Articles of the Day 9/30/14: Israel Never Seems To Learn

Israel Borders

Israeli intel IDs, targets Gaza rocket developers

“TEL AVIV — Israel has launched an assassination campaign against rocket specialists of Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Israeli sources have asserted that the Israeli intelligence community has identified more than 100 rocket specialists of Hamas and the Iranian-sponsored Jihad. They said the intelligence community and military would seek to kill a significant portion of them to hamper the Palestinian missile and rocket industry in the Gaza Strip.“There have been efforts in the past, but we expect this to intensify as long as they improve their weapons capabilities against us,” a source said.”

Study: 49% of Gazans Killed in War Were Terrorists

“According to the highly respected Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center (ITIC), 49% of the “martyrs” listed on the Hamas-run Palestinian Health Ministry (PHM) list were found to have been linked to terrorist organizations; just 51% were confirmed civilian casualties.”

“Such a ratio of combatant to non-combatant casualties – roughly 1:1 – would be almost unprecedented in the history of urban warfare.”

In other words, Hamas and UN claims during the war were all lies.

Yaalon: What’ll We Do If They Lob Mortars from Samaria?

“Defense Minister says the lesson from Gaza is – don’t let the same thing happen in Judea and Samaria.”

Report: Israel, Hamas Close to Terrorist Swap Deal

“Hamas and Israel may be on the verge of a terrorist swap deal, sources said Tuesday – trading convicted murderers for the bodies of fallen soldiers Hadar Goldin and Oron Shaul, hy”d.”

Israel never seems to learn.

Poll: Palestinians Back Rocket Fire if Blockade Not Lifted

“Most Palestinian Arabs would favor resuming rocket fire at Israel if it does not lift its Gaza blockade, finds new survey.”

Despite achieving little during the last round, Palestinian hate for Israel still runs deep.



ISIS Pushed Away From Baghdad Suburbs

“After extensive conquests in Iraq and Syria, have the tables turned on ISIS? The Iraqi army has completed an operation at the end of which most of Diyala province, north east of Baghdad, was reconquered. The army is expected to gain control over the remaining areas of the province by the end of the week, keeping away the terrorists threatening the capital. More than 100 ISIS men were killed in the battles, according to the Iraqi Ministry of Defense.”

Islamic State ambushes Iraqi military column near Ramadi

“Fighters from the Islamic State in Anbar Province ambushed and destroyed a large Iraqi Army column in a village north of Ramadi. The successful attack occurred despite almost eight weeks of airstrikes by the US military on Islamic State forces throughout Iraq.”

The Struggles of the Iraqi Security Forces: 2013 Iraq Update #33

“The Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) recent performance is worrisome. The ISF are failing to contain sustained waves of car bombs and are dealing with morale and manpower issues. On the other hand, the ISF’s most active opponents are strengthening. These developments have caused the Iraqi government to enact measures to reenergize and support the ISF. The success of these measures is critical for Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki as the 2014 national elections approach.”

Turkish tanks deployed to Syria border as Islamic State advances

“Some 15 tanks took up positions on a hill near a military base opposite the besieged town of Kobani that IS has been trying to capture from outgunned Syrian-Kurdish forces for over a week, Reuters reported.”

Hammer and anvil. The media thinks the tanks would be used against IS but really they are there to prevent Kurdish retreat. Turkey armed forces are likely coordinating with IS to eliminate Kurd forces. If Turkey moves into Syria to create a ‘buffer zone” it will be to facilitate free movement for IS for arms and personnel. Only the Kurds stand in their way. 

Obama: US ‘underestimated’ Islamic State threat

“WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is acknowledging that U.S. intelligence agencies underestimated the threat from Islamic State militants in the Middle East and overestimated the ability and will of Iraq’s army to fight such extremists.”

What else has the US ‘underestimated’? Iran. Russia. North Korea. There are many foreign policy failures in this administration not all of which can be blamed on Intelligence Community. 



Iran accused of assassinating its own nuclear scientist

“Ardeshir Hosseinpour’s sister says he was killed after refusing to help build nuke; Israel initially blamed in his death.”



Timing The Events Of The Second Coming

“Q. When do you think the Sheep and Goats judgment will take place? My confusion stems from Revelation 19:17-18 when the angel calls all the birds to feed on the flesh of all men. Both obviously happen after the Glorious Appearing of Christ. But, if all men die by the sword of Jesus Christ’s mouth and are eaten who is alive to go to the Sheep and Goat judgment? I have considered it might be at the time of the White Throne Judgment, but I am uncertain about this!

A. Here’s how you can be certain of the timing of events surrounding the Second Coming. First, assume that Matt. 24-25 should be read in the order in which it appears and look for something I call “time stamps”. These are verses that tell you when something will happen. For example, Matt. 24:15 gives the first one by telling us how people on Earth will know the Great Tribulation has begun. Matt. 24:29 tells how they will know when it has ended, and Matt. 24:30-31 shows when the Second Coming will take place.

Everything after that follows the Second Coming. Matt. 24:36-39 says the Second Coming will be like the Great Flood was, taking unbelievers by surprise. Then in three more places the Lord said people on Earth at the time will not know the day or hour of His Coming, so they will have to keep watch (Matt. 24:42-44, Matt. 24:50, Matt. 25:13). Matt. 25:1 begins with “At that time” meaning the time of the Second Coming. Matt. 25:14 begins with “Again” meaning He was still talking about the time of the Second Coming.

Finally Matt. 25:31 says, “When the son of Man comes in His glory, and all the angels with Him”. This a reference to Matt. 24:30-31. It confirms that everything between Matt. 24:31 and Matt. 25:46 will take place at the time of the Second Coming, including the Sheep and Goat judgment. Rev. 19:19-21 tells us that the people the angel was talking about in Rev. 19:17-18 are the armies of the anti-Christ and are not meant to include every person on Earth.”

Will Women Also Be Kings And Priests?

“Q. I understand that the Bride of Christ is referred to as Kings and Priests, my question is does that apply to women? It appears to me that that title would apply to men only as the Bible is gender specific. What role do you think women in the Bride of Christ will have? Will they rule also as “Kings” and “Priests?”

A. I get similar questions from men who ask how they can be the bride of Christ, because brides are normally female. In Galatians 3: 28 Paul said that God doesn’t think of Church Age believers as Jew or Gentile, slave or free, or male or female because we are all one in Christ Jesus. Therefore, whether the Church is called the bride of Christ or referred to as kings and priests, everyone is included. No one knows the specific role of the kings and priests that make up the Church. But whatever it is, based on Galatians 3:28, both men and women will be involved.”

Will Jerusalem Be Destroyed Or Not?

“Q. I have seen several Bible verses and also questions answered here that the Lord will reign from Jerusalem in the millennium or that woman and man will sit in the streets of Jerusalem being old in age. I always believed that an earthquake will destroy the temple and its city. Which is correct?

A. Zechariah 8:4-5 tell of old people and children being in the streets of Jerusalem in the Millennium. Zechariah 14:4 tells of an east/west earthquake that will split the Mt. of Olives in two on the day of the Lord’s return That means it will destroy the current temple mount which is adjacent to the Mt. of Olives on its western side. Zechariah 14:10 says Jerusalem will be raised up but will remain in its place. (In Old Testament times the city was mostly north and west of the Temple.) Both these statements have to be true or else Zechariah would have been contradicting himself.”

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