Articles of the Day 10/31/14: Whose Temple Mount Is It?

Israel Borders

MK Tibi: ‘Jews Have No Right To Pray on Temple Mount

“At the peak of tension in Jerusalem, Arab MK attacks Jews for praying on the Temple Mount, proclaiming it holy only for Muslims.”

Shaked: Allow Jews to Pray on the Temple Mount

“Jewish Home MK calls on the Prime Minister to sign new regulations allowing Jews to pray on the Temple Mount.”

Police Fold to World Pressure for Muslim Temple Mount Access

“Limited Temple Mount access for Muslims, none for Jews on Friday as top Sunni group denounces ‘barbaric’ closure to stop terrorism.”

Glick’s Wife: ‘Police Abandoned Him, Treated Him as Threat’

“Yafi Glick speaks out, criticizing Israeli authorities for not protecting her husband and praying for his recovery.”

‘The Danger is Decreasing, Yehuda Glick Will Recover’

“Head of Shaare Tzedek trauma clinic announces Glick’s vital points were missed, ‘will return to almost fully normal lifestyle.'”

God was behind this. Four bullet wounds and no critical organs where it. I think God protected him from evil. The man who shot him is dead. Terrorist fail once again. You have to admire the courage of Mr. Glick. He is a target but still fights for the Jewish people.

UNHRC to Israel: Probe Gaza, start working on settler evacuations

“The United Nations Human Rights Committee called on Israel to probe its last three Gaza conflicts and to begin working toward evacuating West Bank settlements in its most recent written report published on Thursday.”

Still no word from the UN on Hamas war crimes investigation or a probe into Hamas being allowed to use UN facilities to commit war crimes.

Lebanon’s once-mighty Hezbollah is facing attacks in Syria — and also at home

““Hezbollah is spread thin. They are waging so many battles and are positioned on so many fronts,” said Imad Salamey, associate professor of political science at the Beirut-based Lebanese American University.”



Air strikes fail to stem flow of foreign fighters to Syria: report

“Washington (AFP) – Foreign fighters continue pouring into Syria at a rate of more than 1,000 a month, a pace that has not changed despite the US-led air campaign against Islamic State jihadists, the Washington Post reported late Thursday.”

In all fairness, airstrikes were not meant to stop the flow of fighters. That is Turkey’s job and they are failing at it….on purpose. 

Isis kills hundreds of Iraqi Sunnis from Albu Nimr tribe in Anbar province

“The bodies of more than 150 men killed by Islamic state (Isis) militants were recovered from a ditch in the city of Ramadi, west of Baghdad, on Thursday in the latest of a series of mass executions of tribal figures who oppose the group.”

Control of Terrain in Syria: October 30, 2014


The End Times Sign of False Teachers: Reasons People Join Cults

“In this “The Truth Will Set You Free” episode, we’ll look at the very first sign Jesus gave in Matthew 24 which tells us that we are living in the end times — the sign of false teachers.”




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