Articles of the Day 10/9/14: Arab Hypocrisy, Turkey Lies

Israel Borders

Jordan Blasts Israel for Responding to Riots on Temple Mount

“Jordan condemns the conduct of Israeli security forces who were responding to Arab riots on the Temple Mount.”

I am curious how the Jordanian government would respond if ISIS supporters were to riot in Amman? Arab hypocrisy knows no bounds.  

How Hamas Destroys Its People, as Seen Through the Eyes of IDF Soldiers

“Below is a collection of personal stories gathered from soldiers who saw with their own eyes Palestinian civilians being used as strategic elements of Hamas’ fight against Israel. In some cases, only first names have been used in order to protect identities, as some were still in the midst of the operation when interviewed.”



US frustrated by Turkish inaction against Islamic State, but seeks support over time

“Analysts and US officials said Turkey’s hesitance to commit its military, NATO’s second-largest, to save Kobani reflects a fear of emboldening and empowering its own Kurdish population.”

Two months of U.S.-led airstrikes in Iraq and Syria, mapped

Syria Daily: “Safe Havens” Inside the Country?

“UPDATE 1100 GMT: A Kurdish official in Kobani, Assi Abdullah, has reiterated that Kurds will not accept Turkish ground forces. Instead, they want Ankara to allow the passage of Kurdish fighters from Turkey into Syria.”

Kurds ‘holding out’ in Kobani, says US army

“As US and Jordanian aircraft conduct more strikes around Syrian border town, military says local militiamen able to hold IS fighters back.”

US, Allies in Sustained Strike on Syria-Turkey Border

“Syrian Kurds launched a ground offensive against ISIS positions at Kobani while jets struck from the air.”

Islamic State: Why Turkey is hesitating to prevent fall of Kobane (+video)

“Its last hope likely hinges on Ankara, whose armed forces remain poised on the border only hundreds of yards from the battle, resisting mounting pressure from Turkey’s own Kurdish minority to assist Kobane’s defenders.”

Turkey keeps coming up with excuses and conditions before they help the Kurds for the simple reason they don’t want to help the Kurds. Turkey is an Islamist state with an Islamist government. They have more in common with ISIS then they do the Kurdish minority in Turkey. The ironic thing is that Turkey is missing a real opportunity to reconcile with the Kurds and have peace with them by helping the Kurds in their hour of need. Turkey’s lack of help is evidence they helped create the ISIS monster.

Iraq Situation Report: October 7-8, 2014



AQAP conducts offensive against Yemeni military in Baydah

“Local security officials in the central Yemeni city of Baydah reported a series of attacks carried out by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) early this morning. AQAP fighters attacked several military targets in the city, including a Special Forces headquarters, a police station, and two military checkpoints. While initial reports from the main hospital in the city claimed that at least 10 police officers were killed in the attacks, security officials later said that 11 soldiers were killed in addition to 12 AQAP fighters.”

EU High Foreign Policy Representative says Libya could be next to fall to extremism

“The new European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs has said the EU must deal with Libya if it is not to be the next country to fall to extremism.”



ISIS, Islam, And The End Times

“Q. I’ve been reading more and more about ISIS expansion and recruitment in the world, the latest is in Tunisia and now Cyprus is concerned. Could it be that ISIS is the vehicle used by the Anti-Christ to come to power, meaning that Islam will be the ruling power in the world at the return of Jesus? Also, does the Bible mention beheading as a form of punishment for Christians in the end times, which would also support the belief that Islam will be the ruling power?

A. If they have their way, the Islamic State will eventually control at least the middle East and perhaps large portions of the West. And you have probably read that the Pakistani branch of the Taliban has just sworn allegiance to the Islamic State, which opens up a door to the East. If the West can muster up the will to really fight them while there’s still time, maybe their momentum can be stopped. But if not they could become the vehicle through which the anti-Christ gains control. The Bible does mention beheading as the anti-Christ’s preferred method of execution, at least for Tribulation believers. Rev. 20:4 speaks of their resurrection at the time of the Second Coming. These facts both point toward the possibility of Islam being the dominant religion of the end times.”

7 Years Left Or 3 1/2?

“Q. The Jews have yet to complete the 70th week of Daniel to reconcile themselves with God. We know that it will be done by recognizing Jesus as their savior. His ministry lasted for 3 1/2 years. Why isn’t that counted towards the 7 years of the 70th week leaving 3/1/2 years for the Great Tribulation?

A. First let’s clarify that the 70th Week of Daniel won’t begin when the Jews accept Jesus. It will begin when they renew their Old Covenant relationship with God. They won’t accept Jesus as the Messiah until near the end of the 70th week (Zechariah 12:10).

The opinion that only the second half of Daniel’s 70th week is left is popular in some circles but doesn’t conform to scripture. Daniel’s 70 weeks prophecy is found in Daniel 9:24-27. It divides the 70 weeks ( each “week” is seven years long) into three segments; 7 weeks, 62 weeks and 1 week. Daniel 9:26 tells us that after the 62 week segment, the anointed one (Messiah) would be cut off and will have nothing (or, but not for Himself) and the city and sanctuary (temple) would be destroyed. The Hebrew word translated “cut off” means to be cut down, eliminated, killed. It’s a prophecy of the crucifixion. But Daniel 9:27 tells us after that there will still be one week left. Therefore none of the Messiah’s time on earth can be subtracted from the final segment. The clock stopped at His death with one week (seven years) left to go.”

Not One Stone

“Nathan: It’s very important to understand the background of the Temple because the Temple in the Old Testament was the place where God dwelled on earth. At that time, because sin separates mankind from God, man couldn’t be in His presence. So, God placed His Shekinah glory — His Holy Spirit — in the Holy of Holies deep within the Temple. Once a year the high priest could go in and make a sacrifice by sprinkling blood on the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant. He would also burn incense. That was the one and only time where man got to stand before God. The priest represented those who were in God’s covenant relationship with Him. Imagine the Jews utter dismay when the Temple was later destroyed in 70 AD.

Today we now have the Holy Spirit living in believers in Christ. During the Millennial Kingdom we’ll get to stand before Jesus Christ. I look forward to the Eternal State when we will get to stand before the Father face-to-face. That face-to-face relationship that existed between God and Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden will finally be restored.”

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