Articles of the Day 4/22/14: Games They Play

5 Most Innovative Weapons the IDF Has to Offer (That We Can Tell You About)

1. The IDF Unmanned Ground Vehicle
2. Mobile Radar
3. The Trophy System
4. The Iron Dome Rocket Defense System
5. IDF’s Dolphin-class Submarines

Top-notch intelligence

“In recent years, Israel’s operation intelligence has been undergoing a revolution that could transform the way Israeli military forces operate in the field • In the next war, troops will know exactly what they face in each sector.”

Jordan Slams Israel Over Temple Mount Riots

“Jordan’s government-controlled Petra news agency said Monday that government officials had called in the Israeli Ambassador to the country to protest the “Israeli provocations” on the Temple Mount Sunday. Israel closed the Mount to members of the Waqf after Arab youths rioted again Sunday, throwing rocks and stones at Israeli police.”

The ‘provocations’ are simply just Jews wanting to pray in their own land. Arabs fear Jewish prayer.

Spread of MERS in Saudi Arabia accelerates with 17 new cases

“RIYADH (Reuters) – Saudi Arabia has discovered another 17 cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), as the total number of confirmed infections of the SARS-like disease has jumped by a third in the kingdom in the past week.”

Rock Ambush Causes New Yorker to Miss Dad’s Funeral

“Tova Richler of New York flew to Israel to attend her father’s funeral at the Mount of Olives Friday, but an ambush by local Arabs prevented her from attending it.”

Netanyahu to Palestinians: When you want peace, let us know

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu criticized the Palestinian Authority on Monday, saying that its threat to dissolve and the ruling Fatah faction’s efforts to forge unity with Hamas indicate a lack of desire for peace.

“Today, we saw the Palestinian Authority speak of dismantling itself and also talking about unity with Hamas,” the premier told revelers at a Mimouna celebration in Or Akiva. “They should decide – either dissolve, or enter into a union with Hamas. When they want peace, they should let us know. Because we want a genuine peace.”


Syrian rebels get SA-16 anti-aircraft missiles after receiving advanced anti-tank weapons

“Syrian rebels have been sighted wielding anti-aircraft weapons in various combat sectors including the Damascus region in the last few days. Just as on April 6, DEBKAfile was the first publication to disclose the arming of Syrian opposition forces with their first US weapons, BGM-71 TOW anti-tank missiles, our military sources now reveal that they have also acquired – and are using – Russian-made 9K310 Igla-1 aka SA-16 anti-tank rockets, which have an operational range of 5.2 km.”

Hamas tells Israel it does not seek escalation

“Hamas on Monday sent calming messages to Israel, stressing that it was not interested in a violent escalation in the Gaza Strip and that it was not behind a barrage of rockets fired into Israel in the morning, Channel 10 reported.”

This is the game they play. They launch rockets then claim it was not them and beg not to be punished. 

Asian region to overtake US as Israel’s 2nd biggest export destination in 2014

“The Asian region will overtake the US as Israel’s second biggest export destination this year, the Economy Ministry said.”

Why is this important? Because Israel needs to shake off it’s dependency on the US. The US has too much influence over Israeli affairs.



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