Articles of the Day 4/21/15: None Too Pleased

Remember the former things, those of long ago; I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like me.
I make known the end from the beginning, from ancient times, what is still to come. I say, ‘My purpose will stand,
and I will do all that I please.Isaiah 46:9-10

Inner Ring (Countries or terror groups that border Israel)

Israel: We Can Target Russian-Made Weapons

“Threatens Action Against Iranian- or Syrian-Leaked Weaponry to Hezbollah.”

Hizballah copycats Hamas’ terror tunnels for Lebanese-Galilee border. No IDF solutions yet

“Anxiety about the new terror tunnels they sense Hamas is excavating under their feet is no longer confined to Israelis living in proximity to the Gaza Strip, or the soldiers serving there. Israel’s northern borderland dwellers, who can see Hizballah’s yellow flags in from their balconies, have the same concerns. Their reports of mysterious underground explosions are confirmed by thousands of Israeli troops conducting field exercises in the neighborhood. The soldiers attest to heavy earthmoving equipment, explosions, burrowing, and shaking ground on the Lebanese side of the border, giving the area the appearance of a huge subterranean building site.”

Watch: Hamas Rallies with Impunity on the Temple Mount

“Despite all the tough-talking, footage illustrates how Islamists still free to incite, glorify terror on Judaism’s holiest site.”

Enjoy it while it lasts evil ones. Your time is running out. God sees all and is none too pleased. 

Putin warns Israel: Selling arms to Ukraine would provoke Russian S-300 sales to Syria too

“Russian President Vladimir Putin’s warning to Israel against selling arms to Kiev – in retaliation for the S-300 air-defense missiles Russia has released for Iran – adds a European dimension to the dispute by planting Israel squarely in the middle of Moscow’s Ukraine dispute with the United States. The Russian leader’s implied threat to hit back by sending the same missile system to Syria as well as Iran, touches on another dispute between Russia on the one side and the US and Israel on the other, namely the Syria conflict.”

They will be destroyed before they become operational and there is nothing Putin or anyone in Russia can do about it. 

Outer Ring (countries or terror groups that are close to but not bordering Israel)

Yemen ceasefire mooted “in coming hours” – depending on US mediation between Iran and Saudis

“Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdolllahian said Tuesday night, April 21, that Tehran is optimistic that ‘in the coming hours we shall see a halt to military attacks in Yemen.”
He did not say whether the Saudi Arabia had accepted a ceasefire after three weeks of air strikes, or its targets, the Houthi rebels and their Yemeni army allies – or both. Their acceptance would terminate the Yemen civil war.

Earlier Tuesday, White House spokesman Josh Earnest tried to play down the danger of a collision between a US naval strike force led by the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier and an Iranian naval convoy believed to be carrying arms for the Houthis. Both were due to arrive in the Gulf of Aden opposite the Yemeni shore. Earnest said the US fleet’s mission was “to ensure the free flow of commerce” i.e. the freedom of navigation through the Gulf of Aden and Strait of Bab El-Mandeb.”

Saudi campaign against Yemen rebels enters ‘new phase’

While not ruling out future air strikes, Riyadh says focus has shifted to rebuilding its war-torn neighbor.”

Defense in Depth: Jordan Eyes Increased Involvement as Borders Crumble

“Now, the king’s rhetoric seems to suggest an even greater level of involvement. On April 15, Bassam al-Badareen, Amman bureau chief of the London-based Arab daily al-Quds al-Arabi, wrote that Jordan is about to launch a new security strategy labeled “Defense in Depth” that will include cross-border operations on Syrian and Iraqi territory. Three days earlier, the king had met with a group of parliamentarians to discuss domestic and regional affairs. According to Badareen’s account, he floated the Defense in Depth strategy. Badareen claims that the concept has been spoken of within Jordan’s political elite for some time, but he views the April 12 discussion as proof that King Abdullah has decided to move ahead with it.”

Iraq Situation Report: April 18-20, 2015


What miracle sets the stage for the Gog-Magog War?

“Vic Batista: Today’s subject of study will be a continuation of Ezekiel 38 & 39 concerning the Gog and Magog War. I just want to encourage people to get into the topic of eschatology and Bible prophecy, because there are many out there who are scared of studying Bible prophecy, even pastors.”

What hook will drag Russia to attack Israel in the Gog-Magog War?

“Vic Batista: Ezekiel 38:1-7 talks about the later days. We need to pay attention to those timing “road signs” along the way in our study, right?

Nathan Jones: Yes, because if you look at this war that is to come against Israel, and you look at the political alliances that are happening in the Middle East with Russia in particular, these are alliances that have never existed ever in history. It’s like, “Wow! This war is starting to coalesce. This is starting to become a reality.” And, it will happen soon because we are given some clues in the passages that talk about timing. To me it’s pretty evident that we are getting closer to the time when the Gog and Magog War will be happening.”

Between The Rapture And Daniel’s 70th Week

“Q. A well known author recently wrote that “The one factor that is a big unknown is the amount of time that will elapse between the Rapture of the church and the signing of the covenant that will initiate the seven years of Tribulation.” To help me, can I just clarify your understanding of the Pre-Trib position on this matter? Surely the Rapture immediately triggers the Tribulation or have I misunderstood?

A. I first heard this idea 20 years ago as an off hand comment by a teacher who was trying to show that the rapture of the Church is not connected to any other end times events. By now it has been repeated often enough that some people think it’s a valid assumption. I disagree.

In fact, so much time has passed since this comment was first made that I don’t believe there is any “dead time” left in the fulfillment of end times prophecies. I think once they begin, the events remaining to be fulfilled will pretty much happen in rapid fire order.

Remember, Jesus said many from the generation being born when the first end times signs were fulfilled will still be alive at the 2nd coming (Matt. 24:34). The clock started ticking in 1948 when Israel reappeared on the world stage after a 1900 year absence.”

The Time Of The Anti-Christ

“Q. Will Christians be present on the earth at the time the anti-Christ appears? Does the anti-Christ appear before or after the Rapture?

A. It depends on your definitions of a couple of terms. If by Christians, you mean post-Church believers, then yes, there will be many on Earth when the anti-Christ appears. As for the anti-Christ, some scholars believe he’s alive today, so in that sense he has appeared on Earth, although no one knows who he is.”


Amnesty rejects call to campaign against antisemitism

“Amnesty International has rejected a motion to tackle the rise in antisemitic attacks in Britain at its annual conference. The motion was tabled by Amnesty member Andrew Thorpe-Apps in March who said it was defeated at the International AGM on Sunday by 468 votes to 461. Mr Thorpe Apps said: “It was the only resolution to be defeated during the whole conference.” Amnesty International UK press officer Neil Durkin said: “After a really interesting debate where everyone condemned discrimination against all ethnic and religious groups, our membership decided not to pass this resolution calling for a campaign with a single focus.”

Since Amnesty is the source of much of the hate directed towards Israel this is unsurprising. I am shocked the motion even came up at all or that so many voted for it. 

Saudi Arabia in search for better ballistic missiles

“There is speculation that the Saudis are in the process of replacing its DF-3s with DF-21s. Some corroboration to this can be deduced from a photograph of the Saudi deputy defense minister presented with missiles models, two of them models of the Chinese DF-21 (US designation CCS-5). The DF-21 is a two-stage, solid-fuel, medium-range ballistic missile developed in the late 1970s. It has a range of up to 2,500 and carries a nuclear warhead. The models appearing in the picture, however, seem to have the pointier nose of a conventional warhead.”

IDF Launches its New Robot Advance Guard

“Robots leading the charge with Israel’s soldiers – the new ‘advance guard’ robot army will be tested in exercises in a world first.”

Gallup: Israel one of least religious countries

“While the Middle East was determined to be the most religious region on earth, with 86%of those polled describing themselves as religious, in Israel, 65% “said that they are either not religious or convinced atheists compared to just 30% who say they are religious,” Gallup reported.”

This will soon change. They are blinded now but the veal will soon be lifted. 

Israel Alone

“They don’t know how to square Barack Obama’s promises with his policies. They fail to grasp how a president who pledged to work toward the abolition of nuclear weapons is pushing an accord with Tehran that guarantees their proliferation. They are astonished by the nonchalance with which the administration acquiesces in Iran’s regional power plays, or in al Qaeda’s gains in Yemen, or in the Assad regime’s continued use of chemical weapons, or in the battlefield successes of ISIS, or in Russia’s decision to sell advanced missiles to Tehran. They wonder why the president has so much solicitude for Ali Khamenei’s political needs, and so little for Benjamin Netanyahu’s.”

Russia Wants to ‘Redesign’ the Middle East

“Russia thinks American policy in the Middle East has been irresponsible, but is pursuing a strategy where Iranian power would dominate.”

Kettle black. Sending S-300 missiles to Iran is about as irresponsible as it gets.

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