Articles of the Day 5/12/14: Israel Electric Corp: “See You In Court”

Israel Electric Corp to Sue Palestinian Authority

“Israel Electric Corp is suing a private Palestinian Arab firm for $150 million in unpaid bills, after negotiations to settle the debt collapsed, officials said on Monday.”

Jordan Valley announces 10-year plan to triple population

“The Jordan Valley Regional Council has a 10-year plan to triple its population to help ensure that its date farms and hilltop communities won’t be handed over to the Palestinians as part of a final-status agreement for a two-state solution.”

Bennett praises passage of bill aimed at stopping wholesale prisoner releases

“Likud Beytenu, Bayit Yehudi ministers vote for heavier sentence for terrorists and other “special cases,” Left says bill blocks options in negotiations.”

Israelis Riot Over Terrorist Murder of Jewish Girl

“An estimated 2,000 people demonstrated through the streets of the northern town of Afula on Saturday as the nation becomes increasingly frustrated with the government’s perceived leniency toward Arabs who murder Jews.”

Israeli Lawyer Plants Legal Trap for Palestinian Leader

“The Palestinians and their leader, Mahmoud Abbas, have repeatedly threatened to drag Israeli politicians and army officers before the International Criminal Court in the Hague to stand trial for perceived war crimes. So far, the Palestinians have shied away from actually carrying out those threats due to Israeli counter-threats and feared confrontation with the Americans.”

Arab ‘Price Tag’ Vandalism in Samaria Community

“Authorities in the Samaria community of Emmanuel were shocked to discover an Arab “price tag” attack on Saturday night, after a bus stop was vandalized with hate graffiti.”

U.S. and Canada blast today’s UN appointment of Richard Falk’s wife, citing ‘biased and inflammatory views’

“U.S. and Canada blast today’s UN appointment of Richard Falk’s wife, citing ‘biased and inflammatory views,’ ‘abysmal judgment’.”

Sisi: If Needed, We’ll Amend Peace Treaty with Israel

“Egypt’s former army chief and leading presidential candidate, Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, said Sunday that, if elected, he would be willing to consider making changes to the peace agreement with Israel.”

New Terror Tactic? Blinding Israeli Drivers With Lasers

“A Jew driving Sunday on Highway 60 in Samaria, near the community of Ofra, nearly ended up crashing due to what appears to possibly be a new technique of Arab terrorism.”

Russia to conduct joint army drills with Egypt amid bid to regain regional hold

“Israeli think tank: Moscow improving Middle East relations through ‘arms-supply diplomacy’”

Pro-Israel Students: ‘Nakba’ is the Arabs’ Own Fault

“Pro-Israel students at Tel Aviv University faced off against Arab and leftist students who were commemorating the “Nakba” outside the campus on Sunday morning. The pro-Israel groups held signs and distributed leaflets proclaiming the true intention of the leftist groups – the destruction of the State of Israel.”

Israeli Lunar XPrize team shoots for the moon

“At a Tel Aviv University laboratory, a team of 20 Israelis is building a spacecraft they believe will make Israel only the fourth country — after the United States, Russia and China — to touch down on the moon.”

Palestinian Authority: Combatants Against Peace

“By disbanding the Palestinian branch of Combatants for Peace, the Palestinian Authority leadership is encouraging radicals to fight against any Palestinian who works toward peace and tolerance with Israel. Once again, the actions and words of the Palestinian Authority demonstrate that it has done anything but prepare its people for peace with Israel.”

Judea: Jewish Homes Bulldozed, Illegal Arab Building Ignored

“Two buildings and a chicken coop were destroyed Monday morning by the IDF Civil Administration and police in the community of Yissa Beracha, located adjacent to Mitzpe Yericho in the Judean Desert between Jerusalem and the Dead Sea.”

Islamic Jihad Demonstrates Anti-Tank, Anti-Aircraft Capabilities

“The Islamic Jihad terrorist group recently held a military maneuver in which it presented anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons. Footage of the maneuver aired on Mayadeen TV and was broadcast on May 7. During the maneuver, the group said it was preparing “for what is to come” and stated that members of its “military wing”, the Al-Quds Brigades, “are training and preparing for confrontation with the Israeli occupation.”





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