Articles of the Day 8/27/14: Beginning Of The End Of Netanyahu

Israel-Hamas Conflict 2014

Gaza Ceasefire: What Did Israel Agree to?

“What will Israel get from all of this? The one major Israeli demand has been a demilitarization of Gaza, which has emerged as a terror haven since Israel’s withdrawal in 2005. Apparently Israel has linked the lifting of the Gaza blockade and reconstructing the area with the disarmament of the terror groups.

The Palestinian delegation flatly refused this lone demand.”

So after 54 days in shelters, almost 100 dead and many more wounded what did Israel gain from all of this? Do Israeli’s feel more secure? No they do not. This is the beginning of the end of Netanyahu.

Senior Journalist: Hamas Gained a ‘Huge Achievement’

“Military analyst Roni Daniel says ceasefire a huge boost for Hamas, which ‘dictated our lives for 50 days and stood firm against IDF.'”

No doubt Hamas will deceive themselves into thinking they gained something. If not confidence for the next round. 

Toll of Ashkelon injured from new Hamas rocket rises to 70 

“Direct Hamas hit Tuesday to an Ashkelon home with a new weapon left 70 people injured, 29 seriously. The 345mm missile with an extra-large warhead was not known to be present in the Hamas arsenal. It was used for the first time on the 50th day of the Gaza conflict to cause the largest number of Israeli casualties of any single rocket so far and the greatest damage. Two neighboring houses were completely leveled and dozens of buildings within a wide radius damaged. The IDF is investigating the provenance of the deadly new rocket.”

Expect to see more of these in the next round.

Cabinet Was Split Over Ceasefire – But Netanyahu Accepted Anyway

“Ministers from Jewish Home, Yisrael Beytenu and even Likud opposed truce – but PM circumvented cabinet vote on a legal technicality.”

Gaza Belt Community Leaders Tell Residents Not to Return

“‘Maybe in Jerusalem there’s a ceasefire, not here,’ says head of Eshkol council; Ashkelon mayor calls ceasefire ‘submission to terror.'”

Hamas: Daf decided to initiate the ceasefire

“According to Hamas, the head of the military wing, that Israel tried to kill, is alive and well, and he was the one who made the decision to cease fire. Hamas senior A-Zahar came out of the bunker and said, “we will build a port and an airport.” Jihad leader: “We will liberate Palestine”

The only reason there is a cease fire now that is holding is because Hamas has nearly run out of rockets. Once they get re-supplied by Iran, Qatar, and Turkey they will initiate another round. Israel missed a great opportunity here to get rid of Hamas once and for all. Now Hamas will go back and learn from their mistakes. In the next round there leaders will flee to friendly nations and operate the fighting from oversees. This is nothing more then a pause and everyone knows it.

Silence is not security!

“One of the jobs and missions of any legitimate government is to maintain a level of security for all of its citizens. The goal is NOT to put a pause (no matter how short or how long) between missiles being shot. The goal is not to play a game of cat-and-mouse and waiting for the next time they choose to strike. The goal of a government is to instill a TRUE sense of security and peace.”

Hamas Official: We’ll Build Our Seaport without Permission

“Senior Hamas official Mahmoud Al-Zahar declares that the group will build a seaport and airport in Gaza, even without permission.”

Saving face since they did not get this concession, but if they are serious would Israel  prevent it…..even destroy it?

50 Days of Operation Protective Edge: 842 Israeli Casualties

“Magen David Adom paramedics praised for professional, life-saving work under difficult conditions.”

Intelligence Report: Terrorists Killed by IDF Listed as Child Casualties

“An Israeli military intelligence report reveals that terrorists killed by the IDF in Gaza during Operation Protective Edge were subsequently given fake identities to disguise the fact that they were armed grown men.”

‘Hamas fires at ill Gazans as they try to leave Strip for treatment’

“For Palestinians from Gaza wounded by bombings or children with cancer, reaching Israel for medical care via the Erez Crossing is often the only chance they have – but this does not stop Hamas from firing at it.”

Qatar says it’s ready to rebuild Gaza Strip

“Doha praises ‘resistance and sacrifices’ of Palestinians.”

In other words, they will re-arm and re-equip Hamas for the next round of fighting. Qatar quickly becoming the glue that holds all terrorists groups together. 

Nearly all Palestinians favor Gaza rockets against Israel 

“A poll conducted by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion found 88.9% supporting the firing of rockets from Gaza at Israel and 75.4% who believe that “Palestinian Resistance” deterrence has consequently increased. Dr Nabil Kukalil, who conducted the poll Aug. 14-19, found 54% satisfied with the performance of Mahmoud Abbas, 64.7% giving d UN Secretary Ban Ki-Moon’s performance a “negative” rating, and 61.2% opposed to the deployment of a UN multi-national force in the Gaza Strip.”

Wow, yeah peace not happening soon with the Palestinians. I wonder why they don’t like Ki-Moon though? 


Sunni-Shiite Civil War

Iraq Situation Report: August 26, 2014

Obama Authorizes Islamic State Recon Flights in Syria

“US makes apparent prelude move to airstrikes, but has no intention of getting Assad’s permission to operate in Syria.”

I am shocked they are not already doing this.

Iran becomes first country to arm Kurds

“Leader Barazani holds press conference with Zarif, who vows to send weapons — but not soldiers — to Iraq.”

Iran must really be scared of IS. It was not that long ago (perhaps a year) that Iran was shelling these same Kurds.

Iran, the Islamic State, and the Rise of Islamic Extremism

“Iranian influence in Iraq is creating the conditions for ISIS to thrive.”

Syria Daily: Assad Regime Faces Defeat on 2 Fronts — In North & In Center

“In the north, the Islamic State is consolidating its control of the Tabqa airbase, the last regime position in Raqqa Province. The complex suddenly fell to the jihadists after a week-long assault, threatening to isolate the Syrian military to the east in Deir Ez Zor and Hasakah Provinces and to expose regime positions in Aleppo Province in the northwest to attack.”

Syria Analysis: The Assad Regime Is In Serious Trouble Near Hama

“In the past month, the opposition has moved within a few kilometers of Hama Military Airport and Hama city, Syria’s fourth-largest. Well-placed sources reported on Tuesday that the regime is facing more difficulty because of the failure of counter-attacks.”



The Israeli-made Hermes 450 drone downed by Iran over Natanz took off from Azerbaijan

“The Israeli Hermes 450 drone downed Aug. 23 over the uranium enrichment facility in central Iran took off from Azerbaijan’s Nakhchivan Airbase, DEBKAfile’s military and Iranian sources report. Tests by Iranian aviation experts and intelligence personnel indicated that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Commanders who originally attributed the takeoff to Saudi Arabia spoke too soon. The Azerbaijani canton of Nakhchivan, bordering Iran, Armenia, and Turkey, hosts a small military airbase. Three years ago, another Hermes 450 used it as a jumping-off point towards Armenia, where the Armenian air defense shot it down.”

Interesting, so the Israelis may very well be using an airfield in Azerbaijan.

Rock Ambush Injures Baby in Samaria

“Eleven-month-old baby was lightly hurt when Arabs threw rocks at the car she was in, near Yitzhar.”

Libya air strikes show UAE willing to ‘go it alone’

“Dubai (AFP) – UAE air strikes on Libya aim to prevent Islamists from controlling the violence-stricken country and sends a message to Washington that it is capable of protecting its own interests, experts say.”

Lacking American leadership in the region, middle east states feel compelled to take matters into their own hands.

Egypt’s Sisi says Qatar and Turkey are spending millions to spread chaos in Arab lands

“Egyptian president accuses the two nations and the Muslim Brotherhood of trying to destabilize Egypt, the Egypt Independent reports.”

Another plot to overthrow Abbas?

“Arab media reports claimed that former PA prime minister Salam Fayyad and senior PLO and Fatah officials were behind the effort to topple Abbas.”

If this cease fire holds, and it looks like it will for now, look for another major peace drive with the PA. With all these rumors of coups involving Abbas it is difficult to see what  good it will do Israel to negotiate with such a weak PA. 

Turkish ‘humanitarian’ group behind ‘Marmara’ signs pact with Qatar

“The Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) that was behind the 2010 Mavi Marmara Gaza flotilla signed a “strategic cooperation agreement” with Qatar.”

For sure, a match made in Hell. 

Islamic State Planning to Use Drones to Attack Israel

“A member of the Islamic State tweets that the organization will soon use unmanned drones to attack Israel.”

IS makes a lot of claims, most are fantasy.



Rapture On The Day Of Atonement?

“Q. You once said that if God intends to make the rapture coincide with a Jewish feast day then the most likely by far would be Pentecost(Shavuot).”

I realize we are only speculating here, but I believe that the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) could also be a likely candidate. It is probably the most holy feast of the seven feasts. God told the Jews to spend evening to evening afflicting their souls (fasting, praying, confessing, sacrificing, etc.; Lev. 23:32).Through Jesus Christ “we have now received the atonement” (Rom. 5:11). Our sins have been covered, carried away and forgotten. Sin must be covered but it must also be removed and forgotten. After sacrificing a goat for the nation’s sins, the High Priest would lay his bloody hands on another goat, which was the scapegoat, and confess the nation’s sins. The scapegoat was sent into the wilderness and no one knew where it went or what happened to it. It just disappeared….kind of like what will happen at the Rapture. Some scholars believe there will be a 3 year interval between the Rapture and the start of Daniel’s 70th week. Daniel’s 70th week is 7 years long in duration. Seven plus three is ten. Ten is another of God’s perfect numbers of completion. Does this sound logical to you?

A. The reason I mentioned Pentecost is due to that Feast’s connection with the Church. All other Levitical feasts are decidedly focused on Israel. Your theory is interesting, but as you say it’s just speculation. I believe the Day of Atonement will only be partially fulfilled at the 2nd Coming, and that its ultimate fulfillment will come at the Great White Throne judgment at the end of the Millennium. In your scenario you seem to be comparing the disappearance of the Church with the disappearance of the scapegoat, which I don’t think is an apt one. The scapegoat was a model of Jesus in that both bore the sins of the people. It’s disappearance was to show that when Jesus died He made our sins disappear. And finally, there’s no indication in Scripture of a delay between the rapture and the 70th Week. There may or may not be one, and if there is its length would be impossible to determine in advance.”

The One World Religion. Follow Up

“Q. Regarding your Q&A titled “Can Islam Really Become the One World Religion”, you stated in your answer that you believe that a great leader from the Islamic faith will emerge to restore peace and order. How can this future leader emerge from Islam since he’ll have no regard for any god including the god of Islam as it states in Daniel 11:37?

A. This demonstrates the danger in building a doctrinal position on the strength of one verse. Taking Daniel 11:37 by itself one could conclude that the coming world leader will have no use for any religion. But in several places the Bible speaks of the important part religion will play in his rise to prominence. His lack of regard for any religion stems from the fact that he will eventually proclaim himself to be God (2 Thes. 2:4). But in the meantime he will use religion to consolidate his power. 2 Thes 2:9 says he’ll use counterfeit miracles, and signs and wonders to deceive the people. Rev. 13 says he will garner the worship of the entire world through a religious leader we call the false prophet. In Rev. 17 John explains how he will tolerate the one world religion until he has no further need of it and will then will destroy it. Following the departure of the Church in the rapture, Islam will be the most popular religion in the world by a wide margin, and would be the obvious group for this leader to align himself with. We shouldn’t be surprised at this kind of deception. It’s one of Satan’s signature strategies.”


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