Articles of the Day 7/29/14: Between Isolation And Extermination

Israel-Hamas Conflict 2014

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The Underground War on Israel

“During the first two weeks of the Gaza conflict, Hamas landed at least two significant punches. In firing missiles at Ben Gurion Airport, Hamas convinced the Federal Aviation Authority and European air carriers to temporarily suspend flights to Israel. The fact that relatively primitive rockets falling far short of their targets are nonetheless capable of at least briefly severing an advanced Western democracy with a leading tech economy from the rest of the world is a psychological blow. But perhaps the even greater concern for Israeli officials is the revelation of Hamas’s extensive tunnel network.”

The enemy below: Why Hamas tunnels scare Israel so much

“Tunnels are a simple solution to an age-old wartime problem: how to attack a well-defended enemy. In justifying its ongoing offensive in the Gaza Strip, the Israeli government has publicized scenarios of Hamas fighters pouring forth from dozens of “terror tunnels” crossing from Gaza into Israel, ready to launch lightning attacks on kibbutzim or to blow up Israel Defense Forces positions. Such scenarios are powerful because tunnels evoke a peculiar horror — as though the devil himself were emerging from hell to spread torment on Earth.”

How the Media Is Helping Hamas

“We know that Hamas uses human shields. But why would you report this when you are sitting in the middle of the Gaza Strip, surrounded by Hamas gunmen?” — Reporter covering the war, who asked not to be identified.

Besides the human shields story there is another item that the international media choose to ignore: the extrajudicial execution of Palestinian “collaborators” during the last two weeks. The executions were reportedly carried out in the most brutal manner. Hamas has also been shooting suspected “collaborators” in the legs to prevent them from moving around.

It is the media that is helping Hamas get away with war crimes.”

Hamas Has Become a Millionaires’ Club

“Over the past seven years, Hamas’ leadership has pulled in outrageous sums of money thanks to the Israeli blockade of Gaza. Most of the profits were the result of exorbitant taxes on the goods smuggled from Egypt in tunnels running under the Gaza border, or grossly overcharging for subsidized Egyptian fuel.”

Israeli leaders vow to keep up Gaza operation until tunnels destroyed

“Hours after a mortar shell fired from the Gaza Strip killed four soldiers in the Eshkol Region Monday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon and IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz took to the podium with a somber air to warn of a long campaign ahead as the struggle against terrorists in the Gaza Strip continues.”

Hamas rocket fire spreads to Haifa, Ofakim, Caesarea

“Dozens of rockets were fired by Hamas Monday – during the 24 hours for which the Islamists asked for a ceasefire – against a widening radius of targets, starting with Ashkelon, moving on to Kiryat Malachi, Netivot, the Eshkol District and Ashkelon. By evening, Hamas aimed at more distant targets, Haifa, Hadera, Caesarea, Binyamina, Ofakim and Mt. Carmel. Iron Dome intercepted 4 rockets. An apparent attempt to shoot a heavy Iranian Fajr-5 missile at Tel Aviv failed and caused more than 10 casualties, including women and children outside the Shifa hospital in Gaza City.”

Hamas threatening journalists in Gaza who expose abuse of civilians

“Reporters are bullied, have equipment confiscated, barred from sensitive sites… but they don’t report it. ‘They’re too scared,’ says Israeli official, lamenting capitulation to harassment.”

WATCH: Explaining to the World Sirens in Kindergartens

“A documentation published by Leah Mutler, who is a kindergarten teacher in Hod Ha-Sharon, managed to capture the attention of the entire country. In order to show the world the reality faced by Israelis under rocket fire, she published a youtube video showing the siren in the kindergarten. “Our children deserve to live in peace,” Leah told Israel’s Channel 2 News.”

Inside the IDF’s war in Shejaia to save southern Israel

“After countless rocket attacks and the discovery of a series of cross-border tunnels, the southern regions near the frontier have become a war zone.”

Ya’alon: ‘In the next few days’ Hamas will understand that they can’t break the State of Israel

“Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said Monday in a press conference that, “If the leaders of Hamas believe that they will be able to keep up a constant barrage of missiles, rockets and terrorist attacks – they are making a big mistake. If terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip think that they’ll be able to break the State of Israel and our citizens – in the next few days they’ll understand how wrong they are. They’re firing at us and we will hit them hard.”

IDF tells civilians of Jebalya and Zeitun to evacuate

“The Palestinians living in the Jebalya and Zeitun suburbs of Gaza City were advised Monday night by the IDF to move out of their homes and hea west for their own safety.”

Any Gaza truce must lead to Hamas disarmament: Kerry

“Washington (AFP) – US Secretary of State John Kerry Monday said international efforts to agree a truce between Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza must lead to the disarmament of Hamas.”

Kerry says a lot of things and does not mean most of them. It would be believable if the administration was not working so hard to save Hamas.

Poll: Overwhelming Support for IDF Operation, Netanyahu

“Most Israeli Jews are ‘very satisfied’ with the IDF operation in Gaza, Netanyahu’s leadership – but still believe in two-state solution.”

Israelis might believe in a two state solution but the Palestinians do not. 

New sensor aims to distance soldiers, Hamas bombs

“Israeli-developed bomb sensor is up to 1,000 times as sensitive as army’s detector dogs in Gaza, inventors say.”

PM rejects UN ceasefire calls; Ban warns Israel faces isolation

“Netanyahu protests failure to address Israel’s security concerns; UN chief says ‘every refuge in Gaza has become a target’”

Israel is already isolated. The choice appears to be between isolation and extermination. Israel will choose the former. For practical purposes the UN is an enemy of the state of Israel.

UN refuses to apologize for advocating cement used for terror tunnels

Hamas Uses Hospitals and Ambulances for Military Purposes

“Hamas chooses to use these protected areas for military purposes in order to shield itself from IDF strikes – and to draw international condemnation of Israel if the IDF is forced to respond. In Hamas’ world, hospitals are command centers, ambulances are transport vehicles, and medics are human shields. Hamas’ actions in this regard are flagrant violations of international law. Hamas undermines the essential protections that enable the provision of medical services to those in need during wartime, and threatens the security of all who are carrying out legitimate medical services in dangerous conditions.”

What is different in this conflict versus others with Hamas and Hezbollah is that Israel has, for the first time, successfully exposed the war crimes of the enemy.

Hamas’ media strategy is faltering

“During the current round of violence, Hamas again sought to stress the Palestinian tragedy, in a ploy to win the battle in the court of public opinion and in the media. The use of civilians as human shields was promoted under the impression that the more civilians, and preferably children, are killed, the more Israel’s international image would suffer.”

Son of Hamas Founder Tells Truth About Hamas

“In this fascinating interview with CNN, the son of one of the founders of Hamas discusses the terror organization’s tactics and ultimate goals. Now a Christian, Mosab Hassan Yousef details how the group his father helped found aims not only to kill Palestinian civilians but to destroy the Jewish state, as well.”

God can change anybody, even the son of a Hamas founder.

Israel offered medical aid to Gazans, but the PA refused to accept it

“Israel’s Health Ministry offered humanitarian aid worth millions of shekels to the Gaza Strip, but the Palestinian Authority has refused to accept it.”

In This Gaza War, the Truth Is Buried

“Here is one of the more astonishing facts of an already fairly astonishing war: The tunnels that Hamas has dug under Gaza’s border with Israel — tunnels designed not for commerce, but for kidnapping — reportedly contain tranquilizers and handcuffs, seemingly meant to be used by Hamas terrorists to gain physical control over Israelis they’ve seized.”

“This would be insanity. For years, Hamas leaders demanded that Israel allow them to import concrete in order to build homes for Gaza’s poor. We now know where so much of this concrete went — into the tunnels that run under Israel’s border, and into bunkers and bomb shelters for Gaza’s ruling elite. (The civilians of Gaza, the ones exposed to Israel’s bombardments, do not benefit from these exclusive bomb shelters).”


Sunni-Shiite Civil War

Iraq Situation Report: July 28, 2014



Faith In The Rapture?

“Q. Thank you for your insight and study and the willingness to share your time with us. I have a concern/question: I have read your studies on the Rapture and how to be ready when He comes. I believe what you present, but struggle with the teaching of others that say you have to have faith to be taken in the Rapture, just as you have to have faith to be saved, healed, etc. How do I reconcile the two points of view?

A. The faith that saved you was a gift from God. At that moment the Holy Spirit was sealed inside you as a deposit guaranteeing your inheritance (Ephes. 1:13-14). A part of your inheritance is inclusion in the Rapture. There isn’t a single verse in the New Testament that says some born again Christians will be left behind. It doesn’t matter when you believe it will happen, or even if you believe it will happen, if you are a born again believer and alive at the time you’ll go with the Church in the Rapture.

Speaking of that time, Paul said, “After that we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air” (1 Thes. 4:17). He didn’t say “some of us” or “we who are deserving” or “we who have faith” he said we who are alive.”

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