Articles of the Day 5/6/14: “deceptive illusion”

China Calls Iran a ‘Strategic Partner’

“On Monday China and Iran agreed to deepen defense ties, according to Chinese state media. The announcement was made following a meeting between Chinese Defense Minister Chang Wanquan and his Iranian counterpart, Hossein Dehqan.”

Security Jeep Attacked in Eastern Jerusalem

“A security jeep that was driving through the eastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan (Shiloach) was attacked on Monday evening by some 30 masked men, who hurled rocks and paint bottles at it.”

Libya: Islamist Group Forms to Destabilize Egypt

“Egypt seems to be becoming increasingly worried about the growth of Islamist movements in its neighboring Libya. Recently, Egypt’s military leader and presidential candidate, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, said that U.S. military aid was needed to help rid Libya of jihadi training camps near Egypt’s border. Sisi stated that unless the U.S. helps Cairo to contain civil chaos in Libya, it is likely to become “fertile ground for religious extremism.” He added that such an eventuality would have a “disastrous” outcome for the U.S.”

US secures 10-year deal for Djibouti base

“The United States has secured a ten-year lease for a key military base in Djibouti that it relies on to launch “counter-terrorism” missions, including drone strikes, in Yemen and the Horn of Africa. US President Barack Obama and his Djibouti counterpart Ismail Omar Guelleh announced the renewed lease on Camp Lemonnier on Monday as they met at the White House, pledging to counter al-Qaeda and al-Shabab fighters in the region.
Under the agreement, the Washington would pay $63m annually for a ten-year lease, with an option to extend the arrangement for another decade, administration officials said. The new deal represents a major increase in rent, as the US reportedly pays $38m a year under the current lease. “Camp Lemonnier is extraordinarily important to our work throughout the Horn of Africa but also throughout the region. We very much appreciate the hospitality that Djiboutians provide,” Obama said. “Overall, this is a critical facility that we maintain in Djibouti, we could not do it without the president’s co-operation, we’re grateful for him agreeing for a long-term presence there.” Djibouti, a tiny nation of less than one million people, has become essential to US operations in Africa and the Middle East. Camp Lemonnier houses conventional forces, as well as special forces and aerial drones flown over Yemen and Somalia.”

Iranian navy chief: We aim to destroy the US Navy

“The naval commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi, said Monday that the destruction of the US Navy is a major operational goal of his forces, an Iranian news agency reported. In an unusually aggressive interview, he was said to have declared that Iran’s navy had been conducting drills on how to sink US vessels in any potential combat, that Iran “naturally” wants to sink these vessels, and that it could sink a US aircraft carrier in less than a minute.”

Iranian commander: Front line now in southern Lebanon

“A top adviser to Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei boasted of Iran’s robust influence in the Middle East Saturday, claiming victory in Syria, and said that his country’s first line of defense is now the Lebanese border with Israel.”

Gantz: The quiet on Israel’s security front is a ‘deceptive illusion’

“IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz remembered Israel’s fallen soldiers at the official state ceremony marking Remembrance Day for the Fallen of Israel’s Wars and Victims of Terrorism at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. Gantz said that the relative quiet being felt in Israel on the security front in recent years “is a “deceptive illusion.” He said that the IDF would continue to be prepared to defend the country against threats.”

Iranian warships dock at Port Sudan

“KHARTOUM, SUDAN — Two Iranian warships docked for refueling on Monday in Port Sudan, across the Red Sea from Iran’s regional rival Saudi Arabia.”

Israeli Breakthrough: Submarines Without Periscopes

“A submarine without its periscope? Researchers from Israel’s Technion are developing an underwater photography and surveillance system that might make periscopes obsolete.”

Jordan’s gunship uncovered

“Making its debut at SOFEX is the AC-235 light gunship, developed by ATK of the US in partnership with the King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB). The two AC-235s for Jordan’s Special Operations Command aviation component (5th Prince Hashim Royal Aviation Brigade) were delivered by ATK in the weeks before the show after successful testing in the US. One is on display in the static area and the other participated in the Special Forces capability demonstration.”

Video Reveals Fatah Committed to Terrorism, Not Talks

“While the unity deal between Hamas and Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah faction have spelled the death of the peace talks, further evidence documents how Fatah’s position mirrored that of Hamas even at the height of talks.”

Turkey Delivers First Huge Batch of CIRIT Missiles To UAE

“ABU DHABI — The United Arab Emirates last year chose to purchase anti-aircraft Turkish Cirit missiles and last week Turkish weapons manufacturer Roketsan delivered the first batch of the promised 10,000 missiles to the UAE. The total sum of the deal is $190 million (TL 400 million). One of the leading defense industry companies, Roketsan delivered 2,000 Cirit missiles last week that are able to strike with 100 percent precision. The contract signed between Roketsan and the UAE in 2013 covers the sales of 10,000 Cirit missiles, with 8,000 more to be delivered in the future.”

Likud Convention May Vote on Temple Mount Prayer

“The question of Jewish prayer rights on the Temple Mount may be decided by the Likud Convention. As per a decision Tuesday by the Likud’s internal court, the Directorate of the Likud Convention will decide Wednesday whether to bring the matter before the the Likud Convention plenum, which convenes Wednesday and Thursday.”


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