Articles of the Day 6/16/14: Not Exactly Peace Loving

Mom speaks out on 3 abducted teens as Israeli PM blames Hamas

“Jerusalem (CNN) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday blamed Hamas for abducting three teenagers who went missing in Jewish settlements in the West Bank.”

Interesting and hypocritical that human rights groups have not yet condemned this.

Watch: West Bank Hamas leadership in Israeli custody

“As the intensive search for the kidnapped Israeli boys continues, Israeli security forces arrested nearly all Hamas leaders in the West Bank. There have been reports that some of the Hamas members arrested will be deported as well.”

Over 30,000 pray for kidnapped teens at Western Wall

“Thousands of Israelis gathered at the Western Wall plaza on Sunday to join in supplication for the safe release of three yeshiva students who were kidnapped in the West Bank. Police estimated that over 30,000 people, among them family members of the abducted teens, attended the prayer session.”

One good thing in all this is that the Israeli people are becoming more united in prayer.

IDF Chief Vows to ‘Hit Hamas Hard and Continue Forward’

“IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz praised the IDF and security forces during a special briefing on Monday, calling the campaign “significant” after a long night of arresting over 150 people in connection with the kidnapping of the three yeshiva students in Hevron.”

Ex-Shin Bet Chief: ‘Terrorist Releases Encourage Kidnappings’

“Former Israel Security Agency (ISA, or Shin Bet) chief Yuval Diskin blamed Israel’s agreements to release terrorists for the kidnapping of three yeshiva boys, stating on Saturday that the policy encourages more abductions.”

PA, Fatah cartoons gloat over teens’ kidnappings

“Palestinian Authority newspaper published a cartoon on Sunday that seemed to applaud the abduction of three Israeli teenagers, while Fatah posted another two pictures on its Facebook page that similarly lauded the kidnappings, Palestinian Media Watch reported.”

Gaza residents celebrate at news of missing Israeli teens

“Residents of Gaza have celebrated the presumed kidnapping of three Israeli teens who disappeared while hitchhiking in the West Bank, while Hamas lashed out at the Palestinian Authority for cooperating with Israel to find the youths.”

An insight into the heart of the Palestinian people. Not exactly peace loving.

Did Leftists Try to Divert Army’s Attention from Kidnappers?

“Residents of a Hevron-area town suspect that radical leftist groups tried to “lend a hand” to the kidnappers of three Israeli teens Saturday, when they entered a town in the southern Hevron Hills and began taking photos and video of homes in the town, forcing IDF soldiers to leave off the search for the missing teens and shoo away the “activists.”

U.S. considers air strikes, action with Iran to halt Iraq rebels

“MOSUL Iraq/WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States said it could launch air strikes and act jointly with its arch-enemy Iran to support the Iraqi government, after a rampage by Sunni Islamist insurgents across Iraq that has torn up traditional alliances in the Middle East.”

When your foreign policy is at the point where you consider providing air support for your enemy then you have utterly failed.

The ancient Muslim hatreds tearing apart the Middle East

  • Sunni and Shia factions have been warring since 632AD disagreement over successor to prophet Muhammad
  • ISIS militants – who are Sunni – have been stampeding through majority-Shia Iraq
  • But the militants have stuck to Sunni heartlands, where residents are glad to be rid of Shia government forces
  • Religious tensions are flaring again now that dictators such as Colonel Gadaffi and Saddam Hussein have fallen
  • Rest of the world – and especially other Middle Eastern states – are watching nervously as the conflict intensifies

America’s Allies Are Funding ISIS

“The extremist group that is threatening the existence of the Iraqi state was built and grown for years with the help of elite donors from American supposed allies in the Persian Gulf region. There, the threat of Iran, Assad, and the Sunni-Shiite sectarian war trumps the U.S. goal of stability and moderation in the region.”

ISIS photographs detail execution of Iraqi soldiers

“The Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham’s administrative division in Salahaddin proudly displayed photographs of the capture and execution of Iraqi soldiers after it took over a base in the province.”

War crime, Muslims against Muslims.

Above the Battlefield: Israel’s Intelligence in the Air

“They decide which targets to attack, direct air and ground forces and help prevent civilian casualties. Meet the air reconnaissance controllers of the First Squadron, the people who see everything.”

WATCH: Two Qassam Rockets Landed in Southern Israel

“While security forces operated in the area of Judea and Samaria in an attempt to find the three missing Israelis who are believed to have been kidnapped, Gaza continued to attack Southern Israeli communities. Two qassam rockets exploded in the western Negev.”

War crime, Muslims against Israeli civilians.

Report: Abbas’ Wife Convalescing in Top Tel Aviv Hospital

“Israeli media reports Sunday said that the wife of Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas was convalescing in a top Tel Aviv hospital after undergoing surgery. The report by Yeditot Aharonot said that Abbas’ wife was being held under heavy security in a private room, with no roommates.”

As rockets fall and Israeli civilians and Israeli civilians are being kidnapped by Palestinians,  Palestinians enjoy Israeli medical care. Irony abounds.

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