The Speech

Many years from now we may look back at what a historical speech this was. There were many people of evil minds who were against this speech from the beginning. I have not always agreed with Netanyahu but on Iran he is dead on right. The Obama administration is blowing it. Like on so many foreign policy issues Obama just does not get it. Nor do many Democrats. The West is feckless and Iran knows it.  Read the speech transcript, watch the video. Decide for yourself. Iran’s current government is evil and will never change.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the speech will change things too much. Obama will wait for things to die down, see how the Israeli election goes and then proceed with the terrible deal. Iran will get nukes. Sooner then everyone thinks. Once sanctions are lifted Iran will own the Middle East and a war will be unavoidable. Although, I don’t think it will start with an attack on Iran. I don’t think Netanyahu has the will to attack Iran alone nor will any other future Israeli PM.  Iran will counter balance Israeli nukes thus leveling the playing field so Israel’s enemies can once again think about invasion. 

With Iran getting nukes the whole strategic picture changes for Israel. With border enemies weak Israel may decide to begin the Psalm 83 campaign where she expands here territory. With expanded territory Israel will be in a better position to threaten Iranian nuke sites. Iran getting nukes is what will lead to the Psalm 83 campaign.   The question is, what Israeli leader would have the will to start such a project? Only God knows. He is in control of everything. Read Bible scripture, it is all there so when it happens we would believe. 

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