Articles of the Day 5/27/14: Discipline

Israel shelves ‘David’s Sling’ as budget cuts take toll

TEL AVIV — Israel was said to have suspended a major missile defense program. Officials said the Defense Ministry has shelved plans to accelerate development of the David’s Sling missile defense system.

IAF Makes ‘Extreme’ Decision To Cancel Training Flights

“IAF fighter jet commanders were informed on Tuesday evening that due to IDF budget cuts it was decided that starting next Sunday, no more training flights will be conducted.”

Israel Develops ‘Pocket Artillery’ for Special Forces

TEL AVIV — Elbit Systems is validating through live-fire tests what it claims is the world’s first “pocket artillery” heavy mortar system for elite infantry and spec ops forces.

Israel’s Edge: Intelligence on the Ground

“The enemies around us understand that they can no longer achieve their objectives through the model they used in past years,” Maj. Gen. Har-Even explained. “They’ve changed their strategy from conquering territory to inflicting heavy fire on the home front.”

Poll: Majority of Israelis Say PA Doesn’t Want Peace

“A new poll shows that a majority of Israelis are opposed to further withdrawals from Judea and Samaria. In a poll taken by the Geocartographia organization on behalf of Ariel University, the majority of Israelis said that peace was not possible because of the refusal of the Palestinians to compromise on a political settlement. According to the poll’s analysts, the refusal has turned the Israeli public more right-wing.”

That is because the Palestinians don’t want peace and the Israeli public is finally waking up to that fact.

Israeli Ballistics Expert Casts Doubt Over Bullet Claimed to Be Found in Bitunia Shootings

“As the Israeli government continues to investigate what really happened in Bitunia, where edited security camera footage showed two Palestinian Arabs dying from off-screen fire, an Israeli ballistics expert on Friday cast doubt over the bullet claimed to be found on one of the victims.”

Turkish Court Orders Interpol Arrests Over Mavi Marmara

“Turkish court on Monday ordered the arrest of four former Israeli military chiefs over the 2010 Mavi Marmara incident, AFP reports Monday, that plunged relations between the former allies into crisis.”

It is very difficult to have relations with a government that is anti-Semitic. Maybe one day the Israeli government will figure that out. 

Liberal Group Calls for Christian Prayer at King David’s Tomb

In return for giving the Catholic church effective control over the Compound, Regev said “we should expect the Vatican to similarly make gracious gestures …such as returning the Jewish cultural and religious treasures looted from Jewish communities throughout history that are now stored in the Vatican.”

The Vatican has not done much to improve Jewish-Christian relations. The Vatican has also done little about Christian persecution around the world.

Israel Eyes Becoming a Cashless Society

A special committee headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s chief of staff, Harel Locker, has recommended a three-phase plan to all but do away with cash transactions in Israel. The motivation for examining a cash-less economy is combatting money laundering and other tax-evasion tactics, thereby maximizing potential tax collection and greatly expanding the tax base. This is important considering the enormous strain put on Israel’s national budget by the army, healthcare system and other public services.

Belgian Police ‘Have Leads’ in Shooting Case

“Rabbi Menachem Margolin, Head of the Rabbinical Center for Europe (RCE), said Monday morning that Belgian police have some leads in the investigation of the terror attack on a Brussels Jewish museum that killed four.”

Was this a Hezbollah reprisal attack? Fits their style. Attack soft targets abroad rather then face the IDF directly. 

MKs to submit bill seeking annexation of West Bank settlements

“Likud, Jewish Home lawmakers say legislation natural answer to Netanyahu’s talk of ‘unilateral steps’”

The Politically Tone-Deaf Pope

“But Pope Francis, once again, has proven he is not politically infallible. He’s on the wrong side of history and truth, at least when it comes to the well-being of Israel.”

Iranian Government: Muslim Men Have The Right To Rape Unveiled Women

“In the interview Sharifi accused Alinejad of being associated with the CIA and explained that those who have ‘liked’ the campaign’s Facebook page did so to stay informed of the developments instead of being aligned or supportive of the cause. Sharifi said that if women feel it is their right to show off their beauty, or appear any which way they desire in society, or reveal their beauty to men, then they should also consider the right of men to enjoy women. He attempted to explain that because it is natural and instinctual for a man to be drawn to the beauty of a woman and seek sex with her, it is a man’s right to benefit from what he loves. Sharifi said that when a man forces himself onto a woman because she is ‘showing off her beauty’, this [should not] be considered rape.”

So in Iran (or really anywhere where Islam is for that matter) the man is not held accountable for his actions. It is upon the women to account for the Muslim mans lack of self control. Islam requires so much discipline for prayer why not require the same discipline when it comes to lust? Men should be accountable for their behavior. Women should not be made accountable for a mans behavior.


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