Articles of the Day 5/23/14: Not Exactly Dwelling In Security

Hamas: We’ll Use Unity Accord To Move Terrorism To West Bank

“Zahar also disclosed that Hamas is planning to take advantage of the unity deal to move its terror attacks against Israel to the West Bank. Worse, he declared that after its men set foot in the West Bank, Hamas will target Palestinians who “collaborate” with Israel. “Who said that those who are conducting security coordination with Israel would remain forever?” he asked, referring to the Fatah-dominated security forces in the West Bank.”

This is the most troubling news of the day. The minute rockets begin launching from the West Bank, as they do so often now from Gaza,  the whole game changes. Only about 51 Km between the West Bank and Tel Aviv. Now imagine a chemical attack from the West Bank. Not much time to reach shelters or put on a gas mask. 

Distance WB to Tel Aviv


New pact restores Hamas to the Iranian fold with a $200m annual stipend and military aid

“The Palestinian Hamas terrorist group has been restored to the Iranian fold and won the promise of an annual allowance of $200 million per year, military assistance and advanced weapons on a par with the hardware supplied to Jihad Islami. DEBKAfile’s sources report that this deal was secretly sealed in Doha on Thursday, May 22, at a meeting between Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian and Hamas’s politburo head Khaled Mashaal. It culminated a month of intense Hamas-Tehran negotiations, which were conducted quietly in parallel with Hamas’s unity talks with the rival Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.”

Now considering also the Hamas-PA unity deal, Iran could be active on three borders with Israel. North, south, and the east. 

Steinitz: Jordan Valley is critical to Israel’s survival

“Strategic affairs minister warns of security risks if Israel pulls forces out from “the only possible reasonable defense line in the east, vis-a-vis Iran and its proxies.” “On the second bank, that is already Jordan, with complete territorial connection to Iraq and then Iran,” Steinitz said, as he pointed in the direction of the horizon. “Anyone who comes here can understand that Israel cannot give up the Jordan Valley,” said Steinitz. “If we pull out from the Jordan Valley we will really risk Israel’s security and its very existence,” he said. “The Jordan Valley is the only possible reasonable defense line in the east, vis-a-vis Iran and its proxies,” said Steinitz. This includes al-Qaida and Hezbollah, he said. Aside from the threat of a nuclear Iran, there is also a danger that a withdrawal from the valley would allow Iran-sponsored terrorism to flourish there, Steinitz said. “If someone thinks we can afford moving the line [the border] from here 50 kilometers to the west, this will be a disaster,” he said.

PA Turns to Arab League to Solve ‘Palestinian Problem’

“The Palestinian Authority (PA) announced that they would continue to fight against the “Israeli occupation” this week, turning to the Arab League for help establishing a “sovereign and independent state under 1967 borders.”

“Rajoub proposed that the PA aim to be recognized internationally by “regional powers” (i.e. the Arab League), and to use such recognition to build up a large army and a popular front to end the “racist and fascist Occupation.”

Sounds like the Palestinians want the Arab League to fight another war for them. 

Islamic Jihad Preparing to Join PLO

“Gaza terror group discusses organizational changes to PLO, warns PLO must embrace armed struggle or unity deal will collapse.”

Bank of Israel goes ‘underground’ to avoid missiles

“A subterranean data center will ensure Israel’s economy would survive terrorist rocket attacks, says the central bank.”

Not exactly dwelling in security.

‘If Syria Crosses the Golan Heights Border, Assad will Fall’

“It happens quite a lot, almost daily, that a Syrian plane fighting with rebel forces approaches the Golan Heights border” an official said. “When it does happen, [Assad] will fall. It’s bound to happen.”

Gulf regimes aid Egypt’s Sisi to ensure own security

“Dubai (AFP) – Leading Gulf monarchies are staunchly backing Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, Egypt’s presidential frontrunner, in the hope that their generous financial help will bolster his campaign to crush the Muslim Brotherhood and indirectly secure their own regimes.”

“An absence of stability in Egypt means instability in the Gulf,” says Emirati political science professor Abdulkhaleq Abdulla.

Then why is the US backing the Muslim Brotherhood?

Shin Bet arrests Palestinian in Israel who tried to kidnap Israelis

“The Shin Bet [Israel Security Agency] and Israel Police arrested a Palestinian who was in Israel illegally, on suspicions of planning to kidnap Israelis in the lower Galilee last month.”

VIDEO: New rocket can hit target 150 km away

“Watch the new EXTRA rocket in action; Israeli developed rocket boosts extreme long range, high accuracy, could aid IDF in combating concealed targets in Lebanon.”

Arabs Yearn for Israeli-Style Democracy

“The recent conviction of former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on graft charges has many in the Arab world salivating over what they once again realize is the region’s only true democracy. Israeli-Arab journalist Khaled Abu Toameh noted in a recent analysis for the Gatestone Institute that corruption is so rampant in the Arab world that today it is the norm, and many see emulating Israel as the only way out of this oppressive phenomenon.”

Too bad Islam and Democracy are incompatible.

Bennett in favor of ‘unilateral moves’ in West Bank

“Following Netanyahu interview, in which PM said idea gaining traction in Israel, Jewish Home leader reiterates call to annex territory.”

US defense funding bill sends strong message on Iran

“WASHINGTON — The House of Representatives’ version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which passed on Thursday afternoon by a bipartisan majority of 325-98, contained significant funding for Israel’s missile defense programs.”

US Congress continues to be a good friend of Israel even if President Obama is not.

Report: Iran’s army begins 2-day military exercise

“Iranian state television is reporting the Islamic Republic’s army has begun a two-day ground and air military exercise that will include testing short-range missiles. State television quoted Gen. Ali Mehrabi, a top army commander, as saying Friday that the drills involve forces in central Iran.”


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