Articles of the Day 11/24/14: Greatest feint in history?

Israel Borders

In Their Own Words: Quotes by Palestinian Leaders

“In the west, the leaders of terrorist organizations speak moderately and responsibly in their speeches. But in the middle-east, when speaking to their people and their allies, they do not hesitate to deny the existence of the State of Israel and to call for Jihad, battles, and suicide attacks.”



SAS quad bike squads kill up to 8 jihadis each day… as allies prepare to wipe IS off the map: Daring raids by UK Special Forces leave 200 enemy dead in just four weeks 

“SAS troops with sniper rifles and heavy machine guns have killed hundreds of Islamic State extremists in a series of deadly quad-bike ambushes inside Iraq, The Mail on Sunday can reveal. Defence sources indicated last night that soldiers from the elite fighting unit have eliminated ‘up to eight terrorists per day’ in the daring raids, carried out during the past four weeks. Until now, it had been acknowledged only that the SAS was operating in a reconnaissance role in Iraq and was not involved in combat. But The Mail on Sunday has learned that small groups of soldiers are being dropped into IS territory in RAF Chinook helicopters – to take on the enemy.”

Iraq Situation Report: November 22-23

Turkey training Kurdish peshmerga forces in fight against ISIS

“ISTANBUL: Turkish soldiers are training Kurdish peshmerga fighters in northern Iraq and will give similar assistance to a new national army unit in Baghdad as part of the struggle against ISIS, a senior Turkish official said Saturday. “Turkey has already started training peshmerga forces in northern Iraq … and we have agreed to train and give assistance to the National Guard,” the official said. Peshmerga spokesman Brigadier General Halgurd Hikmat confirmed that Turkish soldiers had started special forces training with peshmerga fighters in northern Iraq three weeks ago but declined to comment on the numbers involved.”

Strange article. It runs completely contradictory to Turkey actions to this point in the conflict. Turkey is a supporter of ISIS and has done little to stop the flow of fighters across its borders. Turkey also refuses to let US airforce to use it’s bases for attacks against ISIS. Also, why would the Peshmerga be so trusting of Turkey? I have major doubts about this story.



Israeli strike threat only a ‘diplomatic card’ against Iran

“Even if the West fails to curb Tehran’s nuclear program with diplomacy, Israel is unlikely to launch an attack, experts say.”

Another strange article. They don’t really give reasons whey Israel would not attack other then to say the window has closed. Sounds more like an Obama administration argument so it is difficult to understand the rational, could it be meant to be misinformation intended for Iran? 

Exclusive: Cornered but unbound by nuclear pact, Israel reconsiders military action against Iran

“Israeli official cites “sunset clause” in proposed comprehensive deal, which guarantees Iran a path into the nuclear club and may corner Israel into war.”

Everyone and their mother believe Israel will not attack Iran and I have to admit I don’t think Netanyahu  has the will to do it. However, the Lord has used Israel to do miraculous things on the battlefield before so I would not discount it. IF this is a show to lull the US and Iran to sleep it is the greatest feint in history. 



Is the Rapture in 2 Thessalonians 2:3?

“He explained that when the Lord returns to rescue believers from the great Day of the Lord’s Wrath, He will first resurrect the bodies of those believers who had already died, give them their permanent glorified bodies, and then reunite them in the air with those believers who are still living and are “caught up” to meet the Lord (1 Thess. 4:13-18). This is an event called “the Rapture,” based on the Greek word harpazo in 1 Thessalonians 4:17, which is translated in the Latin version of the NT as raptus (thus the term “rapture” in English).”

Revelation As Fantasy?

“Q. I just found your website. No offense intended, but your doctrine sounds straight out of the “Left Behind” series. Isn’t Revelation better interpreted when seen through the eyes of its earliest audience to which it was written, i.e. the seven churches of Asia Minor? There’s no end to the wacky stuff that can be attributed to Revelation when taken out of its context. It’s apocalyptic material written to give comfort to the Christians who were being persecuted by the Roman Empire, but your end times view confused a friend of mine abut that.

A. My doctrine, as you call it, is known as pre-millennial dispensationalism. It’s subscribed to by countless thousands of Bible scholars and students (including the authors of Left Behind) and has its roots in Paul’s writings. It’s the view that’s most closely aligned with a literal interpretation of God’s word.

If you want to think of Revelation as a “feel good” piece written for 1st Century consumption, that’s your choice but it doesn’t mean that you’re right or that other interpretations are wrong. And if by being confused, you mean your friend is no longer certain that the allegorical view of Revelation is correct, then I would call that a good thing.

God doesn’t tell fantasy stories to make people feel good during times of trouble. He tells us the end from the beginning and expects us to take Him at His word. Remember, He’s the one who said,

“I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like me. I make known the end from the beginning, from ancient times, what is still to come. What I have said, that will I bring about. What I have planned, that will I do.” (From Isaiah 46:9-11)”

Gog and Magog in Ezekiel vs. Revelation

“Q. We were watching your teaching on Revelation.

We did not catch the last episode. I have always wondered why so many preachers and teachers teach that the battle involving Gog and Magog is soon to happen when it says it will happen at the end of the millennial kingdom. What can you tell me about this?

A. Although the terms Gog and Magog appear in proximity in both the book of Ezekiel (Eze. 38:2-3; 39:1-11) and the book of Revelation (Rev. 20:8), a comparison of these passages indicates two different historical events are in view.”

A Unique Day

“Q. I’m having trouble reconciling the “unknown day” of the Lords return with the battle of Armageddon, Matthew 24:29 says “Immediately after the tribulation of those days” which means the Great Tribulation is over, then has the fighting not stopped or does this just mean the Bowl judgments are over? Because at the Lord’s return he destroys the armies that have compassed Jerusalem, can you please clarify the sequence of events.

A. This takes a little digging because the answer is not obvious. We know from several sources that the Great Tribulation will last 1260 days. But four times between Matt. 24:36 and Matt. 25:13 Jesus said people on Earth at the time won’t know the day or hour of His return. How could this be?”



Revelation 3:20 and Asking Jesus into Your Heart

“I asked Jesus into my heart” is a common way Christians relate their salvation testimony. Preachers, teachers, witnessing Christians, and gospel literature frequently end their gospel presentation with the invitation to “Ask Jesus into your heart.” When we look at the practical, theological, and biblical objections to this phrase, we may decide to use different language.


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