Articles of the Day 4/8/14: Claim The Land

Ha’etzni: Act on Sovereignty Before PA Does

“In the end, Israel is going to have no choice but to annex Area C of Judea and Samaria, according to attorney and former MK Elyakim Ha’etzni – and Israel would be better off doing it sooner rather than later.”

Perhaps this was God’s plan all along. Since the Israelis won’t claim the land themselves he will use the Palestinians to force them to claim it.   Do the Israelis have the will to claim it? If they were to annex Judea and Samaria (Area C) what would this mean? How would the world react to that en-light of what Russia has done in the Crimea?

Palestinians ready to widen global recognition bid

“RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) — The Palestinians are ready to sign up a “state of Palestine” for additional international agencies and treaties — a step Israel views as highly provocative — if US peace efforts collapse after an April 29 deadline for a deal, a senior official said Monday.”

Leftists, Temple Mount Activists Clash at Knesset Hearing

“The Temple Mount is the center of my life,” he told MKs. Glick, a professional guide who takes groups up to the Mount, said that “April is my busiest month. I was supposed to lead 20 groups on a visit, and I had to cancel them all. I am on a hunger strike because I expect the members of the committee to do something about this.”

Shin Bet: Lawyers delivered messages for Hamas prisoners

“An Israeli Arab human rights lawyer and three Palestinian colleagues were arrested in February for disseminating Hamas messages within Israeli prisons and between Hamas leaders in the West Bank, Gaza and abroad, the Shin Bet security service announced Monday.”

Ya’alon: Palestinians are partners for taking not giving

“Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon disparaged the Palestinians for killing the latest round of negotiations because, he said, they want to take, not give. While inspecting a Golani Brigade exercise in the north, he said: “They have been telling us for months that they wouldn’t recognize Israel as a Jewish state, let go of the Right of Return [of Palestinian refugees] or negotiate an end to the conflict. The time has come,” said the minister, “to break free of our slavish addiction to preconceptions, and accept that when the moment comes for decisions, the Palestinians are going to bolt and blame us. I have been shouting this for 20 years.” 

The talks have all been a facade. If God really wanted a two-state solution he would have soften the hearts of the Palestinian people. Instead he hardened them. He is using the Arabs to force Israel into acting on the land. Israel has given up sovereignty  over Temple Mount, Judea and Samaria and the other parts of Israel in the false secular belief that this will bring them peace. It has done the opposite. The whole conflict is about getting the Israelis to claim what is rightfully theirs. The political left in Israel and  the unbelieving population in Israel is preventing them from doing this. 

Abbas concerned Israel will withhold tax revenues to PA in response to unilateral moves

“Looking ahead to possible Israeli economic sanctions, Malki said Tuesday that at the Arab League session, Abbas would voice concern Israel might again withhold tax revenues it transfers to the Palestinian Authority.”

All Talk and No Action in Peace Negotiations

“PA demands full construction freeze to continue negotiations, says ready for ‘Israel’s tricks.’ Defense Minister: ‘I told you so.'”

Turkey’s Erdogan sees more powerful presidency after August vote

“ISTANBUL – Turkey’s first directly elected president will be a more powerful figure than the current largely ceremonial role, Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan was quoted on Tuesday as saying, boosting expectations he may run for the post in August. Erdogan is barred by the rules of his ruling AK Party from standing for a fourth term as prime minister and, although the party could amend them with relative ease, he has made little secret of his ambition to become president. The Islamist-rooted AK Party’s strong showing in municipal polls last month, despite a graft scandal dogging the government and a damaging feud with an influential cleric, was seen by Erdogan’s aides as a vote of confidence in his rule, taking him a step closer to a presidential bid in the August election.”

Hmmm, Erdogan with more power. That cannot be good.

Leftists Abuzz after TV gets ‘Tough’ with Terrorist

“Left wing Israeli reporters are huffing and puffing, while nationalists are still rubbing their eyes in disbelief, following a relatively tough interview by Channel 2’s news team with Palestinian Authority official Jibril Rajoub. The interview aired Friday in Israel’s most widely viewed weekend newscast, Ulpan Shishi.”

Are Israelis really waking up or was this just an attempt to spark  controversy and raise ratings?

Israel Changes Everything

“Israel has gone ahead and developed its own GPS guided rockets, like the Romach, a 175mm rocket similar to the American GMLRS but smaller and with a range of 35 kilometers. Israel has also developed a GPS guided 155mm artillery shell and 120mm mortar shell. Each tank battalion has some of these 120mm mortars and using GPS guided shells does not require using a lot of ammo to get the job done. In effect, Israel has all but eliminated the use of the traditional artillery barrage, reducing ammo use by over 90 percent. This meant many artillery units were disbanded.”

Israeli Artillery Corps Revamping Doctrine

“The Artillery Corps has designated a new precision rocket by state-owned Israel Military Industries (IMI) as its weapon of choice for bridging immediate needs with future plans for standoff strike. Known as Romach, the rockets are designed to strike within 5 meters of targets some 35 kilometers away. Once fully deployed, Romach will offer an accurate alternative to unguided rockets and artillery shells whose use — while legal under international law — is increasingly ill-suited for urban war. Launched from a standard multiple launch rocket system (MLRS), Riftin hailed Romach as “an excellent, pragmatic solution” to shift from so-called statistic weaponry, which constitutes 95 percent of his force and is much more prone to inflicting collateral damage.”



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