Articles of the Day 8/6/14: ‘missed opportunity’

Israel-Hamas Conflict 2014

Gantz: “We will reach Hamas leaders when we wish to”

“Gantz referred to the fear which Gaza Envelope residents have expressed to return to their homes, because of the tunnel threat, which its dimensions were exposed during the war. “I am convinced that the Gaza Envelope population can return to their homes, open the fields and come back to live a quality life here”, Gantz said. IDF are not going anywhere. They are here to protect, they are deployed and awaiting the next challenge”.

Israel has a unique problem compared to previous rounds. Internal refugees. Many people that lived near the border with Gaza left their homes for fear of rocket and tunnel attacks. They are afraid to go back because Hamas leadership was left intact, for whatever reason. Huge mistake by the political leaders. Hamas did not win, but the “mowing the grass’ mentality in Israel is preventing the Israeli people from feeling completely secure. 

Liberman: Don’t cooperate with Gaza fact-finding mission

“After holding consultations with senior Foreign Ministry officials, as well as the ministry’s director-general, Liberman said a decision was made to not cooperate with any committee probing the IDF’s conduct during the 29-day Operation Protective Edge, should such a committee be set up by the international community.”

This is how the world will retaliate against Israel. UN led investigations against the IDF hoping to bring IDF leaders to world court for trial. No such investigation for Hamas leadership who started the fighting and whose war crimes are well documented but ignored by the UN.

IDF: Southern residents can return home

“Military forces withdraw from Gaza after ‘all known tunnels’ demolished, but sources say Hamas still has 2-3 tunnels into Israel.”

The Israeli government wants people to return home but they have no guarantee of safety. Hamas will simply rebuild and come back stronger. I don’t blame them for not wanting to return to the border. This could turn into a major political issue for Israeli political leaders.

IDF troops coming out of Gaza: We could’ve done more

“As they await further instructions, soldiers on the Gaza border say the fighting is not done until residents of the south can sleep peacefully.”

Clearly the IDF feels like there was a ‘missed opportunity’ here.

Analysis: Hamas – A cruel and cynical enemy

“Stories file in from the battlefield on the use of playgrounds, schools and family homes as bases to wage war in Gaza.”

A Stronger Israel? 

“In postmodern wars, we are told, there is no victory, no defeat, no aggressors, no defenders, just a tragedy of conflicting agendas. But in such a mindless and amoral landscape, Israel in fact is on its way to emerging in a far better position after the Gaza war than before.”

I am not sure I agree with Mr Hanson on this  but he is always a good read.

In Gaza, there is no such thing as ‘innocent civilians’

“Op-ed: Fighting an enemy state with one hand while supplying food and energy to its residents with the other hand is absurd.”

It is absurd but it is justified. The reality is, if Israel did not do this the US would not be providing their rather weak support for Israel. Obama could veto every spending bill for Iron Dome. 



There is a growing number of prophecy teachers that do not believe that the Bible is the final authority for future events

“Recently at Pike’s Peak in Colorado there was a prophecy conference that used a new approach to teaching Bible prophecy. Our broadcast partner David James explains the term which refers to the new approach, the term “Post-modern prophetic paradigm”.”

The Bible is the final authority on all prophecy. Test your teachers.

Why Warn Us If We Won’t Be Here?

“Q. The church being gone, does not mean there will be no tribulation for Christians. The church being gone means that in order for the anti-christ to rule, the church must be gone, and Christ proven FALSE. The AntiChrist will perform miracles, die and raise up, just as Christ, and because of this people will believe in this new “Religion” of the AntiChrist. And if there was going to be a PRE rapture, why does Christ consistently warn us not take the mark of the beast?

A. You’re correct. The Church being gone only means there will be no tribulation for the Church. Beginning in chapter 6, the Book of Revelation is a description of the 70th Week of Daniel. During that time there will be terrible judgments, including the Great Tribulation. There will also be many converts to Christianity, but none of them will belong to the Church. The warning not to take the mark of the beast comes in Rev. 14:9-11, just after the beginning of the Great Tribulation and is for these post Church believers, not for the Church. Jesus never mentioned anything about taking the mark.”

Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38 Wars

“The tension in the Middle East has never been higher than it is today. Wars rage and terror escalates daily. Evil permeates the landscape, lies and delusions fill the air. The hatred and evil against the nation of Israel is almost overwhelming. Nations and Kingdoms threaten to wipe Israel off the face of the map. Islamic militants are growing in numbers and in strength. The numbers of deaths and casualties seems insurmountable as these groups continue their heinous rampage throughout the Middle East.

How much longer can this go on without coming to an explosive head? What must happen before the evil and violence de-escalates? Could we be headed for a biblical prophetic war in the Middle East? A war against the nation of Israel. It seems to me that we could see the prophetic war spoken of in Psalm 83 at any time now. The chaos, confusion, and terror is already in place. The countries spoken of are all in arms and ready to strike. The hatred towards Israel from its surrounding countries is at an all time high.”

I don’t know if it is soon. Look at the Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan. These are major Psalm 83 players. They are not openly friendly with Israel but there are forces making them work with Israel. Especially Egypt. Egypt has been more on ally to Israel the an enemy. That could change.

There are three different axis competing to war with Israel.  The Iran axis which is Shiite based. The Saudi Arabia axis Sunni based. And the Muslim brotherhood axis led by Qatar and Turkey also Sunni based. These three blocks hate each other and right now they are fighting each other and not focused on Israel. If we were to see an alliance in these blocks then we might be close but right now I don’t see it.

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ: A Two-Staged Return

“In this “The Truth Will Set You Free” episode, we discuss the amazing events surrounding the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. The first half of the discussion is in English, while the second half is translated into Spanish.”

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