Articles of the Day 7/11/14: Be Careful What You Wish For

Israel Crisis

Two missiles from Lebanon. Hamas rockets reach Haifa

“From 3:30-6.30 a.m. Hamas rockets pounded the northern Israeli coastal towns from Hadera as far as Haifa, 150 km north of Gaza, for the first time. At 6:15, missiles fired from Lebanon exploded outside Metula, opening a second front. There were no casualties. Our sources report that the two missiles aimed at Haifa were intercepted north of Atlit. An elderly woman collapsed and died as she ran for shelter. Israel’s Gaza operation entered its fourth day as southern border towns continued to take rockets.”

I don’t think this was Hezbollah. Palestinians are known to operate in Lebanon. This has happened before. Hezbollah is likely studying how too circumvent Iron Dome.

Southern Command: “We Are Prepared to Operate in Additional Areas”

“At a press briefing, Major General Sami Turgeman related to Operation Protective Edge and clarified that “IDF forces are prepared and ready to extend the operation.” According to him, in recent days, hundreds of Hamas terror targets were attacked. “When Hamas leaves the tunnels where they hide, they will witness the destruction they brought upon themselves,” he stated.”

IDF preps for ground strike, military source says

“After massing soldiers on border, army said to be about to enter Gaza to tackle more elusive targets.”

Hamas: ground operation is only chance to release Palestinian prisoners

Hamas ‘Hopes’ For an IDF Ground Assault

“Hamas spokesperson releases video statement, says terror group has only used a small portion of its arsenal.”

Be careful what you wish for. If the Israelis go in it has to be all the way. No half measures this time.

Hamas: We will ‘be victorious no matter the number of victims’

“Deputy head of the Hamas political bureau and executive organization in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh, spoke to Palestinian media Friday saying, “We aren’t afraid from the enemy’s threats. The blood of the leaders is no more important than the blood of the children and families.”

Hamas leadership should be prosecuted by the world for crimes against humanity. All the civilian deaths are their responsibility. Why are they not building shelters for civilians instead of forcing them to the the rooftops of buildings housing rockets? Use of human shields is a war crime! The fact the world does not hold them accountable makes the world an accomplice. God will judge the world for its fecklessness. 

‘Hideous Mistake of Disengagement Obvious to All’

“Dean of Sderot Yeshiva tells Arutz Sheva about the strength of the city, and the obvious conclusions of the rocket escalation.”

‘No Country Provides Electricity to the Enemy in Wartime’

“Movement for Governability and Democracy slams fact that legal advisers are blocking tactical move that could save lives.”

Israel allows fuel, aid into Gaza despite fighting

“Amid ongoing rocket fire some, Israel continues to treat over 20 sick Palestinians, allows food, aid into Gaza.”

These are humanitarian gestures by Israel are the right thing to do, unfortunately Muslims perceive this as weakness. 

State Department: Hamas is Responsible for Civilian Casualties

“State Department spokeswoman reminds reporters that Israel is defending itself against endless rocket attacks by Hamas.”

Some reluctant support from the US.

Kidnapped Israelis shot 10 times with silenced gun: U.S. lab

“JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Three Israeli teenagers who were abducted by Palestinians in the occupied West Bank last month were shot at least 10 times with a silenced gun in what appeared to be premeditated killings, a U.S. official involved in the investigation said.”

Almost forgotten is the hideous murder of the 3 Israelis teenagers. 

In current round of fighting, credibility is the name of the game

“There are two options, and both of them are unpleasant. The first option is that Hamas, in its despair, has chosen the Samson option.”

I am so sick of ‘analysts’ coming up with the ‘there are no good options’ mantra. It’s war, of course there are not good options. That is why war is bad. Get over yourself. Would another holocaust be better?

Iran connection: Why are Gaza rockets reaching so deep into Israel?

“A recent United Nations report, still classified, confirms that Iran is implicated in exporting longer-range missiles to the region, such as the M-302 rockets launched from Gaza.”

Iran likes to imagine a world where Israel does not exist. What kind of world would there be if Iran (more specifically the Iranian government) did not exist? Likely more peaceful.

Proposed US bill would offer $5 million for info on teens’ killers

“Legislation seeks to establish reward under State Department program allowing for monetary reward for info leading to arrest of anyone who acts against US persons.”

This is fine but on the whole rather weak support from the US Congress. As weak as it is, it is still better the the US President.

In Gaza, Israel faces new jihadist threats on top of a wounded Hamas

“With the launch of the Israeli army’s Operation Protective Edge in Gaza, much of the public’s attention has appropriately focused on Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist group behind the June 12 abduction and murder of three Jewish teens and more recently the escalation of rocket fire on Israel. But the threats the Jewish state faces from Gaza may not be as clear-cut as they seem.”

Like Syria, Iraq, and many other failed states there are dozens of terrorist groups of like ideology competing to attack Israel. This is why the conflict is happening. Hamas is weak and desperate. To Muslim terrorists it is all about fame and propaganda.

Video Shows ISIS Is Firing Rockets on Israel From Gaza

“Jihadists conquering Iraq and Syria upload clip showing they are launching rockets on Israel; launchers hit by IAF in video.”

Iron Dome game-changer in latest round of fighting

“By shooting down more than 90% of rockets, system ensures decisive edge that helps Israel operate virtually unhindered.”


Iraq Crisis

Future of Oil Hangs on Iraqi Politics

ISIL has added a lucrative new business line in Iraq: oil smuggling

“ISIL, the business-minded Islamic army threatening Baghdad, has established a new flow of revenue since seizing a large swath of Iraq—an estimated $1 million-a-day oil smuggling business.”

Rebel raid reported on Iraqi military base

“Sources say military facility in Diyala province targeted by Sunni fighters as Kurds announce cabinet meetings boycott.”

Iraq Situation Report: July 10, 2014 (Map)

Taliban calls for reconciliation in Syria, avoids mentioning Islamic State’s caliphate

“The Taliban has released a statement calling on rival jihadist factions in Syria to reconcile. The Taliban avoids any mention of the Islamic State, which recently decreed that it now rules as a caliphate, even though the organization is at the center of the jihadists’ infighting.”



Oliver B. Greene on Pre-trib rapture

“The Great Tribulation has nothing to do with the church; the Church will not enter or go through any part of that terrible time. Any preacher or teacher who suggests that the bride of Christ will be subjected to any part of the reign of the Antichrist is definitely wrongly dividing the Word of Truth. God pity the preacher who will accuse Jesus of allowing the Antichrist to reign over His bride-and the Church IS the bride of Christ!

We have the blessed promise, “Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I will also keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell on the earth.” (Revelation 3:10).

In the writings of Paul we are promised. “For God hath not appointed us to WRATH, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ.” (1 Thess. 5:9). The Great Tribulation has to do with the nation of Israel, not with the Church.

If the Church were to enter or go through any part of the tribulation, believers would be commanded to watch for Antichrist, not for THE CHRIST. We would be commanded to watch for the great tribulation, not to wait for God’s Son from heaven. (1 Thess. 1:10).”

God’s Promised Land to Israel and the Jewish People

I have mentioned this on my blog several times but it bears repeating enlight of current events and Mr. King does a splendid job.

“Well, I will respond with this post. He claims that he read the bible over 50 times and never found anywhere that God gave the Jews the land of Israel. Really?! I suppose this makes sense, since a non-believer would be blinded by the truth. There are many, many verses in the bible stating that God gave promised land to Israel, however, I will only list a few. Please check what I have written with the word of God.”



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