Articles of the Day 3/27/14: Nothing To Fear

Don’t Be Fooled. Hezbollah Is Bigger and Badder Than Ever

“Hezbollah is probably the world’s largest, most sophisticated, wealthiest and most militarily capable terror organization. Created, trained, funded and deployed as a proxy of the Iranian government, with operations spanning Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas, the Shi’ite group has effectively taken over the Lebanese government, launched thousands of rockets at Israeli civilians, and murdered more Americans than anyone other than al-Qaeda—all of these making it into perhaps the most fearsome weapon in the jihadist anti-Western arsenal.”

This article was a good read but a bit of scare mongering here also. Hezbollah was conceived by a man and is made up of men. God is greater and he is in it on Israel’s side. Nothing to fear from Hezbollah but plotting their demise would be wise.

Next test for Obama: Soothing the Saudis

“Fundamentally, the Saudis believe that America’s friends and interests are under threat, and the U.S. response has ranged from indifference to accommodation. The Saudis see Iran trying to encircle them with its Quds Force active in Bahrain, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and their own eastern province. The Saudis see an Iranian effort to shift the balance of forces in the region dramatically in Tehran’s favor, whether by killing Sunni Muslims in Syria, mobilizing Shiite Muslim militias in Iraq, providing arms to the Houthi rebels in Yemen or fomenting unrest among Saudi Shiites.”

Iranian Aid to Fighters in the Gulf Peninsula

“On March 6, Bahrain’s foreign minister told the UN Human Rights Council that the ongoing violence in his country “is directly supported by elements of the Islamic Republic of Iran.” Although the statement does not accurately explain all political violence in Bahrain, such claims should not necessarily be dismissed as government propaganda, since U.S. intelligence assesses that Iran is in fact providing arms and more to Bahraini and other fighters in the Arabian Peninsula. To curb this assistance, Washington should increase support to important Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) partners.”

Only a ground offensive will defeat the enemy, says senior IDF source

“It’s clear to the general staff that a ground maneuver is what’s needed” to extinguish the threat of mass rocket attacks, the source said. This view holds true despite the highly advanced capabilities developed in recent years by the air force, which enable it to strike a myriad of targets in a short space of time, he said.”

Egypt’s Gen. El-Sisi runs for president, sets up 10,000-strong crack force to defend his regime

“Maj. Gen. Tawfik Abdel-Samei, head of the Egyptian army’s central command, was chosen to head the force. He and El-Sisi handpicked 10,000 of the most able commando fighters from the various army units and consolidated them through intense courses into a special airborne force. Equipped with air transport and helicopters, it is capable of flying to the ends of the country in a crisis, along with tanks, self-propelled artillery and counter-terror measures. This force will be available for the new president to pursue his war on the Muslim Brotherhood after unseating its rule last summer.”

Ismail Haniyeh Calls for Israel’s Destruction


Evangelicals, the millennial generation and Israel

“In the end, most of the publications articulate a fear that the millennial generation of Evangelical Christians is “turning away” from staunch support for Israel toward a more “balanced,” in effect, pro-Palestinian position. The writers’ justified sense of alarm is derived in part from the highly visible work that a few evangelical and other Christian detractors of Israel are doing in the US and on college campuses.”

Jordanian king vows to protect Jerusalem

“Jordan’s King Abdullah II said his country will protect Jerusalem and stand up to “Israeli violations,” in a speech to the Arab Summit in Kuwait Tuesday.”

Arab summit vetoes Israel’s acceptance as Jewish State

“Arab League leaders meeting in Kuwait carried a resolution Wednesday barring the recognition of Israel as the state of the Jewish people by its members. This effectively marks the end of US-sponsored diplomacy for ending the Israeli-Palestinian dispute. This step was predicted by DEBKAfile ahead of the summit, along with its rationale.”

They have condemned themselves to Gods’s wrath.

Israel: Attempt to Trigger Another Gaza Invasion Fails

“March 25, 2014: Palestinians in the West Bank are threatening an uprising against their government and complete anarchy if Israel does not withdraw its troops and grant independence to the West Bank. Israel considers this an absurd demand, since withdrawing from Gaza in 2005 turned out to be a disaster, more for the Palestinians there than for Israel. Pulling out of the West Bank has been considered but there’s too much chance of anarchy and more violence. Israelis find the Palestinians amazingly self-destructive, largely because they remain officially (via their media and comments by officials) committed to the goal of destroying Israel, yet pretend to try and make peace. As one Israeli official commented, “the Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.” The latest Palestinian demand, in return for keeping the current peace talks going. is for Israel to release more convicted terrorists from prison. Ignoring the fact that many of these terrorists go right back to trying to kill Israelis once they are free, Palestinians ignore the fact that, as a democracy, Israeli politicians who let that happen face getting voted out of office.”

Most Israelis Not in Favor of Withdrawal from Judea and Samaria

“The majority of the Israeli public does not want to see Judea and Samaria relinquished to the Palestinian Authority (PA) as result of peace talks, according to a survey by the Madgem institute.”

UN Blames Israel for Problems in Judea, Samaria and Gaza

“The United Nations Human Rights High Commissioner claimed on Monday to have found the source of the trouble in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. The problem, according to Navi Pillay, is Israel.”

More one-sided blame game from the UN.

The World is Jealous of Israel, Says Nanotechnology Leader

“A nanotechnology revolution, according to Koriat, would be more life-changing than the three last major technological revolutions – the automobile revolution, the microtechnology revolution, and the optics revolution – combined. “Nano-technology has the potential to be integrated into every field,” Koriat stated.

Israel is at the forefront of the nanotechnology field, he stated, and is the top researcher of nanotechnology in academia. Over 650 faculty members are engaged in the field, as well as 1,200 graduate students. Two hundred companies work with nanotechnology, 800 patents have been filed, and more than 700 articles have been published on the subject – all despite Israel’s small size.”

Israel continues to lead the world in various world changing technologies. God is working to make Israel an eventual superpower.


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