Articles of the Day 5/20/14: Cutting Back On The Eve of War

Israel intelligence agencies run two cyber systems against Iran

“Minister of Intelligence Yuval Steinitz reported Monday that Israel runs two cyber war systems against Iran – one for defense against Tehran’s constant assaults. Iranian hackers armed with Russian and Chinese technology and assisted by Tehran University academics, never let up on attacks for disrupting Israel’s energy and financial infrastructure. Steinitz said that Israel’s successful defense owes much to its security agencies, especially the Ram State Authority for Data Security and the Shin Beit. He did not elaborate on its offensive cyber operation, except to say it was the product of a conceptual change in the government’s strategic thinking and the recruitment of trained manpower. One of its known successes was the 2010 Stuxnet assault on Iran’s nuclear facilities, which foreign media attributed to Israeli and US intelligence.”

All Israeli army reserve training canceled for 2014

“Warning that the army was operating under unprecedented financial constraints, IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz said Monday that he had cancelled reserve training for the rest of the year because of cuts to the defense budget.”

Israeli defense official: Iran can break out to nuclear weapons ‘very quickly’

“Iran can break out to nuclear weapons “very quickly,” and Israel must maintain operational readiness for any threat that may arise, Maj.-Gen. (res.) Amos Gilad, director of political-military affairs at the Defense Ministry, warned on Monday.”

Is Satan Being Restrained?

“Q. I need some clarification on an issue that is confusing to me. You have stated that Satan in in charge of the world at the present. I agree, but isn’t God in His sovereignty setting limits on the Tempter’s actions? In a sense isn’t that what the Holy Spirit is doing in His role as restrainer? I would think He stops mankind from going too far as well. Am I looking at this correctly?

A. When we compare our life today with Biblical descriptions of life after the Church is gone, it’s obvious that at least in places like the USA God is restraining the power of lawlessness. But a comparison of today with even the recent past shows that this restraint is being progressively relaxed. I believe this is an indication that God is preparing to take the Church (2 Thes. 2:7) and release the forces of evil to do their worst.”

Palestinians open fire at IDF force in Jenin raid, none hurt

“Palestinians opened fire and threw Molotov cocktails and explosives at an IDF force making arrests at the Jenin refugee camp overnight Monday. No one was hurt in the incident. The IDF force seized weaponry during the operating – including homemade bombs, knifes and ammunition. They also arrested a known Hamas militant.”

Libya special forces to join renegade general

“An elite Libyan unit has joined a renegade general who accuses the government of backing al-Qaeda-inspired fighters as rising lawlessness in the nation’s two largest cities edges it closer to civil war.”

Exclusive: Powerful Pro-Israel Lawmaker Suddenly Pulls Pro-Israel Bill

“Facing a difficult vote that would have forced Democrats to choose sides between the White House and members of the pro-Israel community, Senator Bob Menendez, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, removed a key piece of pro-Israel legislation from the committee’s agenda, according to congressional aides familiar with the matter.”

Navy Fires at Gaza Boats, Injuries Reported

“An IDF Navy force opened fire Monday at a Palestinian Arab boats that strayed from the permitted zone in the waters off of southern Gaza. The boats were lightly damaged and two of the people aboard them were taken to questioning.”

Israel concerned over rebel control of nearly 70% of Syria border area

“Israel is deeply concerned after Syrian opposition forces were reported to have control of more than 70 per cent of the border area, the Jerusalem Post said on Friday. In a report Israel’s security and intelligence commentator Yossi Melman quoted senior security officials as saying that Al-Nusra Front fighters have control of an area up to 100 km to the east of Israel’s border. He pointed out that Israel is particularly worried because these jihadist movements have declared Tel Aviv the target of their future operations after ousting the Assad regime.”

Syrian Al Qaeda Rebel Group ISIS Pledges to Conquer Jerusalem, Rome

“In a chilling video discovered online, a jihadist from Kosovo, who is fighting for ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, in Syria, draws his sword and calls for the conquering of Jerusalem.”

Israel Unveils New Vehicle-Mounted Mortar

“Israel’s Elbit Systems said it will exhibit the Soltam Spear, its latest autonomous Recoil Mortar System for lightweight 4×4 combat vehicles, at the third International Fire Conference, in Zichron Ya’akov, Israeli business daily Globes reported on Monday.”

Jordan may replace Egypt as Israel’s natural gas supplier

“AMMONNEWS – The Jordanian government is negotiating to supply Israel with natural gas to substitute the Egyptian gas for the same price; Jordan Al-Ghad newspaper said on Monday quoting an unnamed government official , Middle East Monitor reported.”


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