Articles of the Day 5/28/14: Jerusalem Will Never Be Divided?

Police clash with Palestinians outside Damascus Gate

“As tens of thousands of Israelis flocked to Jerusalem’s Old City to celebrate “Jerusalem Day” on Wednesday, nine Palestinians were arrested near Damascus Gate for hurling stones at Israeli officers, the police spokesman said. No troops were reported injured in the scuffle.”

Why Israel Fears Containment of a Nuclear Iran

“The past seventy years have taught Americans that nuclear weapons can promote stability, but Israel learned a different lesson. While scholars and policy makers in Western capitals contemplate containment scenarios in Iran, Israeli leaders defiantly state: before containment, we will choose preemption.”

Pan-Islamic rally urges Pakistan to liberate Jerusalem

“A recent rally organized by a far-reaching pan-Islamic organization outside the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem called for Pakistani military intervention to defeat the “hostile” Jews and liberate the city from Jewish “filth.”

Thousands celebrate Jerusalem Day in streets of capital

“Amid a specter of countless waving Israeli flags, thumping cacophonous music and uninhibited singing and dancing, a sea of young Jews reveled in the streets of Jerusalem Wednesday night to celebrate the anniversary of the reunification of their city.”

Netanyahu Promises ‘Jerusalem Will Never Be Divided’

“Jerusalem is once again becoming increasingly relevant to the people of Israel,” he added. “The Zionist movement is back again in Jerusalem, where young people are taking responsibility for the direction and influence of the Jewish people in the future.”

Only a few months ago left leaning Israeli politicians had this on the peace table. The Palestinians declined the offer thank God.  We will see during the next big push for peace…if there is one.

Netanyahu: Jerusalem is Our Heart – We Won’t Divide Our Heart

“Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday night that Jerusalem is the heart of Israel and, as such, will never be divided again.”

Libyan warplanes hit Benghazi bases

“Libyan warplanes have bombed bases of armed groups in Benghazi as part of a self-declared campaign by a renegade former general to purge the North African country of religious hardline militias.”

Claim: Vatican Hoarding Second Temple Vessels

“The Vatican is evading questions on whether or not it is holding religious artifacts from the Second Temple, Rabbi Yonatan Shtenzel told Arutz Sheva correspondents Wednesday, in what he calls “diplomatic evasion.”

An Iranian colonel reported beheaded by Syrian Nusra Front

“Iranian sources Wednesday identified a man whose decapitated head appeared on a photo five days ago as Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) Col. Mohammad Eskandari. In some reports he is listed as a brigadier general, reportedly killed by the Al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front. Earlier this month, Eskandari was quoted as telling Iranian media that 43 divisions and 138 battalions of the IRGC were fighting in Syria in support of forces loyal to Bashar Assad.”


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