Articles of the Day 5/7/14: For Israel, Bad Deal After Dad Deal

Report: Turkey Considered Naval Invasion of Israeli Waters

“A Turkish newspaper has released details of a high-level meeting of the country’s military leaders, in which the Turkish government had considered sending warships into Israel as a military escort for the Mavi Marmara flotilla – and the possibility of triggering a war with the Jewish state as a result.”

Mysterious Explosion In Northern Iran

“Local media reported that the focus of the explosion was in a storage facility in the commercial center of the city. While a security official estimated that the casualties may reach a total of 50, there have been no reported fatalities in the explosion. It has been previously suggested that there is a nuclear facility in the city where uranium is quite possibly being stored.”

BREAKING: Syrian Rebels Begin Withdrawing from Homs

“Two buses came to the center of Homs, the capital city of the revolution for the past three years, which was a center of fighting between the rebels and Assad supporters. The rebels and their families left Homs today after living under siege for more than a year.”

Top Netanyahu aide: Here’s proof Abbas deliberately destroyed peace talks

“The paper, Cohen said, serves as proof that Palestinian policymakers had recommended a strategy of unilateral moves “outside of the agreed negotiation framework” to Abbas as early as March, nearly two months before the April 29 deadline for the completion of the talks. Thus when Obama tried at their White House meeting to persuade Abbas to make progress at the negotiations, Cohen indicated, the PA president was already bent on torpedoing the talks and following a unilateral course.”

US prepares for a deal with Iran— and for Israeli backlash

“Netanyahu fears Iran will be left with more of a nuclear capability than the world will want to admit, at the whims and under the watch of a UN agency he doesn’t trust, no longer under sanctions designed to cripple the program.”

Foreign Minister Lieberman Says Hamas Is About To Take Over Palestinian Authority

“Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman gave a speech at a traditional reception for the diplomatic corps in which he warned of a Hamas takeover of the Palestinian Authority. Lieberman stressed that “Israel is determined to prevent Hamas from turning Judea and Samaria into Gaza.”

Israeli gas field could supply Egypt

“The operator of a natural gas field off Israel’s coast says it has signed a letter of intent to provide gas to a facility in Egypt. Houston-based Noble Energy Inc. said Monday it reached a preliminary deal to sell gas to Union Fenosa Gas SA for its liquefied natural gas facility in Egypt. The deal calls for providing up to 2.5 trillion cubic feet of gas over 15 years. Noble Energy executive Keith Elliott called the deal a “major milestone.”

Getting Ready for a Bad Deal

“This time too, the truth is evident to all: Iran seeks an agreement that will lift the sanctions and leave it as a nuclear threshold state with the capability to manufacture nuclear weapons within several months at most. Iran wants a deal that will eliminate the sanctions and leave its capabilities intact. A deal which enables Iran to be a nuclear threshold state will bring the entire world to the threshold of an abyss. I hope that the lessons of the past have been learned, and that the desire to avoid confrontation at any cost will not lead to a deal that will exact a much heavier price in the future. I call on the leaders of the world powers to insist that Iran fully dismantle its capacity to manufacture nuclear weapons, and to persist until this goal is achieved.”

Two arrested at Old City rally: ‘Temple Mount is in our hands’

“Dozens of people attended a protest rally at the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City, shouting “Temple Mount is in our hands” – a reference to IDF Col. Motta Gur’s famous line, whose led the forces who captured the mount during the Six Day War). Several protesters attempted to get to the Chain Gate that leads to the Temple Mount compound and shouted racist slurs. Policemen who were securing the area arrested the protesters and directed them to the Western Wall compund. Two protesters suspected of attacking policemen were arrested and two others were detained for questioning. (Omri Efraim)”

An Iranian stealth submarine sinks before targeting a mock US carrier in an a naval exercise

“A new Iranian Ghadir-class stealth mini-submarine, home-built with Chinese technology, recently sank near the Strait of Hormuz, while preparing for a Revolutionary Guards naval exercise to practice sinking or disabling a mock-up US aircraft carrier, DEBKAfile’s military and intelligence sources report exclusively.”

Arabs Cut Off Water to Jewish Community

“Beit Haggai, a 100-family Jewish community in the Hevron hills, was cut off from water at 2:00 a.m. Tuesday, as a result of Palestinian-Arab sabotage.”

The Muslim Brotherhood and Terrorist Organizations

“A new terror group, Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis [ABM], just officially entered the scene. Both the U.S. State Department and the British government included it, at the beginning of April, in their list of proscribed terrorist organizations.”




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