Articles of the Day 2/13/15: Inner Ring, Outer Ring

Repent! The time of the Lord is close at hand. Open your heart to Jesus Christ. He is knocking at your door. Let him in and take up your cause before the Lord. Jesus Christ died for your sins, he was killed for them, he rose again and he will return again.Read Matthew 24:4-14 and ask yourself are these things taking place now?

Inner Ring (Countries or terror groups that border Israel)

IDF says ‘matter of time’ before ISIS in Sinai targets towns near Egypt border

“Israel Radio on Friday quoted a senior officer serving in the IDF Engineering Corps as saying that the military spent the past year preparing for anticipated hostile actions from armed Islamists.”

Israel’s Air and Missile Defense During the 2014 Gaza War

“In the escalation that precipitated the 2014 Gaza War (Operation Protective Edge) and during the war, Israel was subjected to the fiercest and longest reaching rocket assault in its history, including the rocket fire from Hezbollah in the 2006 Lebanon War. In preparation for the assault against Israel, the Palestinian factions in Gaza amassed more than 10,000 rockets, some with ranges reaching most of Israel’s territory. Nearly half of this stockpile consisted of locally produced rockets by the newly established Palestinian military industries, and inspired and supported by Iran. More than 4,500 rockets and mortar bombs were fired from Gaza during the fighting. The rocket fire interrupted civilian air traffic to and from Israel’s major international airport and threatened Israel’s gas fields in the Mediterranean. The Palestinians added an air threat to their rocket assault, launching armed UAVs toward Israel’s main metropolitan centers. In spite of intensive efforts by Israel’s Air Force and Navy to destroy the launchers, the Palestinian rocket fire was neither silenced nor reduced in intensity until an agreed cease fire ended the fighting.”

Analysis: Hezbollah fighters, Iranian operatives flowing into southern Syria

“The Syrian civil war has allowed Hezbollah to extend its reach from its home base in southern Lebanon, into southern Syria.”

Syria Analysis: Showdown South of Damascus — Assad’s Hopes for Victory Rely on Hezbollah and Iran

“The Assad regime’s counter-offensive south of Damascus continues to grow in significance, even as its outcome is shrouded in confusion. There was no apparent resolution on Thursday, with both sides continuing to claim victories and capture of territory. However, almost all reports pointed to a high-level effort by Hezbollah and the Iran to take over the fight from Damascus and reverse the insurgent gains of recent months in southern Syria. Hezbollah and Iranian fighters — rather than the Syrian army — led the battles across southern Damascus and northern Daraa Provinces. Rebel sources say thousands of the foreign troops, joined by Iraqi militias and troops from Afghanistan, are involved.”

Syrian army tears through the south to sweep Iran and Hizballah up to Israel’s Golan doorstep

“The large-scale offensive the Syrian army launched in southern Syria Sunday, Feb. 8 – the broadest in that region in the nearly-four year conflict – heralded Act III of the Iranian-Hizballah drive for a position on Israel’s Golan border.”


Outer Ring (countries or terror groups that are close to but not bordering Israel)

Jordan Moves ‘Thousands’ of Troops to Iraq Border: Jordanian Sources

“AMMAN, Jordan — Jordan has deployed “thousands” of troops at its border with Iraq as it ramps up a campaign against ISIS militants who set a pilot ablaze, two Jordanian government officials told NBC News on Tuesday.”

Assessing the Strategic Threat from ISIS

“A serious alliance against ISIS built on Sunni Arab states and Turkey cannot hold together over the long term without a more forceful U.S. policy toward the Syrian regime.”

The World War Inside Islam

“Why the United States can do very little to alter the course of events in the Middle East right now.”



Israel And The Church

“Q. In the column of Feb. 4th entitled “Three Questions of Matt.24″ in the section “I’ve Got a Secret” you say that the church and Israel are two different entities with two different destinies. The NT tells us that through Christ, Jews and Gentiles become one new man. So, what are the two different destinies? Thank you for this clarification.

A. Like many Christians these days, you are not differentiating between the nation of Israel and Jewish people. It’s the Church and Israel that are two different entities with two different destinies. Israel’s destiny is to be purified through the end times judgments and become the premier nation on earth during the 1,000 year Kingdom Age, with God dwelling in a new Temple to be built there.The Church’s destiny is to be taken off the Earth before the end times judgments begin in an event we call the rapture, to dwell thereafter with Jesus in the New Jerusalem, which will not be on Earth. However, God makes no distinction between people who are from a Jewish background and people who are Gentiles in the Church. When we are born again we become one in Christ.”

Ezekiel 38 And Rev. 20. The Same Or Different?

“Q. How come the battle of Gog and Magog in Rev. 20 is not mentioned as any of the major prophetic events in the road map to eternity. Whenever we hear the battle of Gog Magog it usually pertains to EZE 38 and 39. I would appreciate if you can please shed some light into why the Bible describes the battle in Rev 20 with the same name of the battle in Ezekiel.

A. If you compare Ezekiel 38-39 with Rev. 20:7-10 you’ll find they are not the same. Here are some examples. First, in Ezekiel 38 the attacking armies come primarily from the North and consist of several Middle Eastern nations. In Rev. 20 they come from all over the earth. Satan is not mentioned in Ezekiel 38 but is the commanding general in Rev. 20. God uses Ezekiel 38 to being Israel back to Him (Ezekiel 39:22). In Rev. 20 Israel has been faithful to Him for 1,000 years. In Ezekiel 38 the dead are buried. In Rev. 20 they are devoured by fire. The chronology of Ezekiel places Ezekiel 38-39 before his description of the Millennium. The chronology of Rev. 20 places that battle at the end of the millennium. Some scholars believe the use of the same names in both passages is to show that the people in Rev.20 have the same motivation as the ones in Ezekiel 38, the destruction of God’s people. Other than that, the two accounts are entirely different.”

Left Behind Christians?

“Q. I hear all the time that some Christians will miss out on the Rapture and be left behind. Can you tell us who are these Christians? On a scale of 1-10, where is the cut-off? Do I need to be a 10, and never sin to go? Does scripture paint this picture in your opinion?

A. I also wonder where the partial rapture advocates place the cut-off. A look at current polls makes me wonder if anyone could qualify based on our behavior. 90% of those who claim to be born again Christians live secular lives and have a secular world view. About 50% don’t believe in the Holy Spirit or that Satan is real. Nearly 40% have never given the first penny to Kingdom work, and 100% percent of us still sin on a regular basis. The divorce rate among Christians is the same as among non-believers and so is the abortion rate.

The partial rapture theory is promoted by “grace plus works” Christians who want to scare everybody into behaving the way they think Christians should behave. Of course they are all convinced they will be going. It’s just the rest of us who have a problem.

There’s not one word in the Bible to support a partial rapture. According to the Bible, there is just one condition for being included in the Church, and that’s to “Believe in the One He has sent” (John 6:28-29). Believing in the one He sent means believing that Jesus died for our sins and rose again (1 Cor. 15:1-4). Everyone who believes that is in the Church and will go in the rapture.

When he introduced the doctrine of the rapture, Paul only identified two kinds of Christians, those who have died and those who are still living (1 Thes. 4:16-17). The dead will receive new bodies, while the living will have their bodies made perfect. He didn’t mention any other categories of believers either there or in his other teachings on the rapture.

Everything else you hear is some form of legalism invented by man in an effort to impose behavioral standards on others. This is a control issue not a theology issue.”

Still More On The Body And The Bride

“Q. Is the Body of Christ the same as the Bride of Christ? It seems in Philippians 3:10-11 that Paul makes a distinction between the two words for “resurrection” found in both verse 10 and 11. Could there be a “taking out of” that first resurrection of the Body to create the Bride? Another thought: when God created a bride for Adam, He took her “out of” his body.

A. If only part of the church was destined to be the Bride, I seriously doubt that Paul would have hidden it away in two verses by using two forms of the Greek word for resurrection. I think it’s especially unlikely in that it would contradict Paul’s other statements on the subject. Both Ephes. 5:25 and 2 Cor. 11:2 infer that the Church, the body of Christ, is the Bride of Christ.

In addition, Revelation 21:9 describes the New Jerusalem as the home of the bride and Rev. 21:27 explains that only those whose names are written in the Lamb’s book of Life can enter there. Those whose names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life make up the Church.

The Greek word translated “out of” which is used as a prefix to “resurrection” in Phil. 3:11 also means “from”. When combined, they mean “resurrection from the dead”. Paul was not talking about taking some out of the resurrection of the Church to be the Bride, He was talking about his hope of being resurrected from the dead.”

The Coming Kingdom (Part 29)

“We began scrutinizing New Testament texts that “kingdom now” theologians employ in an attempt to argue that the kingdom is a present reality to show that none of these passages teach a present, spiritual form of the kingdom. We began examining the typical texts from Acts used by “kingdom now” theologians.”



Persecution of Christians a significant indicator of future world chaos

“Boko Haram continues its march toward making Nigeria an Islamic state. A few weeks ago, as the world focused on the terror attacks in Paris, the group continued its murderous rampage across the northern part of the country. Last weekend it killed dozens in Maiduguri. These are just the latest atrocities from Boko Haram, which has kidnapped hundreds of schoolchildren, murdered thousands of innocent men, women and children and driven hundreds of thousands more from their homes. Unfortunately, all indicators point to the likelihood that the worst is yet to come.”

What’s A Christian World View?

“Q. In many of your articles I have seen you speak of a “Christian World View” and how few Christians hold such a view. Could you please define it for us? I feel that it is looking at the world through the Bible and it’s prophecies, looking at what is happening in the world news and relating it to prophecy and living in anticipation of what Jesus said would happen in the end times in which we are living. Am I close?

A. First of all, recent polls show that over 90% of professing Christians have a secular world view. That means they view the world the same way unbelievers do. They act as if this life is all there is. We who have a Christian world view know this life is only temporary and it’s the next one that’s permanent so that’s what we focus on (2 Cor. 4:4). We know our citizenship is in Heaven (Phil. 3:20). Since we don’t belong here, we don’t try to act like we do. Our thoughts and actions are focused on Heaven, where we do belong, and on making sure we’re always ready to drop everything and go there. We long for the Lord’s return because we know that when He comes He’s going to take us there (John 14:2-3).

In the meantime, we no longer conform to the pattern of this world, but are being transformed by the renewing of our mind, as we seek to discover God’s will for the time we have here (Romans 12:1-2). We strive to love what God loves (people), hate what He hates (sin), and show by the way we live what an incredible blessing it is to be in a relationship with Him. We will not hesitate to share the gospel with anyone who asks because we want everyone to have the eternal life that’s in store for all who believe.

“This is good and pleases God our Savior, who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth” (1 Timothy 2:3-4).”

Commander of US Army in Europe Sees Russia Mobilizing for War

‘I believe the Russians are mobilizing right now for a war that they think is going to happen in five or six years —not that they’re going to start a war in five or six years, but I think they are anticipating that things are going to happen, and that they will be in a war of some sort, of some scale, with somebody within the next five or six years.”



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