Articles of the Day 7/8/14: #IsraelUnderFire

Iraq Crisis

ISIS Issues a ‘Passport’ for its ‘Caliphate’

Pretty quite actually in this theater.


Israel CrisisAs I write this Muslim rockets are striking Tel Aviv.

Netanyahu: “Prepare for a Ground Operation in Gaza”

“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a meeting today where it was decided to expand Operation Protective Edge in light of Hamas’ recent actions. Netanyahu instructed that the systematic campaign will be long and extensive. A ground operation is also on the table.”

Operation “Protective Edge”:50 targets attacked

“The first day of the operation: IDF is assuming that Hamas rocket fire will continue and will increase in scale, and prepare for an ongoing ground operation. Senior military official: “A substantive preparation is underway”. Following the IDF response Hamas threatens: We will increase the range of the rocket fire.”

Israeli calls up 40,000 reservists to expand Gaza operation

“The IDF called up another 40,000 reservists Tuesday, after Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu ordered the expansion of Operation Solid Rock against the Palestinians’ mounting rocket assaults – 100 by mid-afternoon. This was after Israel carried out dozens of air strikes Monday night, culminating during the day in raids that killed five leading Hamas operatives. Magen David Adom treated nine Israelis for minor injuries in the beleaguered regions.”

Red Alert app offers a Yo! update on missile attacks

“A mobile platform developed by two Israeli volunteers spreads the word on Israeli communities in danger– in real time.”

Report: Casualties in Khan Yunis crowded together to serve as human shields

“Report: The casualties in IDF attack in Khan Yunis were gathered together to serve as human shields.”

Israel intensifies Gaza offensive after surge in rocket fire

“(Reuters) – Israel bombarded dozens of targets in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, stepping up what it said might become a long-term offensive against Islamist Hamas after a surge in Palestinian rocket attacks on Israeli towns.”

Ya’alon: Israel prepared for Gaza campaign which will not end within days

“There is a need for patience,” Defense Minister Ya’alon says of Operation Protective Edge.”

BREAKING: Senior Level Hamas Commander Assassinated

“In a joint operation of the IDF and Shin Bet in Kfar Jabalia, Hamas terrorist Muhammed Shaban was assassinated. The Palestinians report that at least four people were killed and several others were injured.”

US Asks Israel to ‘Show Restraint in Response’

“The United States on Monday night said it supported Israel’s right to defend itself — to an extent.”

So easy it is to say ‘restraint’ when the rockets are not showering on you. 



Gentiles Saved During Daniel’s 70th Week

“Q. I understand that the Jews will rebuild the Temple and continue the sacrifices because they will still not believe their Messiah has come. It will be as it was before the Church Age. But, it is my understanding that there will be many Gentiles becoming believers due to seeing these things take place and becoming true believers in Jesus Christ–without becoming Jews and taking part in sacrifices. Doesn’t the Bible say that there will be people from all over the world, every nation, coming to belief in Christ at that time?

A. The Bible does say there will be multitudes from every nation and ethnic group who become believers during the last seven years before the 2nd Coming. This seven years will be part of the dispensation of law. They will not offer sacrifices but will be required to obey God’s commandments as evidence of their faith in Jesus (Rev. 14:12). Also, Ezekiel 40-46 makes it clear that even after Israel accepts Jesus as their Messiah and receives the New Covenant, animal sacrifices will continue throughout the Millennium. God’s relationship with the Church, built around salvation by grace through faith and nothing else, will never be repeated.”


Middle East 

Syrian troops advance in northern Aleppo

“Forces loyal to President Bashar Assad preparing for siege on rebel-held areas within city, sources say.”

U.S.: Assad’s ‘Machinery of Death’ Worst Since the Nazis

“New evidence of the Assad regime’s mass murder shows a systematic approach to atrocities not seen since the Holocaust, says the State Department’s top war crimes official.”

Ironic the US is criticizing since they elected to do nothing about it. 

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