Articles of the Day 8/1/14: Lots Of Soul Searching Going On

Israel-Hamas Conflict 2014

Israel Stops the Fire, Then Is Attacked

“For 72 hours, Hamas and Israel were supposed to hold the fire. Shortly after the truce came into force, there were Red Alarms and reports of clashes. The head of the Eshkol Regional Council is not surprised by the collapse of the ceasefire: “The reality has taught us that after a ceasefire, not only does the fire on the Gaza vicinity increase, but it also backfires.”

White House Condemns ‘Barbaric’ Breach of Truce by Hamas

“US slams breach of Gaza truce in which IDF soldier feared abducted; talks over long-term ceasefire suspended.”

Two soldiers killed in same Hamas attack as feared soldier’s kidnap

“Two soldiers were killed Friday in the same Hamas attack in which the Israeli officer, 1st Lt. Hadar Goldin, is feared to have been abducted. The search continues for the missing officer. Israel has withdrawn from the 72-hour ceasefire over gross Hamas violations.”

Government official: “The response to the officer kidnap will be harsh”

“At this point we can forget about a ceasefire”, an official in the government clarifies that IDF will respond Harshly after 2nd Lt. Hadar Goldin was abducted by Hamas. Ministers in the right wing are furious. Ariel: “Topple Hamas once and for all”. Katz: “It will not be over until Hamas is defeated.”

It is pretty clear by now Hamas simply uses the ceasefires as a tactic to launch attacks against Israel as they let down their guard. In the end though, this will prove to be the undoing  for Hamas. Ironically, Hamas is actually forcing Israel to finish them off.  God is using Hamas to force Israel to reclaim the land and bring Israelis closer to him. Lots of soul searching going on in the hearts and minds of the Israelis right now.

Israeli Girl Living On Gaza Border Tells Her Side Of The Story

“Dana Bar On is a 26 year old Israeli girl who lives on a Kibbutz two kiloemters from the Gaza border. Dana and her family have endured hundreds of Kassam rocket attacks since 2005. In powerful and emotional video she tells her story.”

Israel learning how to prevail in Gaza’s tunnel wars

“The tunnels have proved a major challenge, which the IDF is gradually overcoming. Hamas’s rockets largely failed, and the IDF proved prepared to fire back at every launch, even from populated areas. Hezbollah will be watching and learning.”

A senior officer in the Gaza Division: “Hamas has been preparing for the “July war” for a year”

“The military source also addressed the difficult event , during which three soldiers were killed in a structure in Khan Younis: “The UNRWA clinic was rigged with 12 explosive barrels. each containing about 80 kilograms of explosives.” According to the source, the IDF “pushed Hamas back four or five years in terms of damage to the infrastructure” and estimated that “Hamas’s main goal was to kidnap a soldier”

Clueless in Gaza

“Lifting the blockade would mean a flood of arms, rockets, missile parts and other implements of terror for Hamas. What is an American secretary of state doing asserting that Hamas cannot cease fire unless it gets that?”

Hamas Uses Holy Places in Gaza as Terrorist Facilities


“Hamas routinely treats the civilian buildings of Gaza as its private terrorist compounds. It fires rockets at Israel from schools and hospitals, and uses mosques as command centers and to store weapons and hide infiltration tunnels.”

Preach terror, store weapons of terror. Yep that sounds like a mosque.

The UN must end its anti-Israel campaign

“The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) announced that it is launching an “independent” inquiry into Israel’s ‘purported violations of international humanitarian and human rights laws’ in Hamas-controlled areas of Gaza, East Jerusalem and surrounding areas. In other words: the UN is now investigating Israel’s right to defend itself. The Council has shown no intention of investigating Hamas.

Qatar, and other American “allies”, are among the villains in Gaza

“American allies, especially Qatar and Turkey, have been providing material support to Hamas, which the United States has listed as a foreign terrorist organization. This support includes financial, diplomatic, media and even the provision of weapons that deliberately target Israeli civilians from behind Palestinian civilians who are used as human shields. It also includes harboring war criminals, especially leaders of Hamas, who direct their followers from the safety of Doha. Without the support of Qatar and Turkey, Hamas would never have started this bloody war that has caused so much human suffering.”

This conflict would probably end quickly if the US put pressure on these countries but the US seems reluctant too. Why?

Ministry orders always-on cellphone service to save Israeli lives

“In the middle of the desert, at the top of a mountain, or almost anywhere else, Israelis will no longer experience dropped cellphone calls.”



Interfaith house of prayer to be built in Berlin

“BERLIN (AP) — A rabbi, an imam and a priest start praying together under the same roof. It may sound like the start of a joke, but hopes are high it will become reality in Berlin.”

Be wary of attempts at merging religions. Islam seeks to dominate all. Jesus Christ cannot be denied though Islam will try.

The mass majority of Israeli Jews want a Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem

“The mass majority of Israeli Jews want a Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. A recent survey in Israel reveals the desire of the Jewish people both the religious and secular Jews who want a Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.”

Watch Out For False Messiahs

“Q. I have a question regarding Mt 24:5 “For many shall come in My Name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many”. This verse is often quoted to describe cult leaders misleading their flock. The text itself however seems to be saying that those doing the deceiving aren’t coming in their own name but His and aren’t saying they themselves are the Christ but Him. What exactly is this verse saying then?

A. In your rendering of Matt. 24:5 you’ve left out some important punctuation. Here’s how the verse should appear. “For many shall come in My Name, saying, ‘I am Christ’ and shall deceive many”. The fact that the phrase ‘I am Christ’ is enclosed in quotation marks means those who say they’ve come in the Lord’s name are also claiming to be the Lord. Many cult leaders have said they’ve come in the Lord’s name, when actually they’ve come in their own name (Matt. 7:21-23). The ultimate example will be the anti-Christ ( John 5:43). In this verse Jesus warning the people who will be on earth during the end times to watch out for false messiahs.”

Will The New Jerusalem Land On Earth?

“Q. Is there anywhere in the Word that says the New Jerusalem will not descend to the earth because of its size?

A. In Rev. 21:2 and Rev, 21:10 John tells of seeing the New Jerusalem coming down out of heaven, but there’s never a verse that tells of it landing anyplace on Earth. Then in Rev. 21:16 we see that it is nearly 1.400 miles in length and width and as high as it is long. That makes it much bigger than Israel, as big as western Europe, and nearly half as big as the USA. At 1400 miles tall, it would extend into space well beyond the upper atmosphere and be 4,000 times as tall as the world’s next tallest building.

If it was circular in shape the New Jerusalem would be 2/3rds the size of the moon. And for me the clincher is in Rev. 21:24 which says the nations will walk by its light. Since Earth will get its light from the New Jerusalem, it has to be detached from Earth or else one side of the planet would always be dark. (Remember, in Matt. 24:29 Jesus said the sun and moon would not give their light after the end of the Great Tribulation.) Put this all together and I think that although the Bible doesn’t specifically say so, it’s logical to conclude that the New Jerusalem will not land on Earth.”



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