogan could gain much by invading Syria. He could also lose much. It would be a gamble but he needs to get corruption in his government off the minds of his people. The whole twitter episode back fired. He is in deep trouble and may do something radical to revive his standing at home. A war might be just the trick. The timing of a Syrian jet being shot down is highly suspect.

Qatar, Turkey excluded from Cairo Islamic meeting

“Cairo: Egypt has not invited Qatar and Turkey for a major Islamic conference due in Cairo later this week, an Egyptian official disclosed Saturday, accusing both countries of pursuing a policy hostile to Egypt.”

There are at least three major blocks in the middle east competing for the right to attack Israel.

The Wahhabi block– Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Kuwait and other gulf states (minus Qatar), and their proxies in Syria.

The Shiite block-Iran, Iraq, Syria, and their proxies in Syria and Lebanon.

The ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ block-led by Turkey, Qatar and their proxies in Syria.

Jesus said, “Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand.” Matthew 12:25

Evil they are but divided they are. The competition among them retards them. Israels enemies are fighting each other.

Hamas Lawmaker: Koran Says We Must Massacre Jews

GANSO Says 38% of Rockets Fired at Israel Explode Within Gaza

Rising Chorus of Israeli Voices Calling for Military Action in Iran

PA Teaches Kids ‘Indivisible Palestine’ Replaces Israel

Iran’s Khamenei questions ‘certainty’ of Holocaust

Three Palestinians killed in firefight with Israeli troops in Jenin

Hamas sends Israelis threatening text messages

“Many Israeli cell phone users received text messages in broken Hebrew and English on Saturday threatening them with Qassam rockets or kidnappings.”

Kind of a stupid thing to do just after a week long rocket barrage. Many Israeli leaders have already publicly called for a conquest of  Gaza. Something like this hardens the Israeli people. Hamas thinks the Israeli people are like their own. Easily intimidated, easy to submit. God chose and called the Israelis a ‘stiff-necked’ people for a reason.

Attorney Blocks Armed PA Police Convoy of ‘Terrorists’

“A rare incident occurred Thursday, as an armed Palestinian Authority (PA) police convoy driving on Route 60, the main road connecting Hevron and Jerusalem, was stopped in its tracks by Attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir.”

The average Israeli is beginning to stand up. The blindness is beginning to be shed. The spirit of the Lord is moving inside them.

Rabbi, student arrested for trying to slaughter donkey as sacrifice for sins

“Jerusalem police arrested a rabbi and his student on Friday for trying to slaughter and sacrifice a female donkey. The 54-year-old rabbi and his student aged 24, were arrested near the of the Tomb of Samuel the prophet which is located in the West Bank north of Jerusalem. The two suspects purchased the female donkey, or jenny, from a local Palestinian and were later caught on camera by another local trying to slaughter the animal, police said. The man filming the incident alerted the police. The suspects, residents of Jerusalem, confessed that they were slaughtering the jenny as a sacrifice for their sins.”

It is growing in the hearts of the Israelis to worship God. They don’t have their own temple so these types of incidents occur. This is all about to change. The Third Temple is coming.

Israel’s out of control housing bubble

“According to Israel’s Ministry of Construction and Housing, the average cost of a 3 bedroom (4 rooms in Israel-speak) apartment in the 3rd quarter of 2013 was 1,200,000 shekels, or $347,000!!”

This is the reason why Israel will keep building. Perhaps this will give Israel the backbone it needs to resist giving away their land. The problem is supply and demand. There are not enough homes to keep the price down. To build homes you need land and you can’t afford to just give it away.

TV report: Abbas said ‘no’ to Obama on 3 core peace issues

“Specifically, the report said, Abbas rejected Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s demand that he recognize Israel as a Jewish state. He also refused to abandon the Palestinian demand for a “right of return” for millions of Palestinians and their descendants — a demand that, if implemented, would drastically alter Israel’s demographic balance and which no conceivable Israeli government would accept. And finally, he refused to commit to an “end of conflict,” under which a peace deal would represent the termination of any further Palestinian demands of Israel.”

No compromise. Yet know this, Israel will be blamed for the failure of the talks. It is all about the terrorist release now. Perhaps that is what is was always about.

Israeli official suggests Palestinians celebrating failure of peace talks

“Thousands of Palestinians staged rallies in several West Bank cities, urging Abbas to resist concessions, “especially on the issue of recognizing Israel as a “Jewish state,” the news agency reported.”

They have chosen their path. Judgement is coming.

Israel Can Make Ultimatums Too

“As is his custom, Palestinian Authority head Mahmoud Abbas has been making declarations and ultimatums, issuing threats about what unilateral actions the PA will take should Palestinian demands not be met. With the time frame for the current round of U.S.-sponsored negotiations about to expire, it appears that Abbas is working hard to create a climate in which the Palestinians will be able to exit talks confident in the knowledge that Israel will be made to take the blame. With both the European Union and the Obama administration already pushing a version of events that sets Israel up as the fall guy in the event the Palestinians walk, Prime Minister Netanyahu’s main concern is fast becoming how best to deflect the accusations once they start raining down. But if the Israelis simply attempt to avoid being blamed, then they risk either being forced into making a never-ending series of concessions, or otherwise putting themselves in a position of weakness. If the Israelis cannot find a way to set the agenda surrounding these negotiations then they will lose, and then they’ll be blamed.”

“Netanyahu need not embrace this policy himself. But it wouldn’t hurt to remind those it concerns that there are forces gathering in Israel that are prepared to do this. Obama implies the negotiations are some huge favor to Israel, Abbas acts as if being part of talks to create the Palestinians a state is some terrible sacrifice. Israel needs to avoid the kind of weakness that would make it possible for it to be blamed by projecting its strength. Warning Abbas and Obama about the prospect of Israeli ultimatums would be one way of doing this.”

Don’t be scared to support a One State Solution

“PLO chief Mahmoud Abbas must have gotten a kick out of it on Monday when he visited the White House and President Barack Obama praised him as “somebody who has consistently renounced violence, has consistently sought a diplomatic and peaceful solution that allows for two states, side by side, in peace and security.” After all, the same day the men met, Abbas’s regime continued its week-long celebration of the deadliest Palestinian terrorist attack on Israel to date.”

Israeli Arabs help to debunk apartheid myths

IDF Official: We Will Destroy All the Tunnels

Pakistani Media Reports: ‘Pakistan Will Provide … 30,000 Troops For The Defense Shield Force Of The Gulf Cooperation Council

Iraq–Kurdistan crisis escalates following autonomy claims

“Baghdad and London, Asharq Al-Awsat—The ongoing dispute between the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and Baghdad appeared to widen this week when a leading Kurdish political figure is reported to have confirmed that KRG President Massoud Barzani is preparing for independence for Kurdistan.”

Missed this last week. Is this the beginning of an Iraq breakup? Kurds in the north, Sunnis in the west, Shia in the east and south?



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