Articles of the Day 4/25/14: Lacking A True Peace Partner

Abu Mazen Says NO to Peace

‘Palestinian reconciliation, like a celebrity wedding’

“Although the reconciliation agreement is the best news we’ve heard in years in Palestine, it is probably like celebrity weddings. Big fanfare and quick divorce.”

There have been several such ‘reconciliation’ agreements over the years and little has come of it. This is likely just Abbas posturing for greater concessions from the US and Israel.  This strategy has worked time and again because of the weakness of both governments. An almost obsessive desire for any kind of peace has blinded them to the dangers.

Obama Concedes: Maybe it’s Time to Pause Talks

“US President Barack Obama on Friday summarized Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s unity deal with the terrorist organization, sealed Wednesday, as being “unhelpful.”

‘Unhelpful’ is code for “we did not like what you did but we are not going to make you pay for it”.

Obama: Lack of will in Israel, Palestinian talks

“President Barack Obama says the halt in negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians underscore how neither side has shown the political will to make tough decisions that would sustain Mideast peace talks. Obama says reconciliation agreement between the Palestinian Authority and the militant group Hamas is the latest example of, quote, “unhelpful” steps that have undermined discussions.”

In an effort to save face Obama has decided to blame both sides rather then hold the Palestinians accountable for their actions. They are the ones not negotiating in good faith. Peace could have been had years ago but the Palestinians have theirs hearts taken over by hate. It is not just the leaders, the average Palestinian does not want peace with Israel. Abbas cannot make peace or he will likely be assassinated.  The media would have you believe that the Palestinians want peace but that is not true. Abbas is using the talks to extract concessions from Israel (because they are foolish enough to give them some) without any real agreement and maintain Western funding.   This hopeless process has gone on for years and will continue to do so until God steps in and judges all of these people.

America’s Pitiful Response

“Senior ministers and sources in Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s office are reportedly furious at the American administration, for “not reacting with proper force” to the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Hamas unity deal on Wednesday.”

Indeed, but what we have come to expect from the Obama administration.

‘Netanyahu was ready for border talks, settlement freeze’

“Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was ready to begin final border discussions and also to implement a construction ban in the settlements, before the Wednesday Hamas-Fatah reconciliation agreement prompted Jerusalem to suspend the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, it was reported on Thursday.”

Hopefully not true but very possibly could be true. When talks start up again we will see. I’m afraid this is more true then fiction.

‘Mahmoud Abbas Saved Israel From Israel’

“The reconciliation agreement between the head of the Fatah murderers Abbas and the head of the Hamas murderers (Ismail) Haniyeh saved us. Without this reconciliation agreement, who knows what kind of situation we would have entered?” said Sheftel”

For now at least, Israel won’t be giving up more land but I believe this is only temporary. A few weeks will go by, perhaps a few months, then Abbas will pretend to be interested in talks again. He might even dangle recognition of Israel  but it will only lead to more Israel surrender. More terrorists will be released for no real gain for Israel. Remember his last demands. Settlement building freeze and PA borders. That is where talks will start when they resume. Abbas is completely playing the Israel and the US.

What Is Abbas Trying to Achieve?

“Palestinian Authority [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas has once again surprised Israel and the U.S. Administration, this time by signing a “reconciliation” agreement with Hamas. On April 23, Abbas dispatched a high-level delegation of PLO officials to the Gaza Strip to sign the “historic” deal with Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh. The deal calls for the formation of a Palestinian unity government, headed by Abbas, within five weeks. Six months after the creation of the new government, according to the agreement, the Palestinians would hold presidential and parliamentary elections. Abbas’s decision to join forces with Hamas is seen as a tactical move aimed at putting pressure on Israel and the U.S. to accept his conditions for extending the peace talks after their April 29 deadline.”

‘Israel Should Divide the PA into Emirates’

According to Dr. Keidar, Israel’s answer to the unity pact should be to confiscate the PLO’s weapons while it has a “legitimate reason to do so.”

“Israel should, first of all, confiscate all of the weapons which the Palestinian security organizations have here, especially the American weapons,” he said. “These weapons can come into the hands of Hamas, especially if they win the elections [in the PA], which they have been trying to arrange.”

“American weapons in the hands of Hamas is something which Israel should not tolerate,” he stressed, noting that the time is right for Israel to do so, given that they have “good reason for why to confiscate” them. This way, he said, the unity pact could actually benefit Israel – not pose a danger, as several experts have stated. Keidar then called for Israel to take a secondary, more radical step: dividing the PA into emirates, according to regional clans.

“In a second phase, Israel should dismantle the PA by stopping [the transfer of] money and by all other kinds of measures,” he stated. “[And] then, [it] should create on the ruins of the PA seven emirates in the West Bank [Judea-Samaria – ed.] based on the cities – Ramallah, Jericho, Nablus (Shechem), Tul-Karim, Qalqaliya, and the Arab part of Hevron.”

“Each of these emirates should be based on the local clans, which are powerful – which are loyal to themselves, unlike the PLO.” Keidar did say, however, that Israel would continue to remain involved: by not allowing Hamas to come to power, as happened in Gaza seven years ago.

Lacking a true peace partner, Israel might have better luck negotiating with individual clans instead of a united corrupt government PLO government. It is indeed a divide and conquer approach but might be more preferable then PLO government with weapons overlooking Tel Aviv. 

Expert Urges to ‘Ignore Hamas Deal, Continue Talks’

“We need to keep sending Tzipi Livni to talk with Abbas,” he argued.

“According to Bley, “the Palestinian public [. . .] isn’t interested in these deals” between Fatah and Hamas. “Residents of Gaza are hungry, they want food. The celebratory demonstrations (over the deal) were staged.”

Sigh…why are university professors always the most naive and foolish? He has bought into the the whole ‘the Palestinians are just hungry’ argument. The truth is they are not starving. At least not in the starving Syrian refugee sense. They are greedy and want all of Israel’s land for themselves. Remember they elected a government that calls for Israel’s destruction. They were were celebrating because they believe the PLO will now join them in arms to attack Israel. This guy ignores the obvious hate  in the Palestinians.

Waiting for the Palestinian Godot

“Why are we repeatedly surprised every time Mahmoud Abbas fails to sign a peace agreement with Israel?”

Brig.-Gen Hertzi Halevi named new IDF Military Intelligence chief

“In a new round of IDF appointments announced Friday, Maj. Gen. Aviv Kochavi has been assigned OC Southern Command and is replaced by Brig.-Gen Hertzi Halevi as head of Military Intelligence – AMAN. Brig. Halevi, raised now to major general, is a former commander of the elite Sayeret Matkal, the Paratroop Brigade and the 91st Division. Brig. Gen. Haggai Topolansky takes over as Head of the Manpower Division and Brig. Gen. Yossi Bechar is named corps commander with the rank of major general.”

This is happening too soon to be related to the break down in peace talks but new appointments can sometimes signal a change in direction. 

Israeli Satellite Launch Part of Long and Successful Space faring Tradition (warning: signup wall)

“This month, Israel launched a new surveillance satellite reportedly aimed at monitoring Iran’s nuclear program. In an email interview, Deganit Paikowsky, a senior researcher the Yuval Neeman Workshop for Science, Technology and Security and an adjunct lecturer at the Security Studies Program at Tel Aviv University, explained the evolution and objectives of Israel’s space program.”

Miracle in Jerusalem: Infant Survives 3-Story Fall

“A three-year-old infant boy miraculously escaped death on Thursday, after falling from a third-story window in his home on Jerusalem’s Rachel Imenu Street.”

Praise the Lord! God is watching, he sees everything.

Turkish fuel retailer starts talks to buy Israeli gas

“Turkish fuel retailer Turcas said on Tuesday its gas unit has begun non-binding talks with another company to jointly procure natural gas from the Leviathan field in the eastern Mediterranean for Turkish markets.”

Bet one day Turkey would like to have the Leviathan field too themselves. It must really stick in their crawl to have too actually trade with Israel for the gas.



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