Articles of the Day 10/3/14: Ignoring Borders..A New Mindset

Israel Borders

The Lies They Tell

“The Palestinian Authority’s chief negotiator and ranking member, Saeb Erekat, is once again stirring controversy and fabricating history.  Taking cue from his boss, Mahmoud Abbas, who just days prior accused Israel of committing “genocide, “ Erekat absurdly charged Israel with killing 12,000 Gazans during Operation Defensive Edge and, just as ludicrous, alleged that 96% of all casualties sustained were civilians. Where he derives his facts he does not say, but who really cares about facts when Israel is the target of the invective?  Just days later, Erekat compounded the vitriolic slander by comparing Prime Minister Netanyahu to ISIS and then went on to charge the Jewish State with burning mosques and churches. Of course, Erekat offers not a scintilla of evidence to back the spurious charge, but no matter: His professed Palestinian pedigree (he’s actually from Jordan by way of Arabia) gives him a free pass to fabricate.”

Palestinians: We Hate You, Even If You Support Us

“The two incidents once again prove that peace is impossible unless Palestinians stop inciting their people against Israel and Jews. As the result of more than two decades of ongoing incitement, some Palestinians and Arabs can no longer distinguish between those who support them and those who stand against them. Because of the indoctrination, a growing number of people in Arab and Islamic countries regard all Israelis as “settlers.”

‘Settlers’ is really a term used by the Left to label a segment of Israeli society making it easier to demonize them. The whole world has also adopted this term and now it is commonly used in the discourse of land ownership in Israel.

Gaza Terrorists Fire Rocket into Sea in Apparent Test

“Over a month after operation ends and ahead of renewed truce talks, Gaza busy improving its rocket capabilities.”

Hamas Says IDF Didn’t Destroy All Terror Tunnels

“Hamas spokesperson tells terror group’s journal it remains committed to armed conflict – despite Cairo truce talks with Israel.”

‘Why do Police Cover Up the Murder of Jews?’

This article really does not do this topic justice but at least they are talking about it. For whatever reason, Israeli government officials are covering up Palestinian terrorist attacks some are referring too as the ‘Silent Intifada’. This is the result of the continued incitement by Palestinian leaders. These attacks need to exposed for the evil that they are. Yes they do inflame tensions but hiding the truth does nobody a service. Palestinians are on the march, filled with hate, and the Israeli people need to informed so they can be on alert and ready to defend themselves.

Gaza Demands $4 Billion From World to Rebuild After Terror War

“PA unity government asks for over eight times more than UN called for – aside from $4.5 billion to fund itself.”

Like a spoiled child, the Palestinians don’t just ask…..but they demand…..more money. How ungrateful and unthankful these people are. They do not deserve a state.

Heavily armed Palestinians caught at West Bank junction

“Two suspected terrorists were carrying three pipe bombs, a makeshift handgun and several knives.”



Islamic State seizes Hit, assaults Iraqi military headquarters in Anbar

“The Islamic State continues its offensive to consolidate control of Iraq’s Anbar province. Today, the jihadist group is reported to have taken control of the town of Hit and has launched assaults on the Anbar Operations Command north of Ramadi and the 7th Division headquarters at Al Asad Airbase in Al Baghdadi.”

Turkey Will Attack ISIS

“The Turkish government approved taking military action against ISIS, both in Syria and Iraq. In addition, the coalition will be able to train and operate within Turkish military bases.”

Will they really take action against ISIS? You can tell they are doing this reluctantly. Also, they could use this as a way to play both sides (as most Arab states do). 

Iran Warns Turkey Against Fighting ISIS

“Iran urges Turkey not to “aggravate tensions”, after the parliament in Ankara authorizes military intervention in Syria and Iraq.”

Syria Daily: Islamic State Closes On Kurdish Center of Kobane

“The Islamic State’s offensive in northern Syria pressed closer to the Kurdish center of Kobane on Thursday, with some reports putting the jihadists within one mile of the town. In its two-week campaign, the Islamic State has advanced on Kobane from the west, south, and east, taking scores of villages and prompting the flight of at least 130,000 civilians across the border to Turkey.”

Syria Update: September 24-October 2, 2014

Control of Terrain in Iraq: October 2, 2014

The Islamic State’s Regional Strategy

“In short, in assessing IS and its regional strategy, one needs to look at each country on a case-by-case basis. Were IS to take over the entirety of Iraq and Syria, then all neighboring countries would face the prospect of invasion; but this outcome seems extremely improbable. IS’s main priorities are still to expand within Iraq and Syria and consolidate military and economic power therein at the expense of pro-government forces and insurgent rivals in both countries. A much more legitimate concern now is the potential for IS supporters – not formally tied to the group – within Western countries and those Arab states that are assisting the US in its airstrikes on IS positions to heed IS spokesman Mohammad al-Adnani’s call to target Americans and other Western citizens by any means necessary.”

Islamic State Leads Mideast Into Warlord Era as Nations Dissolve

“The Middle East may be sliding toward a warlord era, with nation-states increasingly struggling to control all their territory and millions living under the rule of emergent local chiefs and movements. Armed irregular forces hold effective power over growing areas of Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Libya where central government authority barely reaches. Motivated by religious ideology or regional separatism, they have grabbed oil facilities and weapons, imposed taxes or changed school curriculums, and fought each other as well as national armies.”

It is a good question to ponder when looking for events leading up to the Psalm 83 war. Perhaps it is not the states themselves that will be at war with Israel but armed terrorists groups that happen to reside in these crumbling states. These days, terrorists groups have the firepower of nations. Israel might have good (or civil) relations with the neighboring states but those states are unable (or unwilling) to control their borders or remove terrorist groups using their soil. Israel has said in the past they will go after terror threats that operate across borders if they pose a threat to Israel. We may have to remove the nation-state mindset we are so used to using when we look at the Middle East. Ignoring state borders, and just looking where terrorist groups (who hate Israel) operate then you begin to see alignment with Psalm 83.



Judging Israel

“Q. Are the Jews going to be judged (or rewarded) differently than the Gentiles in the “latter days”. I realize there are different judgements at different times, such as rewards for believers, at the Rapture, the sheep/goat judgment of the nations after the tribulation, and the Great White Throne Judgment after the Millennium for nonbelievers? But what about the Jews?

A. In Matt. 19:28 Jesus promised the disciples they would sit in judgment of Israel at the time of the 2nd Coming. However, He did not mention any rewards for Israel that make its judgment similar to the Bema judgment for the Church. And the sheep/goat and Great White throne judgments are similarly “pass/fail” and not for the purpose of rewarding behavior.”

How Does Scripture Describe the End Times?

“The Lord didn’t leave us clueless as to the expectation of His return. He very clearly detailed what to expect as that time draws near. One of the most well known teachings on this subject is known as “The Olivet Discourse,” and was recorded in three of the gospels.”


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