Articles of the day 6/24/14: The Real Face of Islam

Iraq Crisis:

Analysis: A protracted struggle ahead for Iraq

“ISIS, which is leading the charge, is now seeking to consolidate its gains in Iraq and repeat its 2006 “Baghdad Belts” strategy that prefaced the worst sectarian bloodshed of the Iraq War. The challenge of removing the entrenched insurgent groups from recently gained territories will prove impossible in the short to mid-term without a number of key factors, including a change in the national government and renewed, significant international involvement in Iraq, both of which are unlikely.”

ISIS: A Risk Assessment

“The arrogance displayed by ISIS and the media circus surrounding it far exceed what warranted by its size. First, the numbers floated in the media about the exact number of troops available to the organization in Iraq are not necessarily credible. However, even if we take them seriously, the estimate does not exceed some 10,000 men, some of them foreign volunteers. It is clear that this is not sufficient to capture and manage Iraq’s capital, Baghdad, which the al-Maliki government has a fundamental interest to protect as part of the defense of the integrity of Iraq. Furthermore, in practice, ISIS lacks the ability to fully control and manage the other regions it has conquered in Iraq, and even more to force the residents of these areas to accept the government under the fundamentalist Islamic law to which it aspires. In Syria, too, the organization is far from controlling large parts of the country, and it is mainly making do with control of the Raqqah region and parts of Deir ez-Zor.

Like many other countries in the world, Israel is watching the development of the battle in Iraq with great interest. It will need to increase its intelligence focus on ISIS and its ties to organizations operating along Israel’s borders in order to prevent the deterioration the group is liable to ignite. At this stage, while it appears that there is no immediate and direct threat to Israel’s security from the events in Iraq, the resulting atmosphere could strengthen global jihadi elements operating in countries near Israel. Indeed, from Syria, it appears that the potential threat to Israel is actually from Jabhat al-Nusra, which is present, alongside members of the Islamic Front, in the Syrian Golan Heights and on the border with Jordan. Thus far, these organizations have not turned their weapons against Israel, and they cannot be directly linked to most of the incidents of sporadic firing and sabotage carried out against Israel from the Syrian side of the border. However, the potential for escalation in this sector exists. The ideological and rhetorical approach of ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra, and al-Qaeda, which have publicly declared their intention to attack Israel, strengthens the assessment that in the future, these groups will attempt to carry out their threats. Indeed, ISIS was tied to certain foiled terrorist: a group with operatives from East Jerusalem and Jenin planned, with supervision from Gaza and guidance from Pakistan, to join ISIS operatives in Syria and carry out suicide attacks in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. It is not clear whether this indicates a trend toward infiltration of Israeli territory by ISIS or whether it was an isolated attempt. In any case, the self-confidence the organization has gained from its achievements in Iraq and Syria and the tremendous capital at its disposal, which has made it quite wealthy, cannot help it conquer Iraq. However, they are most likely to spur the group to exploit these resources to expand its operations to other arenas, including Israel, and even to help fund the operations of its ideological affiliates.”

Pentagon rejects reports of US drone strike on Syria-Iraq border

“Spokesman for US DoD says there is “not truth to rumors in media” of American attack on area controlled by ISIS-led militants.”

Interesting, could this account for all the twitter traffic yesterday about a Jordanian airstrike near the Jordan-Iraq border where 4 ISIS vehicles were destroyed?

Iraq Situation Report: June 22-23, 2014 (Map)

ISIS fighters tells families “hand over your daughters for sex” after orders from cleric’s fatwa

“ISIS fighters are ordering terrified families in Iraq to hand over their daughters for sex. Leaflets in the captured cities of Mosul and Tikrit claim the women – virgins or not – must join jihad, or Holy war, and cleanse themselves by sleeping with militants. Those that refuse to do so are violating God’s will, it is claimed, and will be beaten or killed. ISIS fighters have been taking women captive in Syria since last year when a Saudi-based cleric issued a fatwa – religious order telling them to. Now the sick practice is happening to Iraq.”

This is the real face of Islam. Western politicians obfuscate it. Christian leaders are blind too it. And ‘human rights’ groups ignore it. Nevertheless,  God sees all and his justice will come.

ISIL rebels control Baiji refinery in Iraq

“Sunni rebels led by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant have taken control of an important oil refinery and have offered Iraqi troops safe passage if they give up their weapons and leave, according to Al Jazeera sources.”


Israel Crisis:

Deputy minister: Shut off electricity in West Bank, Gaza

“After kidnapping and rocket fire, Danny Danon says that Israel should take action against Palestinian civilian population.”

Hevron Murderer Caught: Terrorist Freed in Shalit Deal

“Watch: film from IDF helmet cam shows arrest of murderer of Baruch Mizrahi Hy”d; killer was among those freed for Gilad Shalit.”

I don’t know if this is an old saying but it should be: You can’t reform a terrorist!

‘PM ordered rearrests of dozens of prisoners freed in Shalit deal’

“TV report: Netanyahu was on the defensive after it emerged that convict released in Shalit exchange allegedly killed Israeli father-of-five on Passover eve.”

The whole issue of releasing prisoners could end up bringing down Netanyahu. It was a mistake before and still is now. 

IDF Raids 120 More Homes Overnight; 1,800 Total Sites Searched

“Official says finding kidnapped teens is the primary target, Shalit deal re-arrests will prompt major changes for Hamas.”

Liberman: UN Security Council lacks ‘moral codes’

“FM asserts Israel has ’100% proof’ Hamas behind kidnapping of three youths, calls for ‘outlawing’ Islamic leader.”

Operation Brother’s Keeper: Only Four Hamas Terrorists Arrested Last Night

“Also last night, IDF forces operated across Hebron and worked against Hamas. Only four Hamas terrorists were arrested, indicating that the operation has been exhausted. Nevertheless, efforts to locate the three kidnapped boys continue.”

Ya’alon Denies IDF to Scale Back Hamas Crackdown After Pressure

“Well-respected source says Security Cabinet caves to world pressure in run-up to Ramadan, will only focus on search-and-rescue op.”

Hamas has weathered the storm. Now the negotiations will begin. As in the past, Israel will cave. At least 3,000 prisoners will be released (including the ones that have recently been arrested). Israel never seems to learn from her mistakes. This will end in a great political victory for Hamas because Israel seems to lack the will to eliminate Hamas. 

Mothers of three kidnapped Israeli boys appeal for world help

“In a brief impassioned speech to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva Tuesday, June 24, Rachel Fraenkel said: “It is wrong to take children and use them as instruments of war. Every child has the right to return home safely.” Twelve days after their sons, Naftali Fraenkel and Gil-Ad Shaeir, both 16, and Eyal Yifrach, 19, were kidnapped outside Hebron, their mothers arrived in Geneva to appeal for international help for their recovery. UN Watch, a non-profit organization, flew Rachel Fraenkel from Israel to Geneva Monday. The parents of the three boys met Friday with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon as the massive IDF search in the Hebron district began to wind down without turning up a trace of the abducted teenagers.”

It is brave of her to go in front of the UN Human Rights Council that routinely condemns Israel for protecting itself.

Israel to renew demolition of terrorists’ homes

“Sources say government will resume practice which was discontinued in 2005 amid findings that it was not having a deterrent effect.”

Palestinians: We Are Not Helping Israel Find Kidnapped Teens

“The Palestinian Authority isn’t cooperating with Israel on finding 3 kidnapped Israeli teens, or anything else, PA Prime Minister says.”




Chrislam And the Luciferian Doctrine

“Q. My question is on Revelation 8 & 9 where you say that during the tribulation there will be a doctrine called “Luciferian Doctrine”. Is that the Chrislam we are seeing formed today?

A. Chrislam is an attempt to merge Christian and Muslim religions together by focusing on the similarity of the two and overlooking their differences. It began in Nigeria in the 1980′s but has since spread into many parts of the world. This merger can only take place at the superficial level because at their core the two belief systems are incompatible. Allah and the God of the Bible are not the same. Also, Islam is a works based religion that denies the deity of Jesus and rejects his death as payment for our sins.

The Luciferian doctrine essentially reverses the roles of Satan and God. Advocates believe that Lucifer (Satan) is the angel of light trying to bring mankind into an endless era of utopian peace, while God is seen as a dark power trying to prevent this from happening. This is why the people of Earth don’t repent in the face of God’s judgments (Rev. 9:20-21). They think He’s the enemy.

As you can see, the two are not the same.”

Jack Kelly is quite right. Beware of efforts that attempt to merge Christianity with false teachings such as Islam. 

The Rapture. What is it? Who will it affect? When is it most likely to take place?

“The Rapture is a glorious event which God has promised to the Church. The promise is that someday very soon, at the blowing of a trumpet and the shout of an archangel, Jesus will appear in the sky and take up His Church, living and dead, to Heaven.”

Why Watch For The Rapture?

“Q. Re: At An Hour When We Don’t Expect Him. So, if i am not watching for the rapture that you say is imminent and I have repented of my sins and I know that Jesus died for my sins and paid the debt that I owe, I am not going to be raptured because I’m not watching for it. Is that right? If I am going to be raptured even if I’m not watching for it, than why should I watch for it as you suggest?

A. I don’t know how you came to your conclusion, but it was not from anything I wrote. Every born again believer will go in the rapture.

We should be watching for the rapture because a) it’s the most incredible thing that will ever happen to us on Earth, b) it could be the very next event on God’s prophetic schedule, c) Paul said we should not be surprised by it (1 Thes. 5:4), and d) the Lord promised a crown to all who have longed for His appearing (2 Tim. 4:8).”


Middle East: 

Israel Boasts Cyber Exports Second Only to USA

“Israel in 2013 boasted $3 billion in cyber-related exports, more than all other nations in the world combined outside of the United States.”

Foxman: UN legitimizes anti-Semitism

“In talk at Jerusalem’s Jewish Media Summit, ADL head also warns Western European Jews of a bleak future.”



Vatican partners with Islamic museum for unique exhibition

“The fact that Rome is lending its works for the first time is an act of diplomacy in line with Pope Francis’s current policies. While Pope Benedict XVI had distanced himself from other religions, his successor is pursuing a different policy. In October last year, during a speech for the sponsors of the Ethnological Museum, Pope Francis pointed out the unifying role of culture in religious, social and moral matters.
In the exhibition catalog, the Vatican writes that it will treat the Islamic objects “with the same amount of respect as the Leonardos, Raffaels and Michaelangelos.” Fittingly, the title of the exhibition is “So that you may know each other.” which is actually a verse from the Koran in response to the question of why people are so different.”

While Muslims torture and kill Christians around the world the Pope chooses to ignore this and bring legitimacy to the false teaching that is Islam. 

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