Articles of the Day 5/2/14: Playing Defense

Shelly Dadon was murdered by the veteran Israeli-Arab terrorist group “Galilee Liberators”

“Shelly Dadon, 20, from Afulah, was murdered Thursday, May 1, in a deserted wood near the Migdal Haemek industrial zone in northern Israel, by a gang of Israeli Arabs belonging to an terrorist organization called “The Galilee Liberators.” She died after multiple stab wounds were inflicted savagely on her upper torso. The killers planted clues at the scene that broadcasted their affiliation.”

‘If This Was ‘Price Tag,’ Everyone Would Be Up in Arms’

“I want every MK to know what is going on here,” he said. “If this had been a ‘price tag’ graffiti incident, the whole State would have been up in arms. But when a young girl is murdered on her way to a job interview, they are all silent.”

Minister fires back at US over ‘price tag’ allegations

“Israel’s minister of communications and home front defense castigated the US State Department on Thursday over a report alleging that Israel has not been adequately prosecuting perpetrators.”

Israel police challenge US ‘terror’ findings

“Jerusalem (AFP) – Israeli police on Thursday challenged Washington’s inclusion of Jewish extremist attacks on Palestinians in a global terror report, saying such incidents could not be likened to militant attacks.”

PM to push for law declaring Israel nation-state of the Jews

“Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday that he would advance new legislation in the Knesset to anchor Israel’s status as the nation-state of the Jewish people, saying that opposing such a recognition would eventually undermine the country’s very right to exist.”

The PM might be playing defense here. Preparing the state for the eventual onslaught of litigation by NGOs and the Palestinians. 

With Peace Talks Off, Netanyahu Looks at Unilateral Moves

“JERUSALEM — After halting peace talks with the Palestinians last week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel has asked his cabinet to bring forward alternative approaches to the intractable conflict, which are likely to include annexing parts of the West Bank or withdrawing from some settlements and shoring up others.”

Expert: Israel Does Not Face a Demographic Threat

“Obama, Kerry, Clinton and all those who talk about the demographics are wrong,” Bachor stated firmly. “The data shows, and it’s true throughout the Middle East, a collapse in the Arab birth rate…including [among] the Palestinians and Israeli Arabs.” At the same time, “there is an astounding rise among the Jewish population in Israel.” At the same time, “there is an astounding rise among the Jewish population in Israel.” Bachor explained that “the magic number…is 2.1 children per family. Lower than that is negative growth.” Many of the nations around Israel fail to reach that threshold, while in Europe the figures are much lower. But in Israel, the birthrate remains well over three children per family. “There’s only one little country that has the chutzpa to have a rising birth rate. It’s unparalleled!” said Bachor.”

Qassam fired at Eshkol, rocks on Jerusalem 443 highway

“A Qassam missile was fired from the Gaza Strip at the Eshkol region Thursday night, exploding harmlessly on open ground. A bus on the regular Bnei Berak-Jerusalem route was hit by rocks lobbed at passing vehicles from Palestinian villages overlooking the 443 highway north of Jerusalem. A baby was slightly hurt. Early Friday, a large Israeli force on a counter-terror operation in the casbah of the West Bank town of Nablus was attacked with improvised hand grenades and large rocks. One of the soldiers was injured and taken to hospital.”

Kerry: Hamas-Fatah Pact Was Unexpected

“U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry admitted on Thursday that the unity deal between Fatah and Hamas had been unexpected.”

“That deal, he noted, “came as a complete and total unannounced event, without any heads-up, so to speak, at the moment of important negotiations.”

Interview: The Palestinian Authority Incites Children to Hate Jews

“In an interview with Jerusalem Online News, Palestinian Media Watch founder and director Itamar Marcus discussed how the Palestinian Authority media and educational system cynically exploit children by teaching them to hate Jews. To learn more about incitement within the Palestinian Authority, visit”

Ben-Dahan calls for Jewish prayer on Temple Mount

“Deputy Religious Services Minister Eli Ben-Dahan Jews must be allowed to pray on the Temple Mount and that his ministry is preparing regulations for Jewish prayer at the site.”

Three Israeli NGOs Working For ‘De-Zionized Palestine’

“A special report released by NGO Monitor on Thursday examined the groups, which actively promote a “one-state” bi-national Israel to erase the country’s Jewish nature. The same Thursday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanahu announced his intention to submit a new Basic Law defining Israel’s status as the nation-state of the Jewish people.”

West Bank Hamas rally tests new Palestinian unity pact

“(Reuters) – Over a thousand supporters of the Islamist group Hamas marched through the streets of a West Bank stronghold of its rival Fatah party on Wednesday, testing a surprise Palestinian unity pact the two signed last week.”

Israel prepares to mourn 23,169 casualties of war and terrorism

“Israel is set to pay tribute to 23,169 casualties of war and terrorism who have fallen since 1860.”

Hezbollah, Al Qaeda and Hamas Flags in Jerusalem

“The Old City resident reported that the waving of terrorist flags “already doesn’t frighten me so much; open violence, throwing stones, and sexual harassment of young girls frighten me more.”



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