Articles of the Day 8/20/14: A Source Of Much Evil

Israel-Hamas Conflict 2014

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Gaza Rockets Damage Cars and Buildings in Southern Israel

“Direct hit on home as rockets since ceasefire breach edge towards 100; volley on Eshkol region leaves damage, civilian suffering shock.”

Gaza Missiles Hit Shopping Mall, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

“Palestinian terrorists operating out of the Gaza Strip on Tuesday broke a days-long ceasefire and resumed full-scale rocket fire on southern and central Israel. By Wednesday morning, over 50 missiles had been fired at Israeli population centers. One scored a direct hit on a shopping mall in the port city of Ashkelon. Another was intercepted over Jerusalem, and at least one missile landed in an open urban area in Tel Aviv.”

Hamas Confirms: Mohammed Deif is Still Alive

“Spokesperson confirms terror chief survived assassination attempt, issues chilling warning to residents of southern Israel.”

Israel Confirms Air Strike Targeted Hamas Military Chief

“Diplomatic source confirms IDF attempted to eliminate Mohammed Deif, five bunker-busters reportedly used; Sa’ar: ‘Deif just like Bin Laden.'”

Killed During the Attacks: Mohammed Deif’s Wife and Daughter

“After Hamas senior official Abu Marzouk revealed tonight that the reason for the massive rocket attacks was an assassination attempt on the life of the organization’s military wing chief, Mohammed Deif, Palestinians claim: those killed in the attack were Deif’s wife and daughter. During the night: dozen more attacks of the IDF in Gaza.”

Direction of Israel-Hamas war hinges on fate of Muhammad Deif

“If Gaza terror chief was killed on Tuesday night, Hamas will feel obligated to escalate the fighting; if not, we may yet see a return to the Cairo talks.”

Is it Israel vs Hamas, or Egypt vs Qatar?

“A senior member of the ruling Palestinian faction Fatah told the pan-Arabic newspaper Al-Hayat that Qatar had coerced Hamas into resuming the war so that the Gulf state could “teach a lesson” to its rivals in the Egyptian regime.”

Qatar ‘threatened to expel Mashaal’ if he agreed to Egypt deal

“Palestinian negotiator tells Arabic daily that Doha threatened to deport Hamas chief if he accepted the terms of Cairo’s ceasefire proposal.”

Like Iran, Qatar is proving to be a source of much evil. Some say they are also the ones funding IS.

Conflicting worldviews mean Hamas war tests Israel-US ties, again

“Relations have seen their ups and downs, but what’s different this time is the wide gap between how Obama and Netanyahu see the world.”

Turkey Evacuates Second Batch of Gaza Wounded

“Israel flies 17 wounded Gazans and 17 escorts to Turkey for medical treatment, despite Turkey’s connections with Hamas.”

Israelis Angry With Netanyahu Over Gaza Ceasefires

“Polls over the past two weeks have consistently shown broad public support for continuing the war against the Gaza terrorist infrastructure until Hamas is so badly beaten that it can no longer militarily threaten Israel. But feeling the pressure from America and the international community, Netanyahu has been quick, too quick in the minds of most, to accept each and every ceasefire request presented by the UN, Egypt and even Hamas itself.”

Liberman Fires: ‘Even Far-Leftists Would Topple Hamas’

“Foreign minister echoes growing criticism of PM allowing Hamas to ‘take the initiative’, calls for decisive action ahead of Cabinet meeting.”

Danon: Netanyahu’s Policy Brought ‘Humiliation’ on Israel

“‘Quiet met by quiet’ led to continued rockets on Israel, says Danon, calling to ‘topple Hamas’ before deterrence completely eroded.”

Has the West Made the next Gaza War Inevitable?

“It is heart breaking. But he is wrong to blame Israel, especially in such injudicious terms. He, and many others in positions of power and influence, do a terrible disservice to humanity, to the cause of international peace and security, and to the Palestinian people (not to mention the Israeli people), by not stating unequivocally what they know to be the truth: that overwhelming responsibility for the mayhem in Gaza rests with Hamas (a part of the Palestinian national unity government).”

Why Hamas leaders are blind to Israel’s real strength

“One key reason is that Hamas’s leaders have grossly underestimated the resilience of the Jewish state, assuming Israeli morale would collapse under prolonged rocket fire on our cities and mounting casualties in Gaza. Hamas’s leaders did not expect Israel to react to the kidnapping of three teenage boys by arresting hundreds of terrorists throughout the West Bank, nor did they anticipate such a strong military response to the indiscriminate rocket and mortar fire they unleashed following those arrests.”

I pretty much disagree with just about everything in this article. The reason Hamas is blind to Israeli strength is because Israel fails to use it’s strength. The Israeli government is still reluctant too destroy Hamas for good despite overwhelming public support to do so. The frequent agreement to ceasefires is evidence of this. There have even been reports of Israel caving to unreasonable Hamas demands. I would say Hamas strategy of using world opinion against Israel is working. The world is corrupt and lends itself to the desire of evil like Hamas. 


Sunni-Shiite Civil War

ISIS booby traps Mosul Dam, which could unleash 18-metre-high wall of water on Iraq’s second largest city

“The American-backed offensive to recapture Iraq’s biggest dam stalled Monday, as fighters from the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham rigged part of the area with booby traps and remotely triggered bombs.”

Islamic State strikes major airbase in east Syria

“In push to seize last Assad-held position in Raqqa province, terrorists tighten their siege of sprawling facility.”

Iraq Daily: US Considers Expanding Airstrikes Into Anbar Province in West

“A day after President Obama acknowledged that US military operations have moved beyond humanitarian assistance to support of a counter-offensive against the Islamic State, the Pentagon has pushed for airstrikes to be carried out in the west of Iraq as well as the north.”

Islamic State Beheads Missing American Journalist

“Islamic State releases a video showing the beheading of American journalist James Foley, who disappeared in 2012 in Syria.”

Iraq Situation Report: August 18-19, 2014

Control of Terrain in Iraq: August 19, 2014

Islamic State repels Iraqi military’s 3rd attempt to retake Tikrit

“One day after suffering a defeat at the Mosul dam by the Peshmerga and US and Iraqi forces, the Islamic State and its allies beat back an Iraqi Army assault that was designed to retake control of the central city of Tikrit. The Islamic State and its allies have now repelled three Iraqi military attempts to regain Tikrit, the capital of Salahaddin province, which has been out of government control for more than two months.”

Hezbollah kills Islamic State leader in Qalamoun

“IS leader Abu Abdullah al-Iraqi, killed near the Syria-Lebanon border, was reportedly in charge of preparing suicide attacks.”

Why Is the Islamic State Behaving This Way?

“The Islamic State is turning into a huge public relations problem for groups like the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and its allies. For years they have insisted that Islam is a religion of peace that has nothing whatsoever to do with the terrorism committed with alarming regularity in its name, and that the people responsible for linking Islam with terrorism were not Islamic jihad terrorists, but “Islamophobic” opponents of jihad terror. But then comes along a group calling itself The Islamic State, committing unimaginable atrocities and presenting each one as an authentic embodiment of Islamic texts and teachings, and the deception campaign at which CAIR officials have labored so assiduously for so many years, and with such great success, is in danger of crashing around their uneasy necks.”



Who Is The Church?

“Q. Who is the Church? What church or group of people will be raptured? Some churches claim that they are the true church and that they are the one’s who are going to be raptured, and they use the reference in Revelation 3:10. Why is it so important to join a church? Most of them are not righteous. I don’t think God’s church is in one or two locations. I think the church is scattered all over the world consisting of righteous people who believe in Jesus Christ and know that he will come soon. What does the Bible say about my opinion of these issues?

A. As long as you believe that our righteousness comes by faith (Romans 3:21-24), your thinking is right in line with the Bible. The one true church is the body of born-again believers from every nationality and every race who believe Jesus died for their sins and rose again (1 Cor. 15:1-4), and have invited Him into their hearts. That’s the group who will be raptured. As someone once said, you can’t join the Church, you have to be born into it. As for joining a local congregation, it’s not necessary but it can be a blessing. It’s good way to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (2 Peter 3:18), and enjoy the fellowship of other believers.”

Less than ten percent of all born again Christians have a Biblical world view

“George Barna, a pollster with an independent marketing research company, found in a recent survey that only 4% of the overall population of America and 9% of born-again Christians have a biblical world view, suggesting that many of the nation’s moral and spiritual challenges are directly attributable to this fact.”

“A biblical world view based upon understanding Bible prophecy is essential for an understanding of the times we live in today.”

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