Articles of the Day 4/1/14: Outright Appeasement

Fatah Admits to Blackmailing and Threatening Israel

“Fatah’s spokesman Ahmad Assaf has come out with a statement that the PA’s sole reason for participating in the peace talks with Israel is to”blackmail” Israel into releasing incarcerated terrorists. Assaf additionally stated that the PA’s constant threat of prosecuting Israel at the International Criminal Court they do not release the 104 prisoners discussed iis “a weapon… an important card… We’ve been waving it around for two years.”

And the strategy appears to be working. Rumor is that the US will release Pollard if Israel goes along with the release of murderers. If that is true, and that is all Israel is getting for releasing murderers then this is the most negligent Israeli government  we have seen in decades. They have  abandoned their duty to protect their people.  This just outright appeasement that will lead to more gross demands by the PA. Is their any wonder why God will judge Israel soon?

The other thing many people are not talking about is the effect this has on the mind of the average IDF soldier. An IDF soldier watching all this unfold has to asking himself if it is really worth it to risk his life and take Arabs captive when politicians will simply set them free for nothing. This kind of thing will lead to war crimes and no compassion on the battlefield. Arab terrorists might well surrender believing they will be set free to fight another day. This gives the enemy hope. Have you noticed lately IDF and Shin Bet operations are ending in shootouts with the Arab target dead? 

PA Threatens Israel with ‘Diplomatic Offensive’

“The Palestinian Authority (PA) is threatening Israel with a “diplomatic attack” if Israel fails to release the fourth batch of terrorists it promised to release as a “gesture” to PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.”

Terror Victim Families to Kerry: Leave Israel Alone Already

“Members of families who have lost loved ones to terror attacks protested on Monday night outside the Metzudat David Hotel in Jerusalem, where US Secretary of State John Kerry is staying the night.Kerry arrived in Israel Monday on an “emergency trip,” in yet another attempt to save the failing peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA).”

I feel terrible for these families. So desperate are the Israelis for peace that they are willing to release murderers. And so arrogant is the US to demand this from them.  When Gods comes to judge he will be thinking of these families are crying for justice!

Palestinians give Kerry 24 hours to solve prisoner crisis

“‘If we don’t get an answer on prisoners tonight, we’ll ask for membership in UN agencies tomorrow,’ Palestinian MP warns”

As demanding as a spoiled child. 

Egypt Calls for Reparations – from Biblical Times

“We want compensation for the [Ten] Plagues that were inflicted upon [us] as a result of the curses that the Jews’ ancient forefathers [cast] upon our ancient forefathers, who did not deserve to pay for the mistake that Egypt’s ruler at the time, Pharaoh as the Torah calls him, committed,” Ahmad Al-Gamal, a writer for the Al-Yawm Al-Sabi’ daily. Translations of the article were provided by The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).”

Okaaaay. But I guess when you are freeing murderers about anything is on the table.

‘Get Me the Votes and I’ll Annex Judea and Samaria’

“If you go to the Barkan industrial zone near Ariel in central Samaria, you see that there are many businesses where Jews and Arabs work together. The secret to this coexistence is that when people are working and earning money, they realize how petty the political issues are.”

Israeli official: Palestinians placing obstacles in the way of peace talks

“Israel is willing to release the last group of prisoners, but the Palestinians are creating difficulties when they threaten to abandon peace talks as soon as that happens, senior official says.”

Turkey’s ISIS problem

“Tensions between Turkish security forces and ISIS have been on the rise, particularly in the past couple of weeks. In mid-March, the Turkish press reported that ISIS fighters had surrounded the Suleyman Sah tomb, which is located in northern Syria, 15 miles outside of Turkey’s border, but is officially considered Turkish territory under the 1921 agreement with France. ISIS had taken control of the town of Jarablus near the tomb in January. Foreign Minister Davutoglu had responded to the reports with vows that Turkey would retaliate should there be an attack on the tomb, no matter which group the attacks came from.”

Lebanese Report: IDF Operates UGCV on the Border

“Lebanese news agency reports that the IDF operates an Unmanned Ground Combat Vehicle (UGCV) patrolling along the northern border with Lebanon. Its purpose is to locate demolition charges and holes along the fence.”

Unidentified militants take control of the town of Sarha in Iraq’s Salah ad Din

“UNIDENTIFIED militants, using suicide vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (SVBIEDs) and small-arms, took control of the town of Sarha in Iraq’s Salah ad Din province on 21 March, Hurryet Daily News reported. No casualty report or further details were provided.”

Iran: Doing Well At Warmongering

“April 1, 2014: Iran has become the most active and successful warmonger in the Middle East. Iranian efforts are keeping violence levels high in Lebanon, Israel, Syria, Egypt, Gaza, Yemen and elsewhere. This is all part of the Iranian Master Plan to become the leading Islamic state Iranian on the planet. Most of the potential followers want nothing to do with this plan, but Iran keeps at it, creating more problems and dead bodies along the way. Many of these efforts are not working out very well.”

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