Articles of the Day 4/7/14: Man Cannot Solve Everything

Anti-Israel Hackers Get A Taste of Their Own Medicine

“The anti-Israeli hackers on Sunday exhorted, “we urge our brothers and sisters to break, to destroy and take over websites and leak data – to eliminate Israel’s cyberspace. We will not stop until Palestine is freed.” However, Anonymous may have come out the worse for its attack on Israel. Roni Behar, chair of cyber-attacks at Avnet Cyber and Information Security, said Sunday that Israeli hackers are returning fire, breaking into Muslim extremist sites. “In particular, it can be noted as a morale boosting achievement that there was a breach of the operations site run by Anonymous,, with the contents there being changed to pro-Israel contents,” revealed Behar.”

US arms Syrian rebels with first heavy weapons, anti-tank BGM-71 TOW missiles – raising war stakes

“Two Syrian rebel militias judged moderate in Washington have in the last few days taken delivery and begun using – mostly in the Idlib region – the first advanced US weapon to be deployed in more than three years of civil war, DEBKAfile’s military sources reveal. It is the heavy anti-tank, optically-tracked, wire-guided BGM-71 TOW, which is capable of piercing 50mm thickness of Syrian tank armor and Syrian fortifications at a range of 4 kilometers. Armed with this weapon now are Brig-Gen. Abdul-Hila al Bashir, the new commander of the rebel Free Syrian Army, which is headquartered at the Golan town of Quneitra, and Jamal Maarouf, head of the rebel Syrian Revolutionary Front fighting in the north.”

Israel should prepare for the day when these weapons are used against the IDF. Big mistake by the Obama administration. These have a range of 3,750 meters and can penetrate up to 900mm. 

Hezbollah: Danger to Syria’s president eliminated

“The government of Syrian President Bashar Assad is no longer in danger of falling, the leader of Lebanon’s militant Hezbollah group said in an interview with a Lebanese newspaper. In an interview with daily newspaper As-Safir, Hassan Nasrallah also said the threat of bombings in Lebanon “has dropped considerably” because of the “measures adopted along the Lebanese-Syrian border.” (AP)”

This is likely propaganda/wishful thinking by Hezbollah. However, I have to admit the threat of Assad falling from power has diminished. Rebels continue to make local gains but no strategic impact. Assad is still weak but the rebels are deeply divided. The conflict is very much at a stale mate at this point. This is good for Assad as disillusioned Jihadis begin to flow back to their  home countries. Manpower is the center of gravity of the rebels. Once the flow of men into Syria reverses then Assad my be able to press the issue. 

Hezbollah reorganizes ranks in light of leaks

“The changes are a response to violations committed within party ranks, documented by Israeli as well as Western intelligence, as well as the party’s missteps in dealing with the sensitive security situation in Lebanon – not to mention the conflict in neighboring Syria, where the party has suffered from almost daily information leaks.”

Nice job aide from @ProphecySigns

Daniels 70th week

Options for Mid East talks: Carrying on, interim deal, or a turn to the Saudi-UAE-Egyptian bloc

“To buy a small measure of street credibility, Abbas must show the people that he is the only leader able to force Israel to release Palestinians from long prison sentences. He achieves this by making this his price for not walking away from the table. So long as the money flows in and Palestinians are sprung from Israeli jails, no voices are raised in circles that count in Ramallah against the corrupt practices eating away at the regime.”

Maybe that is the problem. Abbas does not have the legitimacy to sign a peace agreement. The Palestinians, as a people, really don’t want a peace agreement. They have bought into their own propaganda and their hearts are hardened. PLO leaders remember well the assassination of Sadat after he signed a peace agreement with Israel. Until the Palestinian people actually want peace can there be peace. Most Western and Israeli Left politicians assume the Palestinian people want peace but they don’t. This is a conflict only God can resolve. Man cannot do it.  That is the mindset of the Leftist, that man can solve everything, and God is not needed. How is that working so far in the Middle East?

Iran, Pakistan to conduct joint naval maneuvers in Hormuz

“Iran and Pakistan’s navies are organizing joint military exercises in the Strait of Hormuz for Tuesday, Iran’s state news agency (IRNA) reported on Sunday. A number of Pakistan’s vessels have docked at Bandar Abbas, a port city on Iran’s southern coast, in preparation for the exercises, IRNA said, citing a statement from Iran’s Navy. The fleet includes a warship, a logistics warship and a submarine.”

Ok, this is strange. Why would Pakistan, a Sunni nation, be working with Iran, a Shiite nation? At the same time, Pakistan is sharing nuclear weapons with Saudi Arabia and may even send military advisers to Saudi Arabia to beef up defenses against Iran. Well the Americans know well Pakistan is certainly not above working with the enemy.

Palestinians will Face ‘Tsunami’ of Legal Charges at Hague

“Shurat Hadin, a non-governmental organization that operates against Palestinian terrorists through the courts, said it would lodge ‘a tsunami’ of criminal complaints against senior Palestinians with the International Criminal Court (ICC), which is based in The Hague.”

Netanyahu: Unilateral Palestinian steps will be answered in kind 

“Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Sunday that Israel had taken big steps for the sake of an accord with the Palestinians, but at the last moment, negotiations were derailed by their refusal to recognize Israel as the Jewish national state – even after this was endorsed by the US – and then went on to submit unilateral applications to the United Nations. Speaking at the weekly cabinet session for the first time on the breakdown of US-sponsored talks with the Palestinians, Netanyahu said that any unilateral steps taken by the Palestinians would be countered by unilateral steps.”

Bennett says ‘We won’t beg; the Palestinians broke all agreements’

“Economy Minister Naftali Bennett addressed the crisis in the peace process: “If the seller runs off with the merchandise, you don’t need to chase him – cash in hand – begging to buy his goods.” Bennett said that the “Palestinians broke all the agreements, including the Oslo Accords. If they don’t retract the applications to the UN, we should stop the negotiations.”

Bennett Calls to Bring PA to Hague Over War Crimes

“Jewish Home Chairman Naftali Bennett published a manifesto on Sunday morning explaining why he believes that the Palestinian Authority (PA)’s application to international organizations for legitimacy will not do much harm to Israel – and, according to him, is really bound to hurt the PA itself.”

In Response to Ongoing Gaza Aggression, IAF Targets Terror Sites

“IDF retaliated this evening to ongoing rocket attacks from Gaza. A short while ago, IAF aircraft targeted 5 terror sites, 4 terror sites in the northern Gaza Strip and an additional location in the southern Gaza Strip.”

Livni: US should change role in peace talks

“The United States should change its role in the Middle East peace process allowing for more direct talks between Israel and the Palestinians, Israel’s chief negotiator Tzipi Livni has said.”

This will not help. Livni is lost. 

Erekat: Hamas Not, and Never Was, a Terror Group

“The Palestinian Authority, controlled by the Fatah terror group, is once again trying its hand at “unification” with its sister terror group, Hamas. As a sign of Fatah’s “goodwill,” Saeb Erekat, the PA’s top negotiator and a senior member of the Palestine Liberation Organization, called on Hamas to implement all previous agreements with Fatah in order to “fight together against Israel.”

These kind of statements are not the language of a sincere peace partner. How can Israel be expected to negotiate with PLO leaders with this kind of mindset?  

Barkat: The world must take Jerusalem off the negotiating table forever

“We must be doing something right,” Barkat said, and “what we’re doing right is we understand the vision of Jerusalem. The planning and the execution is for a united, large city of Jerusalem with lots of hope and lots of future, and I believe we’re heading there. Jerusalem is the center of the world.” The mayor argued that Israeli-Arabs were better off than many of the Arabs in surrounding Arab states. “If you tell them we are going to carve their village out of Israel, they would kill to stay in Israel,” Barkat said. “The more the Arabs cooperate with the Jewish state, the better off they are. The Israeli- Arabs are by far doing the best in the region.” In contrast, he said, the enemies of Israel, such as Gaza, Syria and Iran, are doing the worst in the region. “That correlation says something,” he said. “In Jerusalem, the Arab residents understand that really well.

Committee on Temple Mount Prayer Convenes for First Session

“A special Knesset subcommittee will convene Monday and hear arguments for allowing Jews to pray on the Mount. It is the first time that the Knesset is conducting an in-depth examination of Jewish demands to be allowed to pray on the Temple Mount, which has been under nominal Israeli control for decades, but is administered by the Muslim Waqf.”

Former Navy chief: Israel in a ‘secret war’ to stop Iranian weapons smuggling to terrorists

“The ex-navy chief stressed that the greatest threat to Israel were rocket arsenals maintained by Hamas in the Gaza Strip and Hezbollah in both Lebanon and Syria. The rockets, he said, are “directed at civilian targets in [the heartland] of Israel,” adding that “Hezbollah has 100,000 rockets. Hamas in Gaza holds several thousand rockets, some of which are long-range.”

Stealth and Resilience: Meet the IDF’s New Submarines

“In 2014, the Israel Navy is expected to put two new advanced Dolphin-class submarines into service: the INS Crocodile, and the INS Rahav. These two submarines were acquired from Germany in 2012. With the introduction of these submarines into the fleet, submariner recruits will now undergo a new training regimen.”



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