Articles of the Day 8/28/14: Wishful Thinking

Israel-Hamas Conflict 2014

Israeli forces fire on Palestinians making threats on Gaza border

“Palestinian sources in the Gaza Strip accused Israel Thursday of violating the ceasefire enforce Tuesday by directing heavy fire at the Shejaiya district. IDF sources confirm the shooting, but added that the soldiers fired to chase away a group of Palestinians threatening Israeli troops in the Mefalsim border sector. One crossed over and was apprehended near Nahal Oz.”

Is the Gaza War Really Over?

“Hamas and its allies see the war in the Gaza Strip as part of there strategy to destroy Israel. What Hamas and its allies are actually saying is, “Give us open borders and an airport and seaport so we can use them to prepare for the next war against Israel.”

After Gaza Operation, How Are the Parties Polling?

“Poll shows ‘right-wing’ bloc would increase from 61 to 69 seats if elections were held today; Arab parties also predicted to strengthen.”

Low Support for Netanyahu in the Wake of the Ceasefire

“A day after the ceasefire began; there was a large drop in support for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. A new survey indicates that only 32% of respondents are satisfied with Netanyahu’s performance during the operation, compared with 59% who are dissatisfied.”

In rocket-battered Sderot, waiting for the next war

‘We lost 64 soldiers and nothing happened. No political agreement, no peace.’

Ex-MK Slams Netanyahu for ‘Negotiating with ISIS

“Dr. Ben-Ari notes the implications of ceasefire with Hamas, which PM compared to ISIS; says to learn from Munich Agreements.”

Likud Minister Says Gaza Operation was ‘For Nothing’

“Intelligence Minister Steinitz tells BBC that Israel paid a ‘heavy price’ in 50 day operation against Hamas, no ‘significant’ gains.”

Security officials paint picture of Gaza street seething and Hamas in disarray

“After weeks of IDF attacks leading to breakdowns in Hamas’s chain of command, there is growing skepticism in Hamas about whether fighting continues to be worthwhile.”

Some wishful thinking on the part of the Israelis. 


Sunni-Shiite Civil War

WATCH: The Rebels Conquered Quneitra

“The first images emerge from the scene of the fighting that illustrates the progress made by the rebels, who conquered most of Quneitra from Assad’s forces. Quneitra was the only stronghold Assad had left in that particular area of the country.”

Northern Israelis Evacuated as Fighting Nears Golan Border; ISIS Said to be Close

“In the Golan, fierce battles between pro-and anti-Syrian government forces close to the border with Israel on Wednesday prompted the army to evacuate residents and tourists from certain areas close to the northern and southern ends of the frontier, Israel’s Channel 2 reported.”

Syrian Jets Hit Rebels Close to the Israeli Border

“Syrian jets shell rebel positions near the border with Israel, hours after mortars from Syria hit Israel.”

Mortar Shells Continue to Pound Golan Heights

“As reports suggest Al Qaeda-linked rebel forces captured Syrian side of Israel crossing, shelling of Golan continues.”

U.S. Mobilizes Allies to Widen Assault on ISIS

“WASHINGTON — The United States has begun to mobilize a broad coalition of allies behind potential American military action in Syria and is moving toward expanded airstrikes in northern Iraq, administration officials said on Tuesday.”



REPORT: Israeli UAV Crashed in Iraq

“According to the report, a Hermes UAV crashed near Baghdad’s Airport. The American Embassy in the country rushed to the scene to collect the debris. The Iranians earlier this week reported shooting down a similar UAV.”

Israeli forces caught up in Al Qaeda’s complex toils in both Golan and Gaza


“The battle for Qoneitra, fought 200 meters from the Israeli border, is much more important as a touchstone in quite a different setting, that concerns not only Israel but the complicated US posture against the many-headed Al Qaeda peril in the Middle East.
The US, Jordan and Israel are quietly backing the mixed bag of some 30 Syrian rebel factions which Tuesday, Aug. 26, seized control of the Syrian side of the Quneitra crossing, the only transit point between Israeli and Syrian Golan. However – here comes the rub – Al Qaeda elements have permeated all those factions.”

Iran says it has begun arming West Bank

“Commander of Basij militia says Tehran’s efforts will lead to Israel’s annihilation.”

Senior Level Fatah Official: “There Are No Innocent Israelis”

“Palestinian Media Watch reported that Abbas Zaki, a member of the Fatah Central Committee and a former PLO Ambassador to Lebanon, stated that “there are no innocent Israelis.” They also documented him supporting an armed struggle against Israel.”



Can Islam Really Become the One World Religion?

“Q. In your study of Rev. 6 you put forward the following; “After the true Church is gone, those who also call themselves the church, but have been left behind, won’t have much trouble at all accepting Islam.” Do you still hold to this belief?

In light of Ezekiel 38-39, which you have stated, and I believe, will occur before the tribulation, God destroys the federation of Muslim countries that come against Israel. God explains in Ezekiel that all will know He is God at the end of this conflict. 1) Why would anyone seeing this believe that Islam is the true religion since it’s armies were destroyed 2) With all of the atrocities that are being committed in the name of Allah at this time, could any sane person come to that conclusion?

A. You don”t have to take my word for any of this. Just look around you. A hybrid religion called “Chrislam” has already invaded the Church. It’s an attempt to merge the two faiths into one. And many people, including past and present leaders of our country, contend that Islam is a religion of peace that has been hijacked by a radical element, and that God and Allah are two names for the same deity. After the battle of Ezekiel 38 and the rapture of the Church people will be desperate for anything that holds out the promise of peace.

I consider the idea that Islam will be wiped out after their defeat in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 to be wishful thinking. Islamic armies have been defeated many times, and yet the religion thrives. Also, some of the largest Islamic countries in the world won’t even be represented in Ezekiel 38, and of those that are, only their armies will be defeated. Their nations will survive. People will be looking for a reason to believe. And remember, no people of the Muslim faith will go in the rapture. It will suddenly be the world’s biggest religion by a wide margin. It’s size alone will make it attractive. And if, as I believe, a great leader from the Islamic faith will emerge to restore peace and order, his message will be very attractive to people of every faith and no faith in a lost and frightened world.”

God’s Obligation To Israel

“Q. I think Americans are expecting God to protect our country just as He does Israel, but God has no Covenant with the US and is not obligated to it. Are there Scriptures to show that judgement will come on the whole world, and God will only keep His Word to save Israel since he is bound to them?

A. In Jeremiah 30:4-11 God was speaking about the end times, calling it the time of Jacob’s trouble. In verse 11 He said He will completely destroy all the nations among which He has scattered the Israelites, which includes the US, but will save Israel. And In Ezekiel 36:22 He said, “It is not for your sake, people of Israel, that I am going to do these things, but for the sake of my holy name, which you have profaned among the nations where you have gone.” This shows He isn’t going to save Israel because they deserve it, but because He promised to. Israel is the only nation in the history of the world that God has obligated Himself to in this way.”

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