Articles of the Day 12/8/14: Israel Strikes Syria\Hezbollah

Repent! The time of the Lord is close at hand. Open your heart to Jesus Christ. He is knocking at your door. Let him in and take up your cause before the Lord. Jesus Christ died for your sins, he was killed for them, he rose again and he will return again. Read Matthew 24:4-14 and ask yourself are these things taking place now?

Israel Borders

Syrian military: IAF struck targets near Damascus

“After local media reports, Syrian army says Israel targeted two security positions near the international airport in the capital; Syrian Observatory says 10 explosions were heard.”

Iran is playing with fire

“Analysis: Did the IAF strike in Syria in response to public declaration by Iranian Revolutionary Guard on transfer of advanced missiles to Hezbollah?”

Hezbollah drones, anti-aircraft missiles destroyed in alleged IAF attack, says Syrian opposition

“The newspaper claimed that the IAF struck weapons caches “that belonged to Hezbollah.” These arms are considered to be “capable of tilting the strategic balance,” namely threaten Israel’s ability to act freely in the skies above Lebanon.”

Analysis: The covert war against Hezbollah’s arms program

“The Assad regime remains Hezbollah’s main weapons depot, from where both Syrian-made and Iranian-produced arms often pass through en route to Hezbollah storage facilities in Lebanon.”

Report: Two Hezbollah operatives killed in Sunday’s alleged IAF strikes in Syria

“According to the report, among the dead is a senior military official.”

Report: Syria Strikes Targeted Hezbollah-Bound Missile System

“Pan-Arab paper appears to back reports strikes at Dimas and Damascus airport targeted S300 missile system; Hezbollah denies.”

2014: Arabs Built 550 Illegal Structures in Area C Alone

“Knesset committee is told that Arab illegal construction is 16 times that of Jews, per person.”

Yet every nation in the world condemns Israel when they build legally. The Palestinians never receive the same treatment from the world. 

1,760 tons of cement shipped to Gaza

“BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) – The Israeli liaison department at Erez crossing said that the largest quantity of cement for Gaza reconstruction was shipped Sunday via the Kerem Shalom crossing.”

A very small amount might be used towards legitimate reconstruction efforts but most will no doubt be used for constructing Hamas terror tunnels into Israel. 



King Abdullah’s Flawed Ploy

“The King chose not to mention that Palestinians have rejected every two-state solution since 1937, when the British Peel Commission proposed the second partition of Palestine. The first came fifteen years earlier, when British Colonial Secretary Winston Churchill lopped off three-quarters of Mandatory Palestine as a gift to Abdullah’s great-grandfather for his wartime loyalty to the Allied cause. But unwilling to tolerate a Jewish state of any size in their midst, Arab leaders rejected the Peel proposal, the UN partition plan that followed a decade later, and even the dangerously generous two-state offers, involving huge Israeli land concessions, offered by Prime Ministers Barak and Olmert.”



Egypt’s Largest Military Maneuver ‘Meant for Israel’

“Security expert details Egypt’s ‘Badr 2014’ maneuver, as Sisi regime flexes its muscles.”



The Wars of the Tribulation

“Vic: Let’s talk about the five wars that will happen during the Tribulation on this earth. You previously mentioned a sixth which occurs in Heaven when Satan tries and fails to capture God’s throne. Satan’s cast down to this earth at the midpoint of the Tribulation, and he knows his time is short, specifically 3.5 years. Revelation 6 begins the discussion about these end time prophetic wars. And, thankfully, Revelation chapters 14 and 19 declares that it is the Lord Jesus Christ who will be the one who is going to put an end to all this bloodshed.

Nathan: Right. Because the world is in for the worst time in human history, only Jesus Christ can save the world.”

Is Israel’s Re-Birth Prophetic?

“Q. I recently ran across videos and articles by those who contend that the current resettling of Jews in Israel is not according to prophecy but is a political situation that is the sole cause of blood shed in the middle east region. They use Leviticus 26 verse 14 and up along with sections of chapter 27 to support this view. Please help me understand why the diaspora has ended and any verses that point to this promise. I can not believe that this return is without warrant from God.

A. Leviticus 26 contains 6 levels of judgment that God warned the Jews about as a consequence of disobedience. Each step was designed to open their eyes to their sins so they could repent and be forgiven. If they failed to do so, the next step became more severe and so on until they would be driven out of their land and waste away in the lands of their enemies.”

Tribulation Time Line

“Q. I am having trouble fitting the start of the Day of the Lord into the 7 year tribulation sequence. It seems it starts in Rev. 6:17 after the 6th seal, but in 2 Thes. 2:3, Paul says the Day of the Lord won’t come until the AC is revealed, which is in the mid of the tribulation. I thought the mid-trib point is after the 6 trumpets. So where in the sequence of seals and trumpets is the start of the Day of the Lord? Thank you so much for your help!

A. Rev. 6:17 is an announcement that the day (time) of God’s Wrath has begun. This is equivalent to the seven year period known as Daniel’s 70th Week, called the tribulation period by some. While the phrase Day of the Lord can mean various periods of time, it usually refers to the Great Tribulation, which is the last 3 1/2 years of Daniel’s 70th Week.

In the Book of Revelation the Great Tribulation begins on Earth in chapter 13 with the Beast coming out of the Sea. This is equivalent to 2 Thes. 2:3 where Paul presents the anti Christ standing in the Temple proclaiming himself to be God.

A rough time line goes like this. The Seals and Trumpets take place in the first half of Daniel’s 70th week and the Bowl judgments take place in the last half during the Great Tribulation, after the anti-Christ is officially revealed as such.”

Get Lamb & Lion’s timeline here.


The Sick Woman And The Dead Girl

“Q. Re: The Sick Woman And The Dead Girl. I was taught that this is a type of God’s work with Israel and the Church. But I didn’t quite grasp it. Can you expound upon this?

A. Matt. 9:18-26, Mark 5:22-43 and Luke 8:41-56 all contain this story. It involves Jairus’ daughter, who lay sick to the point of death, and a gentile woman with an issue of blood.

Jairus was a Jewish official who a very sick daughter. He had heard of Jesus and went to find him. When he did, Jesus agreed to follow him home to heal his daughter.

At the same time a gentile woman who had been sick with an issue of blood ever since this little girl was born determined in her mind that if she could just get close enough to touch the hem of the Lord’s robe she would be healed. She heard He was in the area and caught up with Him as He was hurrying toward the little girl. Fighting her way through the crowd, she finally got close enough and reached out to touch the hem of his robe. (We know the woman was a gentile because it was against the law for an unclean Jewish woman to be in the proximity of other people. The issue of blood made her unclean and would defile anyone who touched her even by accident.)”

The Samson Option

“Q. I have recently come across mention of “The Samson Option”. Would such action even be possible in light of prophecy? I can’t imagine it would, given that the inevitable outcome appears to be the complete destruction of both Israel and whomever she would attack in such an operation.

A. You’re right. The Samson Option is a reference to Samson, who after he was captured by the Philistines, caused an arena to collapse on Him and them, killing everyone including himself. (Judges 16:23-30) Modern Israel developed this option with the idea that never again would they allow themselves to be forced into the situation they faced at Masada in 70 AD where suicide was the only alternative to slavery. Instead they would launch weapons that would kill everyone including themselves.

Before God will allow the Israelis to exercise this option, He will intervene and save them. (One example of this will be the coming Battle of Ezekiel 38.) He’ll do this because He promised that after the 2nd re-gathering, they would never again be uprooted from the Land (Isaiah 11:11, Amos 9:14-15). The first re-gathering took place after the Babylonian captivity, and the 2nd officially began in 1948.”

A little extra on the Samson Option here.


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