Articles of the Day 4/23/14: They Turn On Their Own.

State Department clears Egypt for US military aid

A congressional aide said the decision clears the way for the release of Apache helicopters to Egypt, which the United States has held up since July when the Egyptian military overthrew President Mohammed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood-led government. 

Beyond the Apaches, the move allows the US also to release some of its annual $1.3 billion military assistance package to Egypt, specifically those parts dealing with security in the Sinai Peninsula and counter-terrorism efforts.

Hamas ‘Policemen’ Train to Attack IDF Positions

“Hamas’ police force in the Gaza Strip chose a rather strange way of exhibiting its skills at “keeping the peace” earlier this week, as policemen in military fatigues took part in a public drill simulating the seizure and destruction of an IDF lookout tower.”

“Gaza’s “police force” is part of a network of internal security forces run by Hamas’ Interior Ministry. It is notable that it is paid out of the coffers of the Palestinian Authority, with around 48% of the PA’s budget – almost all of which comes from foreign aid – being transferred to pay employees of the Islamist regime in Gaza.”

PA Vows to Stop MK Feiglin From ‘Defiling’ Temple Mount

“In particular, the statement called on Arab visitors to Al-Aqsa to block “the attacks of the radicals and to prevent (MK Moshe) Feiglin and his aides from continuing to defile the Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

‘Defile’ is what they are calling Jews who pray to God on their own land. Islam not exactly a tolerant religion is it.

Israel Is ‘Destroying’ Al-Aqsa Mosque for ‘Alleged’ Temple

“The Palestinian Authority (PA) has been stepping up its libel that Israel is “destroying” the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, in order to build the “alleged” Temple.”

The lies never stop. All this to prevent Jewish prayer. How scared they are of prayer to God.

Palestinians: Our Blood Is More Precious Than Jewish Blood

In response, al-Habbash said, “We reject all forms for violence, whether they are directed against Israelis or Palestinians. Palestinian blood is like Israeli blood. It is human blood and precious and no one wants anyone killed.” Although al-Habbash did not specifically condemn the terrorist attack near Hebron, the Israeli journalists reported that he had indeed denounced the killing of Mizrahi. The Palestinian Authority leadership has refrained from publicly condemning the terrorist attack out of fear that such a move would draw angry reactions from many Palestinians. The report in the Israeli media about the minister’s supposed condemnation has triggered an unprecedented smear campaign against al-Habbash. Within minutes, a photograph of the minister, dressed up as a Jewish rabbi, appeared on many Palestinian websites, making him the public’s number one enemy. Al-Habbash’s attempts to deny that he had condemned the terrorist attack have fallen on deaf ears.

Many Palestinians appealed to PA President Mahmoud Abbas to fire him and bring him to trial for causing damage to the Palestinian cause. In a futile bid to contain the public outcry, the beleaguered al-Habbash told a Ramallah-based TV station, “I didn’t use the word condemn. I only said that the Palestinian leadership rejects all acts of violence.” The minister’s family in the Gaza Strip rushed to issue a statement “disowning” him over his purported condemnation of the terrorist attack. In the statement, the al-Habbash clan said, “We are proud of the heroic operation in Hebron and of every man and child fighting against the occupation. We disown him and anyone who embraces the despicable Israeli enemy.”

How quickly they turn on their own. The slightest hint of co-existing with Israel is immediately snuffed out. How can their ever be peace with a people who exude this much hate?

‘Abbas Is Arafat In Disguise’

“Deputy Minister Ofir Akunis (Likud) criticized Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s demands on Tuesday, by which Israel would have to freeze building in Judea and Samaria for three months to continue peace talks.” “Abbas is (former PA Chairman Yasser) Arafat in disguise,” declared Akunis. “The Palestinian leadership under Abbas just changed its tone and not its essence,” he argued. “Under the honey-coated words and diplomacy is hiding an extremist leadership which is not interested in peace or an agreement, but rather in endless extortion of terrorist releases, concessions and withdrawals by Israel – just as a condition to have peace talks.”

It is amazing to see how bad Israel wants peace and how bad the Palestinians want conflict.

IDF to Begin New Outreach Program with Christians Eligible for Draft

“In a new program to make information and voluntary drafting options available to the Christian population, the IDF in coming weeks will begin to distribute to all potential Christian recruits voluntary enlistment forms. The forms will proactively be sent to all youth eligible for recruiting with the intention of making the IDF more accessible for this population, giving clear and coherent information regarding the voluntary enlistment process, and the different service options they may chose including combat service.”

ISIS, al-Qaeda and the Impact on Insurgencies in Iraq and Syria by Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi – CASS

Pretty informative video regarding ISIS. See also Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi’s blog.


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