Articles of the Day 10/7/14: Hezbollah Gamble

Israel Borders

 Two Soldiers Wounded in Lebanese Border Explosion

“Explosion near Har Dov (Shabaa Farms) area, where two days ago IDF and Lebanese army clashed; IDF returns fire.”

UPDATE: IDF Attacks Hezbollah Targets in Lebanon

“After an incident in which two soldiers were wounded on Mount Dov, another explosion took place near the border. There were no causalities or damage. In retaliation for these incidents, the IDF attacked Hezbollah targets in Southern Lebanon.”

 Report: Explosion on Northern Border, IDF Opened Artillery Fire

“Lebanese media reported a loud explosion heard in the area of ​​Shebaa Farm in the Mount Dov military zone. According to reports, the IDF launched artillery fire at targets in the area.”

Hezbollah taking are real gamble picking a fight with Israel now as they struggle to deal with Nusra and ISIS.  Honestly, an extremely stupid move. Not sure what they hope to achieve here.



How To Defeat ISIL? The Governance Problem

“How do we defeat ISIL? The traditional forms of war we resorted to in Iraq and Afghanistan did almost as much harm to us as they did to our enemies. They busted our budgets and left the nations we’d invaded worse off — and more susceptible than ever to jihadism. So tens of thousands of boots on the ground is the wrong way to go.”

Coalition hits Islamic State as jihadists push into key border town

“Islamist fighters seize eastern districts of Syrian city of Kobani as fighting spreads to south and west; Kurdish official pleads for international aid.”

U.S. uses helicopters for first time to hit Islamic State rebels

“WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. military is flying Apache helicopters against Islamic State rebels in Iraq for the first time, exposing U.S. troops to greater risk from ground fire as they help Iraqi forces battle the Islamist group that has overrun parts of the country.”

What Air Power Can and Cannot Accomplish

“The war against ISIS can’t be won from the air, but air forces can keep IS from winning.”

Not so sure. Coalition forces have flown nearly 2000 sorties against ISIS and they are still able to maneuver and conduct offensive operations even to the point of taking a Kurdish city.

U.S. strategy against Islamic State is too much air, not enough boots

“Air operations in Iraq and Syria have not stopped the advance of Islamic State. Despite the bombing, the Al Qaeda splinter group has launched a series of offensives in Iraq, gaining new ground in Anbar Province, and it has continued its offensive in Syria.”

Syria Daily: Street Fighting as Islamic State Enters Kurdish Center of Kobane

Isis on the verge of victory in Kobani as US strategy lies in ruins: Jihadists close to taking city near Turkish border in Syria

“Isis is close to capturing the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani, just a short distance from the Turkish border, after a three-week siege in which US air strikes turned out to be ineffective in preventing Isis winning an important victory.”










Turkish PM: Attack ISIS, but Also Remove Assad

“Ahmet Davutoglu says his country is prepared to send ground forces to help eradicate ISIS, as long as the removal of Assad is guaranteed.”

If Assad is removed then ISIS would come to power in Syria. Apparently Turkey is ok with that. 

ISIS is about to take a city called Kobane. Will it drag Turkey into war?

“After several failed invasion attempts, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria appears on the verge of taking the Syrian town Kobane. ISIS fighters have entered Kobane, and have engaged local Kurdish forces in street-to-street battles. This is the culmination of an assault that began in early September, has sent thousands of refugees fleeing across the border, and has big implications for the larger conflict.”

Arab states play meager role in anti-IS campaign, figures show

“US planes dominant in coalition effort, carrying out 1,768 airstrikes to allied countries’ 195, defense officials say.”

Watch: Jabhat al-Nusra taking over a Hezbollah outpost

“After years of dominance over the Lebanese front, Hezbollah endured a powerful blow by the forces of Al-Nusra, which managed to take over one of its outposts and kill 10 of its militants. Hezbollah responded harshly and regained control over the area, but the organization’s leadership is beginning to worry.”

Iraq Situation Report: October 6, 2014

Turkey ‘swapped 180 IS prisoners for captive consulate workers’

“Ankara reportedly arranged release of jihadists to bring home 49 of its nationals.”


“The Islamic State of Iraq and al Sham (ISIS) is not the only violent group opposed to the government of Iraq. Groups ranging from Salafist-jihadist to Sunni nationalist have also been mobilized against Baghdad since at least 2013. They remain a threat to the government even if ISIS is removed, especially if the core concerns of Iraqi Sunnis remain unaddressed by the Iraqi government. The primary grievances of most Iraqi Sunnis include the integration of Shi‘a militias into the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF), attacks by the ISF in Sunni civilian areas, and political exclusion in Baghdad.”



Egyptian offensive kills 16 Islamists in Sinai

“Military officials say 4 leading members of Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis arrested in sweep of hideouts.”

An enemy by any other name

“A few weeks ago, my country of Sweden got a new government. Or, it’s not so much a new government, but a return to a past I had hoped was long forgotten. Chances are you wouldn’t have heard of this electoral upheaval, had it not been for the newly elected government choosing its first political overture to be one involving foreign policy. Many have expressed shock and confusion over the fact that Sweden’s new center-left government has decided to recognize the State of Palestine, thus making it the first major European country to do so, but most of us familiar with the political landscape of Sweden knows this move has been a long time coming.”

Iranian activist: Blast at Parchin is a failure for Iran’s Revolutionary Guard

“Exiled Iranian opposition figure says regime trying to cover up facts of blast at suspected nuclear facility, but sources tell him it was sabotage.”

Analysis: The secret campaign

“Now we wait for satellite images to clarify what happened in Iran; Naturally the attention is turned again to Israel and the State of Israel stays silent.”

Report: Iranian nuclear scientist killed in explosion

“The Iranian media reports that two people were killed in the explosion in the Parchin nuclear reactor this morning, one of them being a nuclear scientist.”

Retired senior German defense ministry official: “Turkey is on its way to have its own nuclear bomb”

“The German intelligence services have credible information according to which “Turkey is headed towards its own nuclear bomb”. This is revealed in an interview former senior German defense ministry official Hans Rühle gave to the important German-speaking weekly Die Welt. Rühle, who served in the ministry between 1982 and 1988 in a high-ranking position, claims “we have reliable information that Erdogan’s nuclear ambitions are real, and that while the world is endlessly talking about Iran’s and North Korea’s nuclear programs, we might be witnessing the nuclear experiment in the Middle East which will be carried out by Turkey rather than by Iran.”

Because of the weak approach taken by the US with Iran now a nuclear arms race has started in the Middle East. Likely Saudi Arabia is getting one as well. 



Israel In The Resurrection

“Q. I was wondering where in the Bible you came to the conclusion of this statement you made on your article “Flesh And Blood And The Kingdom Of God” “Old Testament Jews who are resurrected at the end of the Great Tribulation will live with Jewish believers who survive the Great Tribulation in Israel.” I had never heard this before in all the Bible teaching or reading I have had.

A. I came to this conclusion by putting several verses together. Daniel 12:1-2 speaks about the resurrection of Old Testament saints at the time of the Great Tribulation. I believe this will happen at the end of the Great Tribulation, about the same time as Tribulation martyrs are resurrected (Rev. 20:4). It wouldn’t make sense to have them come to life while the worst judgments in history are raging on Earth.

From Old Testament times the promise to Israel has been that one day the Kingdom would be restored and God would return to live with them in the Promised Land forever. This promise will be fulfilled in the Millennium. (Ezekiel 43:1-7). Since that’s what Old Testament believers were promised, I concluded that Israel is where they will live after they’re resurrected. I don’t believe they will live in the New Jerusalem because Rev. 21:27 says only those whose names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life will be allowed to enter there. There is no mention of the Lamb’s Book of Life in the Old Testament.”

Opposed To The Point Of Anger

“Q. Why is a large segment of the Christian community so vehemently opposed to the idea of the Rapture? No matter how many times the Scriptures that support a Pre-Trib Rapture are pointed out to them, they deny that’s what they are saying and sayt the Rapture is a relatively new concept. It seems amazing to me that so many feel that Christians will have to suffer God’s Wrath in order to be saved. It is very frustrating to have any type of meaningful discussion on the subject as they are so entrenched in their belief, to the point of anger and attack.

A. I think one problem comes from not understanding what really happened at the cross. People look around them and see Christians sinning and fail to understand that Jesus paid for every sin of mankind at the cross. Instead they think the church doesn’t deserve to escape the end times judgments but needs to endure them to be purified. But because of our faith, Jesus has made us purer than any judgment could make us (Romans 3:21-24, 2 Cor. 5:21, Hebrews 10:12-14).

Pre-Trib deniers point to the first generations of the Church, which were undeniably holier than we are and say, “They had to suffer. What makes us think we won’t.” Again they don’t understand that the Lord never promised that every generation of the Church would be kept from times of persecution. He only promised the last one. To the first generations, He said. “Be faithful to the point of death and I will give you the crown of life” (Rev. 2:10). Also He never promised any generation freedom from trials and trouble (John 16:33). He only promised that we would not have to endure the time of His wrath, that seven year period of judgment just prior to the Second Coming (1 Thes. 1:10), And finally, throughout the Church Age the suffering of God’s people has come at the hand of His enemy. But with the end times judgments the suffering of the enemy’s people will come at the hand of God (Rev. 6:16-17). That makes the end times unique and means we can’t compare it to any other period of Church history.”

Life After The Rapture

“Q. Is our character fixed after we are raptured and given our glorious body? Will we continue to grow in spirit once we are in heaven? Also, in Rev 6:9-11, the souls under God’s altar in heaven was crying out to the Lord asking Him how long will it be before He avenge their blood on the earth dwellers. Does this mean that we will also be able to pray for others on earth after we depart from this world or are raptured?

A. At the rapture we will be changed from mortal to immortal (1 Cor. 15:53), and we will know as we are known (1 Cor. 13:12). To me this means we’ll have complete understanding of the motives behind the behavior of others as well as ourselves, just like the Lord does now. I think we’ll continue to possess our own unique character traits but without the flaws. I am also convinced we’ll still be able to enjoy new experiences and even acquire new knowledge, because otherwise our life would become progressively less stimulating.

In Rev. 6:9-11 the souls under the altar were not praying for those on earth, they we’re asking God to take vengeance on them. No one knows for sure what kind of connection we’ll have with the people on earth after the rapture, but I believe prayer will be an even bigger part of our next life than it is in this one. I say this because our ability to communicate with the Lord will be dramatically improved. Speaking of Israel during the Millennium, God said, “Before they call, I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear” (Isaiah 65:24). I can’t imagine it being any different for the Church.”

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