Articles of the Day 8/25/14: The Only Discernible Difference

Israel-Hamas Conflict 2014

4-Year-Old Israeli Boy, Daniel Tregerman, Killed by Mortar Fired From Near UNRWA School in Gaza

“Daniel Tregerman, a 4-year-old boy was killed in a Gaza mortar attack on Israel late on Friday afternoon as he played in the living room of his family home, local media reported.”

UNICEF Gaza Chief Ignores Israeli Children

“It seems that some children are more equal than others at UNICEF press conference, which omits effects of rockets on Israeli children.”

570 Rockets Fired on Israel in 5 Days

“Foreign Ministry report reveals full extent of resumed rocket fire; nearly half of rockets fired shot from civilian areas.”

Official: 70% of Hamas’s Arsenal Decimated

“Suffering heavy blows to its military capabilities, Hamas is stepping up its rhetoric – and its executions of dissidents, IDF officer says.”

I think it is more accurate to say Hamas has used up 70% of their rocket inventory. Israeli bombing has had no real effect on reducing rockets fired from Gaza. 

Top Reporter: Leadership Isn’t Seeking Victory

“Channel 2 parliamentary reporter says Israel’s security leadership, including Netanyahu, just doesn’t want to go all the way in Gaza.”

Israeli government looking pretty helpless against the rocket and mortar attacks. They don’t wan’t to go into Gaza, topple Hamas, then have to deal with an insurgency for several years along with a hostile population. I understand that, but is dealing with constant rocket, tunnel and mortar attacks that much better of a situation?

Report: IDF Eliminates Hamas Money Man (WARNING: link contains graphic picture)

“Initial reports are coming out from Gaza that an IDF strike in Northern Gaza on Sunday took out Mohammed Talat al-Ghoul, who was allegedly the money man for Hamas and responsible for all Hamas money transfers.”

Is the UN responsible for war crimes?

“Welcome to UNRWA, the relief agency for Palestinian refugees: Rockets were fired from its facilities, rockets have been stored in its schools, and a tunnel was dug from one of its booby-trapped clinics • U.S. senators are demanding an investigation.”

Still waiting on that UN investigation into Hamas war crimes. Innocent Israeli blood has been shed and the UN is complicit by not condemning and investigating it. The hypocrisy of the UN is seen by God and we who believe are not fooled.

Hamas executes 18 suspected collaborators with Israel in Gaza

“Witnesses say several Gazans executed by Hamas in public square.”

These 18 will be counted among the dead ‘civilians’ killed in Israeli bombings. The UN will not question it and simply accept it as fact.

Alert Father Saves 30 Kindergarten Children During Rocket Attacks, Sustains Injuries

“Some 30 Israel children at Kibbutz Nir Oz avoided disaster Thursday morning as Palestinian terrorists in Gaza fired no less than 11 mortar shells into their village. A father of one of the children, Jan Berman, was wounded in the attack, as he shepherded the kids to safety.”

The Israeli’s protect children while the Palestinians offer them up as human shield sacrifice. Who is right and who is wrong in this conflict?

Residents of South outrage: “The country is exhausting us”

“The death of Daniel Tregerman is a painful reminder for the residents of the region of the dangers from Gaza.”

More southern Israeli dwellers head north away from rocket fire

“A steady stream of Israelis living next door to the Gaza Strip continued packing their bags and heading north Saturday, the day after rising casualties from the non-ending Palestinian rocket and mortar barrage on their homes. The death of a four-year old boy by falling mortar shrapnel deepened the general despondence and uncertainty. Community leaders were deeply disgruntled with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s vow that Hamas would be made “to pay very dearly”for his death – dismissing it as “amorphous.” Israel has the tools for ending the agony, they charge, and is not using them.
A protest encampment struck opposite the prime minister’s office in Jerusalem is filling up with angry citizens, as each day goes by with around 100 Palestinian rockets and mortar strikes aimed at the Israeli populace. Israeli air strikes have no discernible effect on checking these attacks.”

Abbas promises ‘surprise initiative’ to resolve conflict with Israel

“PA president says US will not approve of his new plan, jokes that it’s not declaring war on Israel.”

Abbas desperate to reclaim the headlines. So irrelevant these days.

Battered Hamas more determined than ever to kill Israelis

“The Islamists are in hysteria over Israel’s success in targeting its terror chiefs, but they will not surrender, no matter how much more harm this brings to Gaza.”

Netanyahu, Sissi said to speak frequently and at length

“Israeli and Egyptian leaders working closely to bring an end to the Gaza conflict.”

This could be nothing but it could also be coordination for Israeli full take over of Gaza. Perhaps even a combined ops operation? This level of cooperation would seem to negate Psalm 83…at least for now.

Rocket Fire Also from Lebanon and Syria

“While the fighting in Gaza continues, two rockets fired from Lebanon landed near a house in the western Galilee. The IDF returned the fire over the border. Later, a barrage of rockets was fired on Ramat Ha-Golan. Five rockets landed in open areas.”

Likely Hamas operatives in Lebanon with the task of sparking a Hezbollah-Israel clash in the north. Israel and Hezbollah are not going to fall for that. Neither wants to fight right now. 

Hamas Leader Objects: Don’t Compare us to ISIS

“Khaled Meshaal objects to Netanyahu’s comparison between Hamas and Islamic State, says Hamas ‘isn’t a violent religious group.'”

If Meshaal says we should not compare the two then we definitely should compare the two. The only discernible difference I can see is the method of execution.


Sunni-Shiite Civil War

Qatar Rejects Claims it Supports Islamic State

“Qatar does not support extremist groups, including ISIS,” says Qatar’s Foreign Minister following suggestions otherwise.”

The trick they use is that wealthy Qatari citizens donate to ‘charity’ which is then funneled to the terrorists groups. BTW Qatar openly funds and support Hamas. Why would they not fund IS. Someone is funding them? Qatari government may deny it but they don’t stop their citizens from ‘donating’ to terror.

Is ISIS Heading for Turkey after Iraq and Syria?

“The Guardian reported that ISIS took over the northwestern region of Syria, very close to the Turkish border. The goal is to permit the entrance of many fighters to Syria via the border crossing. Local residents near the Turkish border reported: “We see ISIS fighters in our homes.”

I think Turkey is one of the covert supporters of IS. They are trying to control the Turkish border so that arms and supplies can more freely flow to IS from Turkey. IS is going after the other terrorists in the area not necessarily Turkey. 

Iraq Situation Report: August 23-24, 2014

IS captures key Syrian Tabqa air base. Hundreds killed in battle 

“Two weeks of fierce fighting ended Sunday with an Islamist siege force breaking through into the strategic Tabqa airbase southwest of their northern stronghold of Raqqa. Hundreds of the 1,000 Syrian soldiers trapped there were killed. This is IS’s second major victory after conquering Iraq’s second city of Mosul in early July.”

Iran Daily, August 24: Did Tehran Send 100s of Troops & Tanks Into Iraq on Friday?

“Security sources” have said that hundreds of Iranian soldiers entered eastern Iraq on Friday to help Kurdish forces retake a town held by the Islamic State.”

I am skeptical about this report. Iran and the Kurds hate each other. Iran might help the Shia but not the Kurds. 

Taking the US fight against IS into Syria would consolidate Assad and his Iranian-Hizballah allies

“British and German intelligence sources reported Saturday, Aug. 23, that US intelligence aid to the Assad regime, channeled through German BND intelligence, had enabled the Syrian air force to more precisely target al Qaeda units. These reports tie in with proliferating accounts from Washington that President Barack Obama is on the point of a decision to extend military strikes into Syria for targeting the Islamic State’s terrorist base. He has been warned by some top US generals that IS poses a threat to the United States and cannot be seriously engaged without dealing with the group’s Syrian stronghold. “We’re not going to be restricted by borders,” said Ben Rhodes, Obama’s deputy national security adviser, in a comment Thursday.”

I think IS is the worse evil at this point and they have to be delt a blow in Syria. Yes this would help Syria and Hizballah in the short term but they can be taken care of later. 



Isaiah And The Rapture

“Q. I am currently reading through Isaiah. One chapter/verse has stuck with me, and I need some insight. Do you think that Isa 26:20-21 is speaking prophetically about the Church, or is he speaking to the remnant of Israel that will be supernaturally protected in Petra during the Great Trib? I read the NIV, and it uses the word “rooms”. Upon reading Isaiah’s statement, I immediately thought of John 14:2, where the NIV also uses the word “rooms”, and I understand its a more literal translation of Jesus’ statement, as opposed to Mansions in the KJV. Could it simply be a coincidence, and Isaiah is really just speaking to Israel?

A. Isaiah 26:19-21 are meant to be taken together. In verse 19 the subject is the resurrection, and because of the similarity to John 14:2-3 it makes sense to assume that verse 20 is speaking of the Rapture, which comes immediately after. In the narrative, both verses precede the wrath of God, which only applies to the Church. Most scholars place the resurrection of Israel’s dead at the end of the Great Tribulation based on Daniel 12:1-2. Finally, if Isaiah was referring to the Jews in Petra during the end tines, he would have reversed the order since living Jews are told to flee into the mountains first, then the dead are raised later.

I believe Isaiah 26:19-21 is the passage Paul was referring to when he opened the rapture passage in 1 Thes. 4 by saying “according to the Lord’s own word.” (1 Thes. 4:15) The Lord never clearly mentioned the rapture in the New Testament. In my study “Defending The Pre Trib Rapture” I did a verse by verse comparison of Isaiah 26;19-21 with 1 Thes. 4:16-17 and 1 Thes. 5:9. The similarities are striking.”

How Can We Expect To Be Taken?

“Q. I am a born again, Bible believing Christian and I also believe in a pre-trib rapture. But I must admit that lately I have been feeling so guilty asking for my family and I to be found worthy to be taken in the rapture considering the ongoing slaughter of my Christian brothers and sisters in the middle east. I feel so helpless about not giving them anything other than prayer (which is the most important thing I could do). I live in the US and I feel that all of us here in America take for granted the freedom, safety and blessings that the Lord has given us. I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around the thought that Christians in America can live a blessed life without any fear of losing our lives for our faith, not having to endure the hardship that our brothers and sisters in Christ are going thru in the middle East and then be taken in the rapture. Why should we expect to not go thru what they are going thru – isn’t that having our cake and eating it too?

A. I agree with everything you say about the vast majority of Western Christians, especially those in the US. And like you, my heart breaks and my prayers go out for those who are suffering and dying for their faith every day. But remember, despite what you may have heard, there is only one qualification that can make us worthy to be taken in the rapture. That’s to believe Jesus died for our sins and rose again, or in other words to be born again. Those who are suffering and dying for their faith will receive a special crown at the Bema judgment, directly from the Lord Himself. It’s called the Crown of Life and is promised in James 1:12 and Rev. 2:10. But when the rapture comes, every born again believer will be taken.”


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