Articles of the Day 6/4/14: Legitimizing Terror

Turkey’s unmanned ambitions shift up gear

“A government official elaborated on the reasons for the prime minister’s enthusiasm about the aircraft: “Erdoğan views the Anka as his signature project in national defense modernization.” The Anka is a medium-altitude, long-endurance (MALE) drone. Such UAVs can usually operate for 24 hours at an altitude of 10,000 feet. Anka, meaning Phoenix, is the first MALE-type UAV to be produced by Tusaş Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI).”

Israel Limits Security Cooperation with Russia

“TEL AVIV — Israel has forfeited some US $1 billion in defense trade and dual-use development projects with Russia due to a delicately balanced foreign and export licensing policy aimed at preserving security ties with Moscow without harming vital interests of the US and its NATO allies.”

Jordan Condemns Israel for Allowing Jews on Temple Mount

“Jordan condemns Israel’s deployment of troops and police at the Temple Mount, claims Israel violated international law.”

Israel Defense Forces to deploy more unmanned ground vehicles

“Unmanned ground vehicles for patrolling border areas and for scoping out buildings and tunnel systems are to be deployed by the Israel Defense Force.”

Hamas opts for the Hezbollah model

“Gaza’s Islamists aim to use Nasrallah’s Lebanese ‘bullets plus ballots’ approach to gain a military and political foothold in the West Bank, the PA, and the PLO.”

UN Chief Welcomes Hamas-Fatah Government

“UN Secretary-General expresses hope that new PA unity government will lead to progress in peace negotiations.”

So now Hamas is acceptable to the world but Israel is not. Hamas launches rockets at Israeli civilians (which is a war crime) but they are ok as far as the UN is concerned. 

IDF forces detain knife-wielding Palestinian near military base

“Nahal Brigade soldiers detained a Palestinian who approached an IDF base near Ramallah, carrying a knife and a Palestinian flag. The suspect was heard shouting “Allahu akhbar” (“God is great”).”

Netanyahu plans to counter US acceptance of Palestinian unity by blocking West Bank elections

“The US and European decision to continue funding the Palestinians under their new, Hamas-backed government, is a landmark: For the first time, the US and Europe will be bankrolling an organization branded under their own laws as terrorist, as well as its armed militia, the Ezz e-Din al-Qassam, DEBKAfile’s counterterrorism sources note.”

Gaza PM’s relative in Israel for medical treatment

“Israel says it has allowed the mother-in-law of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh into the country for medical treatment. Maj. Guy Inbar, an Israeli spokesman, says the 68-year-old woman was allowed to enter from the Gaza Strip on Monday to receive cancer treatment at a Jerusalem hospital. A relative in Gaza confirmed she was in Israel.”

Ironic that Hamas launches rockets against Israeli civilians then goes to Israel for medical help. 


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