Articles of the Day 5/21/14: Palestinian Tricks

Jordan army’s 2nd Mechanized Division is deployed along Syrian border, army leaves cut

“The Syrian army offensive, launched Tuesday, May 20 to break the stalemate developing with rebel forces in the tussle for the Syrian Golan town of Quneitra, has raised forebodings in Israel and Jordan lest Assad’s troops bring the fighting up to their borders. So far, the rebel offensive has failed to break through to Quneitra – or even lay it to siege. The Syrian army command, although seriously short of fighting men man, has seized the moment for a counter-offensive.”

SYRIAN CONFLICT UPDATE: The Battle for South Damascus

“The Syrian regimes’ attack has extended to the southern end of Damascus and to Daria, south of the Syrian capital city, after a lull in the fighting that lasted several weeks.”

SYRIAN CONFLICT UPDATE: Dangerous Battles near the Israeli-Syrian Border

“The Al Arabiya network reported difficult battles between rebel forces and Assad’s regime in Quneitra, a few kilometers away from the Syrian-Israeli border. The rebels registered achievements recently in Southern Syria.”

More Gazans Accidentally Blow Themselves Up… Than are Killed by Israel

“Three Palestinian men were killed and four others injured in an explosion in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip, medical sources said. A spokesman of the Hamas-run Gaza ministry of health told Ma’an that the circumstances behind the explosion were not clear. Ashraf al-Qidra added that ambulances evacuated two dead men and one critically injured person. The third victim was pronounced dead shortly after he arrived at the European Hospital in Kahn Younis. Eight others sustained minor wounds caused by shrapnel. They were in stable condition. Hamas sources told Ma’an that the victims were members of the group’s al-Qassam Brigades militant wing, and were killed while preparing explosive devices. This makes at least 15 Gazans killed by work accidents or Hamas rockets this year, more than have been killed by the IDF.”

Israel force under mortar, bombing attack on Gaza border

“An IDF force working on the border fence of the Gaza Strip came under Palestinian mortar fire, followed by the detonation of an explosive device early Wednesday. An engineering vehicle was damaged, but no one was hurt. The force returned the fire.”

IDF Exposes Weapons, Bombs in Jenin

“Hamas terrorist is arrested in the operation. Terrorists resist IDF force with firebombs, live gunfire.”

Pope says Middle East trip will be ‘purely religious’

“Vatican City (AFP) – Pope Francis on Wednesday said his upcoming trip to the Middle East would be “purely religious” and aimed mainly at improving relations with other branches of Christianity and praying for peace in the region.”

Oh my: Cost of Oslo accords would have financed 50 years of guaranteed income for ‘Palestinians’

“Research by Moshe Feiglin’s Jewish Leadership faction in the Likud party shows that the cost of the failed Oslo accords – NIS 900 billion ($250 billion) and counting – would have financed 50 years of guaranteed income at current levels for each ‘Palestinian’ who would have left Israel instead.

The study also found that more than three times as many Jews were murdered in terror attacks between 1994 and 2012 (the Oslo years) as between 1977 and 1993.”

Hamas: “We Will Continue the Struggle against Israel”

“Despite the reconciliation agreement signed between Hamas and Fatah, Hamas chief Khaled Mashaal stressed that nothing will change: “Reconciliation does not mean that the struggle against the occupation ended. We didn’t agree to compromise for the invaders.”

The Palestinians are the invaders and Hamas seeks to end the conflict through violence rather then peace. Now that Hamas and the PA are one it can be assumed the PA has chosen violence over peace as well.  

Syrian Fighting Gives Hezbollah New but Diffuse Purpose

“But the fighting has also diluted the resources that used to go exclusively to facing Israel, exacerbated sectarian divisions in the region, and alienated large segments of the majority Sunni population who once embraced Hezbollah as a liberation force. Some Sunnis now openly refer to the “the party of God” — Hezbollah’s name in Arabic — as “the party of Satan.”

‘Hezbollah’s Arsenal Similar to any National Army’s’

“The most significant change in the battlefield, the Operations Head noted, lies in the fact that Israel is an “island of stability” and the fact that the countries bordering Israel suffer from low governance. “

“All countries bordering Israel now are characterized by low governance,” he said. He cited “conflict countries” as “Lebanon, Syria, and Egypt in some ways, despite improvement, even though they now have the ability to exercise sovereignty and governance and enforce what they want including in the Sinai” and noted that all of them are “problematic.”

“We live today in duality: on the one hand terrorists exercise power for the sake of having power, and operate the execution of an ideological agenda from small groups – but on the other, they have much more capabilities now and are growing much larger,” he said

State Department Dismisses Bennett’s Annexation Plan

“The U.S. State Department on Tuesday dismissed Economy Minister and Jewish Home Chairman Naftali Bennett’s plan that would see Israel annexing Area C.”

Israel gets ‘revolutionary’ fast fiber optic net

“The Israel Electric Company is offering fiber optic Internet connections to Israeli homes and businesses. Beginning next month, the Unlimited network is set to offer speeds up to 1 gbps (1 gigabit, or 1000 megabits, per second) via “retail” communications companies, which are to be responsible for customer connection and service.”

Foreign Reporters ‘Swallowing Lies’ From Palestinian Authority

“MK Ayelet Shaked (Jewish Home) met with British reporters on Tuesday, and was shocked when they repeated several libelous charges they had taken – without fact-checking – from Arab sources. The journalists told Shaked that at a briefing in Palestinian Authority-controlled Ramallah they were told that 60 local Arabs were killed by Jews in the last year, and that “settlers shoot at innocent Palestinians with sniper rifles from within settlements.” Shaked testified regarding the journalists that “in their eyes it wasn’t (a) baseless (accusation).” “It’s lucky they didn’t tell them that the settlers use the blood of Palestinian children to bake Passover matzah,” remarked Shaked cynically, referencing an ancient blood libel charge that was historically used numerous times to justify violent anti-Semitism in Europe. Shaked noted that “the Palestinians continue to spread anti-Semitic blood libels of the worst kind. It’s a shame that the Israeli left and the Western world swallows these lies with no hesitation.”

IDF Says Footage of Nakba Day ‘Killings’ is Misleading

The youths hurled rocks at IDF soldiers at the Bitunia checkpoint, not far from Beit El. The footage appears to show them dropping to the ground as they walked away from the IDF position. The IDF said that the video is heavily edited in order to give a false picture of what really took place. “On Thursday, a violent and illegal disturbance took place at Bitunia,” it insisted. “The video is edited in a tendentious manner and does not reflect the violence of the riot.” “An initial conversation with the forces that operated on the scene of the disturbance indicates no firing of live bullets. However, the Military Prosecution has given instructions for launching an investigation by Investigative Military Police.”

This is a typical planned, premeditated, organized tactic used by Palestinians. They provoke, attack, bait the IDF soldiers into defending themselves while recording the event. They then edit the video to make it look as bad as possible for Israel. The purpose is to elicit international condemnation and investigations, probes and hope perhaps good IDF solders get dismissed. That is as good as killing the IDF solder in their eyes. The reason why this works is because the international media doesn’t question the source of the video. They don’t fact check or ask questions because they are already biased against Israel.

Israeli UN envoy: UNRWA fuels ‘fiction’ of Palestinian ‘right of return’

“NEW YORK – Israeli envoy Ron Prosor publicly blasted the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in Near East at a talk on Monday at the UN on whether the agency is a help or a hindrance in the pursuit of peace in the Middle East, and how it may perpetuate the refugee problem.”

Israel has little to fear from the International Criminal Court

“The ICC’s former chief prosecutor says the Palestinians wouldn’t have much of a case against Israel.”



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