Articles of the Day 12/19/14: Thanks To The UN

Repent! The time of the Lord is close at hand. Open your heart to Jesus Christ. He is knocking at your door. Let him in and take up your cause before the Lord. Jesus Christ died for your sins, he was killed for them, he rose again and he will return again. Read Matthew 24:4-14 and ask yourself are these things taking place now?

Israel Borders

‘Hamas holds biggest military exercise in Gaza since end of Operation Protective Edge’

“Residents of South report hearing explosions overnight; IDF says blasts are “an internal issue in Gaza,” but Israeli media reports massive military drill by Hamas; 1 Gazan killed in “work accident.””

Report: Hamas has started repairing terror tunnels

“According to the report, some of the cement and other building material that were brought for the purpose of rehabilitate Gaza Strip have been recently sidetracked by Hamas for reconstruct the terror tunnels. However, certain amount of the building material does reach their intended destination for the rebuilding of Gaza Strip.”

Anything given to Hamas will be used for terror against Israeli civilians. Western (in fact all) countries should cease funding Hamas and the PA immediately. 

UN Doubles Gaza Damage Estimate, Demands More Funds

“UNRWA doubles number of homes damaged in Hamas terror war, calls for millions of dollars to subsidize Gazans’ rent.”

Thanks to the UN, Hamas is free of the inconvenience of caring for their own people. They can focus solely on killing Israeli civilians. 

Gaza Rocket Lands Outside of Eshkol Town

“In breach of truce, rocket hits outside town a day after Hamas holds its largest military exercise since operation protective edge.”

US says it will not support Palestinian UN bid

“State Department spokesperson indicates Washington likely to veto text calling for Israeli withdrawal to 1967 lines by end of 2017.”

IDF training civilian response squads in Gaza border communities

“The IDF in recent weeks stepped up training of armed civilian response squads in communities located near the Gaza Strip, reflecting a new security approach that gives the squads an official standing in the military’s defenses against terrorist infiltration.”



Three top Islamic State leaders killed in air strikes

“US-led air strikes against Islamic State in Iraq have killed three of the militant group’s top leaders but not senior commander Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, US officials said on Thursday.”

Iraq: ISIS murdered 150 women and underage girls for refusing sex acts

“A number of regional Iraqi governments reported Wednesday that Islamic State members in the city of Falluja killed 150 women and underage girls that refused to perform sexual acts for fighters.”

It’s sad to post this stuff but these Islamic war crimes need to be documented and people should be made aware of the evil that Islam is in the world.  Most of it goes ignored by mainstream media.

Kurds Score Biggest Victory Yet Against ISIS in Iraq

“Kurdish forces break siege of Mount Sinjar, where thousands of Yazidis have been trapped; airstrikes kill senior ISIS leaders.”

Islamic State retakes Baiji after Iraqi forces withdraw

“The Islamic State has retaken control of the central Iraqi city of Baiji after the Iraqi military ordered its forces to retreat to the nearby refinery. Iraqi forces withdrew yesterday just one month after taking the city from the Islamic State with the help of Iranian-backed Shiite militias.”

Jabhat Al-Nusra In Syria: An Islamic Emirate for Al-Qaeda

“The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) is not the only Salafi-Jihadist threat emanating from Syria. JN rivals ISIS as a sophisticated, intelligent, strategic actor in the region.”

Israeli IS ‘leader’ says caliphate will rule over Jews

“Abu Kassem says IDF will be powerless to stop Islamists.”



Israel Gas Deals With Egypt, Turkey Will Happen, U.S. Envoy Says

“Israel will be able to export its natural gas to Egypt, Jordan and Turkey, overcoming political obstacles to such agreements, said a U.S. official involved in energy talks in the Middle East.

“We have a remarkable situation where the self-interest of each of the parties is remarkably similar in the energy sphere,” said Amos Hochstein, U.S. State Department special envoy and coordinator for international energy affairs. He spoke in an interview at the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv.

Israel is trying to make export deals with neighboring states after discovering offshore gas over the past five years. There’s resistance among some potential clients in Islamic countries who oppose Israel’s polices toward the Palestinians.

Hochstein says new energy ties in the Middle East will help alleviate some of those diplomatic tensions.

“Energy won’t be a leader of the political process, but it can be a key incentive to move the geopolitical positions in a more positive direction,” he said.”



Peaceful And Unsuspecting?

“Q. I was reading Ezekiel 38 because I believe that this battle has been projected to start the 70th weeks of Daniel. I am particularly interested in Russia’s role in Ezekiel 38 since Putin is getting desperate. But, what confuses me is in two places it says that Israel will be in peace when the armies of Ezekiel 38 swoop down on it. How can that ever happen until the Anti-Christ signs a treaty that supposedly will restrain ISIS and radical groups now attacking Israel? Is the peace referred to in Ezekiel 38 really peace as we think of it?

A. What solved this seemingly impossible problem for me was a close look at the prophecies of Psalm 83/Isaiah 17. I noticed that Ezekiel 38 does not mention any of Israel’s “next door” neighbors when logic tells us they should be first in the line of attack. In contrast, Psalm 83/Isaiah 17 mention only Israel’s close neighbors and doesn’t include any of the parties from the Ezekiel 38 line up. These prophecies speak of two different events.

If Psalm 83/Isaiah 17 precedes Ezekiel 38 and ends in victory for Israel, they could enjoy a short period of peace that would fulfill the prophecy of Ezekiel 38:11 which says they’ll be a peaceful and unsuspecting people when the Ezekiel 38 attack begins. I haven’t found any other way to reconcile these issues.”

Three Raptures?

Q. Because there are 3 major views of when the Church will be raptured and very knowledgeable scholars on all sides ( pre, mid, and post tribulation) and because Jesus alludes to all three (Church of Philadelphia pre, Church of Thyatira mid, Laodicea post) is it feasible that all three are correct?

A. Someone has led you astray. The Bible only offers one view of the rapture. Jesus only alluded to one (John 11:26, Rev. 3:10) and Paul only alluded to one (Romans 5:9, 1 Thes. 1:10, 1 Cor 15:51-53, 1 Thes. 4:16-17).

Paul’s clearest statement on this is in 1 Thes. 4:17 when he said that after the resurrection of the believing dead, then “we who still alive and are left will be caught up together with them.” Since there’s only one resurrection of the Church and the living will go up together with them, there can only be one rapture. All living believers will be raptured at the same time as all dead believers will be resurrected. In addition to the Church in Philadelphia, this will include those who are born again from Thyatira, Sardis, and Laodicea.”

What Happens To Our Bodies?

“Q. Here is my question. When we are raptured, what happens to our current body? In the movies and just in general the thought is we will just disappear. Will our bodies be left where they are at the time of the rapture, or will they disappear?

A. Most scholars, myself included, believe that at the rapture living believers will simply disappear, bodies and all. We base this belief on 1 Cor. 15:51-53 which says the dead will be raised and we (the living) will be changed. According to Paul we won’t die in the process but will be instantaneously transformed. Since death only affects the physical body, and since we won’t die, it’s reasonable to assume we won’t leave our bodies behind. Instead they will be supernaturally changed from mortal to immortal and made fit to dwell in eternity with the Lord.”

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