Articles of the Day 9/25/14: Who Is Worse For Israel?

Israel Borders

United States Attack in Syria Parallels Israel’s in Gaza

“The air attack by American and Arab forces against ISIS and other terrorist targets parallels Israel’s air attacks against Hamas terrorist targets in Gaza. According to retired General Wesley Clark, the United States air attacks are designed to degrade and destroy the infrastructure of the terrorist groups, including the electricity grid, the sources of their finance and other mixed military-civilian targets.”

Anatomy of a hanging 

“The show trial is underway and the guilty verdict is guaranteed, as a United Nations panel makes a pretense of investigating human rights violations in the 50-day war between Israel and Hamas.”



At least 120 jihadists dead in US-led Syria strikes

“Beirut (AFP) – US-led air strikes killed at least 120 jihadists in Syria on Tuesday, a monitoring group said.”

Islamic State redeploys troops to Syria-Turkey border following airstrikes

“13 US-led strikes hit border town Albu Kamal near Iraq border and 5 strikes conducted west of the city of Kobani near the Turkey border.”

Iraq Situation Report: September 23-24, 2014

Syrian army retakes key rebel-held town

“NGO confirms military recaptures industrial zone near Damascus from insurgents.”

Report: The United States Attacked Oil Refineries in Syria

“After Obama called to destroy the Islamic State: U.S. Air Force, in cooperation with other countries, carried out another attack in Syria. According to Reuters news agency’s report, the purpose of the strike was to hit oil refining facilities under ISIS control.”

Islamic State overruns Iraqi military base in Anbar

“The Islamic State overran an Iraqi military base in a town in Anbar province just outside of Fallujah, reportedly killing and capturing hundreds of Iraqi soldiers as well as militiamen deployed in the area during the operations.”

France strikes Islamic State in Iraq after U.S.-led Syria raids

“PARIS/BEIRUT (Reuters) – French fighter jets struck targets in Iraq on Thursday and the United States and its allies stepped up air raids in Syria against Islamic State militants who have taken over large areas of both countries.”

U.N. backs strong laws against foreign extremist fighters

“UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – The U.N. Security Council demanded on Wednesday that all states make it a serious criminal offense for their citizens to travel abroad to fight with militant groups, or to recruit and fund others to do so, in a move sparked by the rise of Islamic State.”

Jordan king urges international defeat of jihadists

“United Nations (United States) (AFP) – Jordan’s King Abdullah II, a key US ally in the fight against jihadists in Iraq and Syria, called Wednesday for a collective strategy to defeat militants who threaten global security.”

Jordan bombed IS in Syria on Wednesday: US officials

“Washington (AFP) – Jordanian warplanes carried out a bombing raid against the Islamic State group in Syria on Wednesday as part of a second day of US-led air strikes against the jihadists, two US defense officials told AFP.”

House Homeland Security Chair: Prince of Jordan Volunteered Troops in Syria To US

“On Monday’s “Fox & Friends,” Rep. Mike McCaul (R-TX), the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, told viewers that Jordanian Prince Feisal Bin Al-Hussein had offered to send ground troops into Syria to fight ISIS to the United States, despite Obama administration officials having suggested outside help was not a possibility in this campaign.”



Egypt slams Turkish leader Erdogan after UN speech

“Erdogan delivered a speech which featured stinging criticism of Sisi’s rise and what he called the UN’s inaction after Morsi’s overthrow; Egypt accuses Turkish leader of supporting terrorists.”

How Turkey Plans to “Combat Anti-Semitism”

“In Turkey, hate speech is a crime only if it is committed against Muslim Turks. The penalty for failing to pay the tax [only for Jews] should be the revocation of the Jew’s business and the seizure of his property. — Faruk Kose, columnist for Yeni Akit, honored with a permanent seat aboard Turkish President Erdogan’s private jet.”

Not sure who is worse now Iran or Turkey?

Israel says Iran used Parchin military site for testing nuclear detonation technology

“JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel said on Wednesday that Iran has used its Parchin military base as the site for secret tests of technology that could be used only for detonating a nuclear weapon.”

Qatari emir urges world to shun Israeli leaders

“Sheik Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani accuses Jerusalem of war crimes, in ongoing diplomatic battle between countries.”

When Arabs speak of Israeli war crimes they actually mean Israel should not defend itself from terrorist attack.



What Is Isaiah 24 About?

“Q. Re: Isaiah 24. To whom is the prophet referring and what time frame (s)? Is it Israel and the dispersion? Is it the last days of the tribulation? Is it the end of Christ’s millennial reign just before time passes away and eternity begins?

A. Most of Isaiah 24 is a summary of how the judgments of the end times will impact the Earth. Clues that lead us to this conclusion are in the closing verse (Isaiah 24:23). It hints of the Lord’s description of the Son and Moon in Matt. 24:29, and concludes with Him reigning in Jerusalem. The exception is Isaiah 24:14-16 which show that there will be those on Earth who will come to the Lord during that time so in various places the voices of those who give glory to the Righteous One will be heard.”

Is There A Second Chance?

“If you believe as I do that the Bible teaches the rapture of the Church will occur before Daniel’s 70th Week begins then you’ve no doubt wondered what will happen to those among your friends and family who will miss it. Will they get another chance to be saved?”

Israel Regathered, Bible Prophecy Fulfilled: Just As God Promised

“In this “The Truth Will Set You Free” episode, we’ll marvel at how Israel being a nation again fulfills one of the most prolific prophecies in all the Old Testament.”


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