Articles of the Day 10/6/14: Only God Can Save Them

Israel Borders

Israeli gunfire wounds Lebanon soldier: army

“Rashaya (Lebanon) (AFP) – Israeli troops shot and wounded a Lebanese soldier across the ceasefire line between the two countries on Sunday, the Lebanese army said. “A post belonging to the Israeli enemy on the other side (of the ceasefire line) opened fire on an army post… causing one soldier to be lightly injured,” the army said in a statement.”

Hezbollah has infiltrated the Lebanese army. Yet the US and Saudi Arabia continue to arm the Lebanese army. 

Report: Concerns mount that Hezbollah, Lebanese army could cooperate against Israel

“Channel 10 quotes defense sources as saying they believe that the cell which tried to infiltrate from Lebanon intended to carry out a terror attack on Israeli territory.”

Hamas: Give Us the West Bank and We’ll Destroy Israel

“For any who are still curious why Israel doesn’t simply acquiesce to Palestinian demands for an independent state and end the conflict, Hamas once again happily provided the answer in a revealing interview with Arab media last week.”

IDF Ups Presence Near Sinai Border Amid Heightened Tensions

“Southern Command deployed in response to heightened tensions between Egypt, Sinai terror groups. ‘We don’t take risks,’ officer explains.”

Calls for a Second Non-Muslim Gate to Temple Mount

“Tourism ministry document put on hold by security sources calls for another gate for Jews and tourisms – now ten of 11 are for Muslims only.”

Astounding that Jews are no allowed to pray to God in their own land.

IDF Allows 500 Gazans into Temple Mount as ‘a Gesture’

“Increase in the number of Gaza residents allowed to travel into Judea and Samaria is reportedly linked to the ongoing ceasefire talks.”

‘Gestures’ like these only embolden Palestinians to make unreasonable demands and it also encourages attacks against Jews.  

Return of the Arab Olive Tree ‘Blood Libel’

“Residents say annual Arab and leftist olive harvest tradition of framing Jews for cutting trees in Samaria began Sunday night.”

The fact is no one really knows who is cutting the trees. Palestinians have been caught in the past committing crimes then blaming Jews for the crimes. Even it was Jews it amounts to vandalism and is pretty mild when you compare Palestinians who gleefully throw rocks at Jewish children in school buses.  There have also been hundreds of cases of rapes and murders committed by Palestinians against Jews. Comparing attacks of one group against the other the scales certainly favor Palestinians against Jews a thousand fold yet the left leaning media focus on trees. 

PM’s Bible study group touches on God’s promise of Israel to the Jews

“Rahi’s famous comment on the opening verse of Genesis – that the Torah begins with the story of Creation to rebuff the nations who say that the Jewish people has no right to the Land of Israel – figured prominently in the Bible study circle hosted Sunday by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.”

Netanyahu likes to have public Bible studies to improve his Nationalist credentials but is also good to remember that God did give the land to the Jews and no other people. 

Peace Now Head: Golan Withdrawal Still a Good Idea

“What if Israel had surrendered the Golan? Had that happened, says Yariv Oppenheimer, Syria might not have had a civil war.”

Yeah because leaving Gaza was such an awesome idea! Groups like Peace Now are more dangerous to Israel then any terrorist. 



Female Kurdish Suicide Bomber Attacks ISIS in Syria

“First attack of its kind sees Kurds use jihadis’ own tactics against them in desperate attempt to save Kobane from Islamic State attack.”

Syria Daily: Islamic State Takes Key Hill Near Kobane

“UPDATE 1425 GMT: Journalists had clarified that the Islamic State is not in the eastern part of Kobane town, as reported by Reuters earlier. Instead, the jihadists have taken a building to the south/southeast of Kobane, near the offensive that captured Mishtenur Hill.”

Impotent U.S. Airstrikes, Passive Turks and an ISIS Triumph

“Kobani has become the Kurds’ Alamo as they fight ISIS in Syria. Nobody’s coming to help them, and if and when they fall, the repercussions will be felt for years to come.”

Looks like only God can save them.

5 Hezbollah Men Killed in Clashes Along Syrian Border

“Hezbollah says at least five of its fighters were killed in clashes in the Syria-Lebanon border area.”

Control of Terrain in Iraq: October 5, 2014

Iraq Situation Report: October 4-5, 2014

Lebanese report: Hezbollah retakes area from Islamic State, Nusra

“Lebanese media have reported that Hezbollah has managed to retake control over an area in which heavy clashes were reported between the group and militants linked to the Islamic State group and the al-Qaeda-linked group the Nusra Front in the Bekaa Valley region in Lebanon. Reports said that some 16 people were killed in the clashes, including two Hezbollah fighters.”

Syria Feature: US to Turkey “Sorry We Said You Supported Extremists”

“The Obama Administration tried to defuse a political argument with Turkey on Saturday, apologizing for comments by Vice President Joe Biden that said Ankara — and Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and other countries — had fuelled extremism in Syria’s conflict.”

This is part of the problem. The US has failed to hold Arab ‘allies’ accountable  for supporting terror. And when they do (by accident) they quickly retract it and apologize. So Arab states continue to feed the monster. 

Jordan bolsters northern border, arrests 100 ISIL suspects

“AMMONNEWS – Jordan has reported bolstering security along its northern border with Syria. The government said authorities were focusing efforts on protecting the border with Syria from insurgency infiltration. Officials said the northern frontier was regarded as stable despite heavy fighting in southern Syria. At the same time, Jordan conducted a crackdown on Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Officials said nearly 100 ISIL suspects were arrested and interrogated in connection with a plot to attack critical facilities.”



Is Iran Conquering Yemen?

“Iran-backed Houthis conquer large parts of Sana’a, leaving security sources bickering amid predictions of division in the strategic state.”

Iranian Report: Explosion in Parchin Nuclear Reactor

“At least two people were killed in an explosion in a facility to create explosive materials, according to Iranian media reports. The explosion was at Parchin, which the west appraised is used as a reactor. It led to a fire and caused extensive damage to buildings around the military base.”

Accident or sabotage? 



Does Daniel 12 Tell Us The Day?

“Q. You have said that people on earth during the tribulation will not know exactly when the Second Coming will take place [” … the Lord clearly said that believers on Earth at the time will not know the day or hour of the 2nd Coming.” (Matt. 24:42-44, Matt. 24:50, Matt 25:13)]. But doesn’t Daniel 12:11-12 give us the day for Jesus’ return?

“From the time that the daily sacrifice is abolished and the abomination that causes desolation is set up, there will be 1,290 days. Blessed is the one who waits for and reaches the end of the 1,335 days.”

A. I interpret the 1335 days of Daniel 12:12 to be the time from the beginning of the Great Tribulation to the beginning of the Millennial Kingdom. We know that the Lord won’t come back until after at least 1260 of those days have passed. But that leaves 75 days within which He could come, and nobody knows which one will be the day. Also, after He returns, the Temple will have to be cleansed and the survivors from both Israel and the Gentile nations will have to be judged before the Kingdom Age commences. These judgments are described in Matt. 24:45-Matt. 25:46.”

Birth Pangs Update

“The Greek word translated “birth pains” or “birth pangs” is also translated “travail” and “sorrows.” This is the reason why some scholars call the first half of Daniel’s 70th week “the beginning of sorrows.” They say the signs Jesus was talking about in the above verses were meant to indicate that the 70th week has begun. The name for the second half is the Great Tribulation. It begins with the Abomination of Desolation (Matt. 24:15-21).”

Terrific article, must read. Jack Kelly is awesome as usual.

Reasons For The Rapture

“Q. I am trying to get a sound grip on a pre-trib rapture. Perhaps it would be easier to accept this as the next event in the Church age if it was explained in this manner. The main purpose of the Rapture is not to provide an escape from coming events on earth but as God’s s way of restarting the prophetic clock to bring about the necessary completion of Daniel’s 70th week, Since the Church came into existence at Pentecost, there has been a 2000 year interlude between the end of the 69th week of Daniel and the final 70th week. That 70th week is necessary for Israel to come to salvation, and the Kingdom of God with Christ ruling in Jerusalem to be established. The Church age has to end before the final matter with Israel is completed. Is there a hint of truth in any of this?

A. I think the purpose of the pre-trib rapture is both. Paul and Jesus promised that the Church would be kept out of the time and place of the end time judgments. Paul said Jesus would rescue us from them because we are not appointed to suffer them (1 Thes. 1:10, 1 Thes. 5:9) and Jesus said He would do this because we have kept His command to endure patiently (Rev. 3:10). Both Paul (Romans 11:25) and James (Acts 15:13-18) said taking the church away will allow Israel to come to salvation.”

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